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Significant spoilers for the Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit


Well, I finished captain Spirit.

I didn’t get into Dad’s phone. Mustard Party 2 will remain a mystery. Until you tell me about it. And I never did figure out what the cigarette was for.

But, all in all, a fun little diversion. Well, maybe not FUN per se, but certainly worth playing. There were some very nice emotional moments. The scene where he’s just looking out of his treehouse, ending with “Captain Spirit is HERE!” was particularly good.

But certainly, once it ended, this felt like what it was: A long trailer. A good long trailer, to be sure, but a long trailer. And an effective one. I’m amped for LiS2.


So can we safely assume that LiS 2 will center around Chris and his quest to solve/get closure for his mom’s death? The use of the “bad guy” being his memories/questions was really good. Liked that.

And…do you think he has powers or not? At the end there, DID he float? Or did he, once again, pretend and the snow just broke his fall? I kinda read it as “float,” cuz turning on a TV or putting a firecracker in a snowman is one thing, but not getting hurt in such a fall is a different thing.


And I installed Heavy Rain so I’m right behind you. Liking it?


Dad’s phone! I know, that was impossible. I looked it up on the internet because I was so annoyed. It turns out the password is to spell ‘hawtdawg’ on an alphanumeric keypad, so 42983294. That was…not obvious. I was trying all the dates for everything I could find…mom’s birthday, Chris’ birthday, the parents’ wedding, even the mom’s death and funeral dates (which seem like pretty grim things to use as a password), but no. It was ‘hawtdawg.’ Which I guess suggests that dad actually doesn’t care if Chris uses his phone to play Hawtdawg Man? I don’t know.

Mustard Party itself is a side scrolling ‘run to the right, jump, avoid obstacles, try to hit bonus things’ game. I played for about 30 seconds, then figured I did that. I didn’t actually care about it, obviously, I was just too irritated by my failure, not to look it up. So now you know. I cheated for both of us, because I’m such a good friend.

As for the end…I feel like this time it WAS actually a power? As you say, the game teased us often enough that I’m not completely sure of this, but I thought he seemed a bit surprised himself there, suggesting that he wasn’t just playing that time. Not EXTREMELY surprised, but maybe sort of surprised/gratified, like “hey, I always knew I could do stuff, and now it finally shows up!”

But it’s also possible he was still just pretending. I guess we’ll find out in the full game.

And the cigarette–when I blew up the snowman, my Chris put the cigarette in its mouth first, sort of as a bit of flair or something. So that’s all I ever did with it.

But yeah, good trailer. Immersive, entertaining, effective trailer. Yay for free trailers for games we will probably enjoy later!

Heavy Rain is…intense. And dude, fair warning which you probably know from previous press on this game, but it has bad things happen to kids. We’ve talked about how this is often tough in games (or in general, obviously), and…yeah, just be aware. It’s not graphic or anything, but it’s a major part of the game. Again, you probably know this from descriptions in advertising and reviews, but just in case.

Anyway, we’re going to have plenty more discussion about the soul-crushing escapism of games with this one.

Also the use of QTEs to accomplish random stuff! There’s a lot of that too.


Hawtdawg? Uh….yeah….didn’t catch that. I, too, even tried the funeral dates, and that would have been damn weird. I did get the combination lock in the garage! But that was kinda a gimme.

Nicely done. I thank you. I did see in the credits two guys got credit just for doing that, and I felt bad for them that I blew them off. Now I feel better.

We shall find out more in the full game. It was nicely vague. I agree, he did seem surprised himself/gratified himself. And yes, it could just be the pillowy snow broke his fall and this was a completely normal thing just like everything else….but…..

Though it begs the question: Why the surprise? Cuz he obviously didn’t think he HAD superpowers. HE knew he was pretending. He knew there was a firecracker in the snowman and that he was holding the remote. So the game didn’t have him all TRYING to turn on the TV with his mind. There was no reason for him to try to float at that particular moment. So, if he did, why? Did his powers just manifest? Is there something else there that can protect him, like an Aiden? What?

I’m trying to remember how Max figured out she had powers in LiS. Cuz she didn’t know her whole life. That I remember.

Heavy Rain…Yeah, the kid gets kidnapped or something? Something. That I knew. It’s like INTENSE intense? Great.

How about nudity? We got nudity?

Off to walk.

Fucking doctors. Told me I have to exercise. Don’t they know I have games to play????


Take your phone! Play Pokemon Go! It makes walking so much more interesting.

So far we’ve had male dorsal nudity, female scanty clothing. Much more of the latter than the former, and the presentation is a bit different, but still, I more or less approve.

You will recognize a lot of mechanics from Beyond, and I found them somewhat better explained here, so that if we’d played this first, I might have done better at some of those QTEs. Although given that my failures kept me from destroying a town and from getting assaulted and committing bloody murder in a bar…maybe just as well.

Butch [later]:

Hush you.

Well, now you’re doomed. As is everyone else.

Fitness tip: do not hit the track at noon. It’s hot at noon.

Though I assure myself by doing these dumb things that if I were actually unhealthy I’d likely be dead cuz I’m stupid. Right?

Hooray for stupid!

T shirt!!!!

Don’t worry. Unlike mr o, I will get buff AND play.

Mad buff.


