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Spoilers for early chapters of Heavy Rain


I’ll play this morning after my health fortifying constitutional, but I had another thought:

This game is very vague on save points.

I’m not sure it saved at all between “chapters,” and the chapters weren’t really well marked. Imagine my surprise when I, out of curiosity, clicked on “chapters” and found that there are not one but two chapters before the credits. (Prologue and Mall.)

It is a bad feeling when you’re all “Did it save? I’m not sure it saved…but I don’t have another 20 minutes…maybe five…but…”

You’ve been there.

Am I missing something?


Ah! The morning constitutional! How very civilized. I applaud you.

I agree, it’s very iffy on telling you about saving. The one time I stopped partway through a sequence (fortunately only a couple of minutes), it started me back at the beginning next time I loaded. After that I was kind of paranoid and made sure never to stop mid-scene, just in case, so all I know for sure is that it saves at the end of a sequence. One would THINK it would also save after major events within a sequence (I hadn’t done anything important the time I quit after starting a new scene, just walked around and looked at stuff), and the internet says this is true, but I can’t personally vouch for it.

I definitely found myself, at times, thinking “OK, this is running a bit late but I don’t want to stop in case I have to do it all again later.”

I’m using “sequence” here to mean “the period between one close-up of a face and the next,” but there are of course many separate scenes within that, which may also be saved individually. I dunno. I just charged ahead until the next face-closeup, because that’s how I could be sure.

I did read that you can replay chapters separately (say, Prologue or Mall), which implies that it must at least save those, and those two were not divided by a closeup face.

Summary: I dunno, so good luck.


Yes. I am now a very civilized, sweaty, disgusting mess.


Ok, I’ve been at this five days, which, as far as I’m concerned, makes me a qualified fitness blogger (and you, as you are my blogmate, and, apparently, have aikido hands of death). So TIPS!

So today, did 18 laps of the town track (that’s four and a half miles for you scoring at home) which is a new high (in my whopping five day sample). And, here’s the problem. It felt pretty good. If time (and sore feet) hadn’t been an issue, I could’ve gone more! Whoo hoo!

Which means I’m now at that part of a beginning workout regimen where you’re all “This is NOTHING! I’m gonna RUN it next time! And go FARTHER!” and you hurt yourself.

Talk some sense into me tomorrow, Femmy. Sense.

And yeah, I’ve already had that happen where I started back at the beginning, and I’ve played once.

And they fooled me, kinda. The loading there, there’s that origami thing flapping away in the corner, looking for all the world like “When you see this, it’s saving,” as games do. So I was watching and watching and watching for that, and nada. I eventually said “Well, shit, it HAD to have saved after the credits,” but unless there’s credits every 45 minutes, I’m now paranoid.


OK! Played!

So I’m a stay at home dad. I sit down to DO MY HOBBY and what do I have to do? Cook dinner, help with homework, put a kid to bed. Sheesh.

Poor Main Character (Ethan?).

I did get the trophy for “Good father.” Phew. If I hadn’t gotten that, it would’ve been as bad as if you and Mr O didn’t wind up together in Divinity.

So did that and the next bit.

No way did I expect to be playing as another dude. Totally out of left field, and really well done out of left field. Like….what? But in a good way.

Did beat the guy, but there was, and I expect more of this as we go, a strong sense of “Shit, I MUST have missed something.” There’s going to be a strong temptation to check the internet after every chapter. But I won’t do it. The last time I did research on the internet I wound up in the ER.

Good stuff.

Though it does kind of make the “twist” rather obvious….I haven’t done past that chapter but…lemme guess…the origami killer goes after Shawn! AMIRITE? I’m right.

Too telegraphed.

Unlike the QTEs. I was too into Beyond. Said “Ooo! He’s gonna punch that way so when he does I’ll move left and nope I was supposed to hit triangle.”

Stay consistent, David Cage.


WHAT. Why would you think the killer would go after Shaun? Because you’ve consumed media in western culture before? That’s a ridiculous assumption.