Why am I doomed? I’m not the one walking the track at noon! Although I bet there are some nice sun-loving pokemon out there.


You’re doomed cuz you’re good at games. Remember divinity? Well, maybe you’re not doomed. Everyone else is.

This is gonna be fun! “Get fit with butch and femmy! The worst fitness blog on the Internet!”


Ha! This IS going to be fun!

Me: “Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for sunglasses-wearing Pikachu on that brisk hike!”

You: “Is it booze time yet?”


Sounds about right.

I’m starting to see why these dudes who run long distances do it!

(You’re gonna think I’m gonna say something like “Cuz now I feel like a million bucks!” But I’m not.)

It’s cuz you feel pretty good when you’re actually moving and you have your music on and no kids are bothering you and all that. It’s true! It’s rather peaceful, and it is rather nice.

But when you STOP….holy shit.

Things are sore that I didn’t even know I had until they got sore.

Pretty soon I’m gonna do a super marathon because I know if I stop moving I’ll feel like I feel now.

Plus, I have no actual work out clothes. This should not come as a surprise as these last three days are the first three days that I’ve worked out in…..I don’t even know….ever? So what I HAVE is jeans and the loosest cotton T shirt I could find.

This, apparently, is all wrong.

I’ve become friends with one of Meatball’s friend’s mothers, and she’s an actual runner. Like, marathons and shit. And when I picked up meatball from camp today, I just looked at her pathetically and said “Help.”

She’s sending me some links. I will likely be confused.


Good, good. You have someone to ask for help. (Because that would not be me.) She’ll probably tell you to buy special clothes and special shoes and a special sweat-wicking headband and stuff. You’re going to look very athletic. It’s going to be great. You’re gonna love it.

Never stop moving.

“You’ll be sore in places you didn’t even know there was a place” my aikido teacher used to say. Back approximately 150 years ago the last time *I* worked out. I did used to be fit, I was all about martial arts and dancing, taking classes 10 times a week, but…yeah. Those days are gone.

Now I hunt pokemon on the way to work. It’s a rich, full life.


I went out and got some shoes! I hadn’t bought sneakers in years, and even I knew that it would be pretty dumb to use hiking boots or the crappy things I slip on cuz I’m just driving kids places. I even got New Balance cuz this friend used to work there doing….something about shoes. She approved of that.

But yes, she did use the word “wicking.” I’m slightly terrified. I don’t think I’ve ever been “wicked.” Not since college, anyway.

Femmy…there have been no clothes made in the history of humankind that could make me look athletic. Nor are there likely to be.

Wait wait wait. Your AIKIDO teacher???? WHAT???? This is one of those moments that I’m not ENTIRELY sure you’re joking.

And what’s this “used to be fit” crap? You look about 20 years younger than I do. I have to lose 15 pounds or so, and shave 30, 40 points off my blood pressure. You couldn’t lose 15 pounds without amputating a limb, and if you shaved 30 points off your blood pressure you’d go into a coma.

Used to be fit. Those days are gone. Sheesh.

Hunting pokemon seems to be working for you.

Whereas I am falling apart.


You didn’t know I took aikido? Dude, I was all about that for a couple of years before college. I was taking multiple classes a day, whether aikido or ballet or jazz dance. I was IN SHAPE. I had basically nothing else to do with my life, so why the hell not?

Then I got to college, they didn’t have aikido, they had like one ballet class a week I could take, and it turned out there was a lot of other stuff to occupy my time (not even counting booze), so it all fell by the wayside.

Half the people I took aikido with who’d been doing it for a while had knees and elbows they had to tape and brace for every class, so perhaps it’s just as well I didn’t stick with it long term. It’s one of the gentler martial arts, but it’s still a lot of getting thrown around, and has a lot of holds that are tough on the joints.

Running is probably better. You’re going to love it. Embrace the wicking power of your special garments!


Still not sure if joking…..


Wait wait wait…..running? No. We’re not running. We are walking briskly. One day, perhaps, I shall run. But that day is not today.

Tomorrow ain’t looking so good, either.


Right. Walking briskly. My mind went ‘running’ from ‘marathon,’ but that was the helpful lady with the recommendations, not you.

I am much more into the walking briskly, myself. Easier on the joints! And much easier to grab a quick pokemon. People say running is so great, and I say it’s fine if I need to catch a train, but not something I’m inclined to dress up for and go do on purpose. But walking, walking is good.

And the peaceful child-free quiet of it! Savor those moments. Never stop moving. It’s gonna be great.


The joints. Ha. My ankles are killing me. I think Junior got my ankles. So very tight.

The quiet is kinda nice, gotta say.

Now if I could bring the PS4 on walks I’m golden.


Yeah, sadly it’s not very portable. Even the Vita, while easy to carry, is a poor choice for playing while walking briskly, given the whole “watching where you’re going” issue.

Hm. Do you like podcasts? People like podcasts. Or music or whatever. Ooh, get a Fitbit, lots of people are obsessive about those!

It’s like a game, in that you try to beat your own personal best or something!

LIKE a game, only somehow much less…what’s the word…fun.

But nevertheless, you’re gonna love it.


Mrs. McP has one. It makes little pixelated fireworks when she hits 10,000 steps.

This is as close as she gets to gaming.

And the fact she thinks it’s amazing is a pretty good sign that I’m not gonna love it.