I let Shaun stay up too late watching TV, presumably because I felt guilty about not spending any fun time with him lately. He fell asleep on the couch and I had to carry him to bed. At least I made him dinner! Microwave pizza. Which, let’s be honest, he almost certainly preferred to Asian Beef or whatever I could have made for him if this had been Beyond.

I had read in the description that the game involved playing as different characters, so I wasn’t completely taken aback.

I also beat the guy, and knocked him out. After which both I and the storekeeper apparently forgot all about him, since I just left when we were done talking, and the guy (Hassan or something?) sort of went back to staring idly into space instead of, say, calling the cops.

Whatever, he’s unconscious, I’m sure he won’t be any trouble ever again.

Or even more reassuring, he’s probably dead, and I’m sure a corpse lying on the floor of my shop won’t cause any problems of any kind!


I know, I know, I’m going out on a limb.

Maybe this was before they decided to subvert tropes and just used tropes. Or not.

I followed the schedule! I LOVE schedules! Snack, homework, pizza, a LITTLE extra TV, found his stuffie, bed.

As one does.

I could not for the life of me find the medicine, though. Sorry, dude.

Though the one thing I did miss was whatever was in what I presume was Ethan’s bedroom. I was gonna do that after Shawn was asleep, and then the chapter ended. Did you get in there? Was there good stuff?

And…Whoa whoa whoa. Getting ahead of yourself, there. I played the scene where you first are Shelby, in the seedy motel. You talk to the hooker, you leave, you have an asthma attack, then the guy goes past you, into Lauren’s apartment. I kicked the door down, fought the guy (bald, tattoos), and he was all “We’ll meet again….” and I said “Sorry about the mess,” and expected her to say “Hey….since you helped me…here’s some clues….” but no.

I dunno about any storekeeper or Hassan or whatever. I was still in Lauren’s room.

By the way, if that’s what you mean by “scantily clad,” you’ve been away from real nudity too long. YOU got an honest to God male butt. Lauren there could have been in the Land’s End catalog.

What shop? Hush you!


D’oh! I’m sorry!

I was thinking about the second time you play as Shelby. I’m sorry! Forget everything I said! I’m so sorry!

Right. Lauren was the first time you played as Shelby. My very very bad.

Right. I beat that guy too. He ran off. I’m sure he’ll be no trouble at all ever again.

I was not great in that fight. I mean, I won, but it was a long and grueling struggle. I think I missed almost as many of the QTEs as I hit. Ah well. Turns out brutal physical combat is challenging!

And no, that’s not what I mean by scantily clad. Don’t worry. It gets scantier.

Oh, and I did poke around upstairs. There was nothing terribly critical to the plot. I could tell you, but you’ll be back in that house and might have another chance to look at it, so maybe you want to wait and see if you get back up there?


Scantier! Huzzah!

But is there nudity? Or is that butt all we (you) get?

Man, you are digging these games, aren’t you? Charging mightily on!

Nah, go ahead with the spoiler. If it’s not terribly critical you’ll save me some poking around. And it might not be there any more.

I did see Shawn’s rather upsetting picture of the accident. Poor kid.


Yes, that was an upsetting picture. Ouch.

Also upstairs, there was Ethan’s worktable with a drawing of a house, covered in dust (so he hasn’t been working for a while) and you could play a video of the kids back when Jason was alive, which Ethan watched for a while until he crumpled in sorrow. So some sort of character/mood stuff, but nothing you had to see.

Nudity…that’s pretty much it for actual nudity. There are some people in underwear later, but no one actually takes it all off.

Sort of speaking of nudity, though: have you used the toilet? Be because you can use the toilet in this game. Which is not particularly significant in terms of plot or anything, but is unusual. Half the time you don’t even SEE toilets in games, and when you do see them you almost never have any option to use them, but here…you can pee. Discreetly, it’s not voyeuristic really, but you use the toilet. And then flush it. And then you can wash your hands. Although if you’re going to do it, use the toilet FIRST, because I absently washed my hands before I thought to try using the toilet, and then I couldn’t wash my hands again (sorry! out of water! or something) and so I had to just leave the bathroom with unclean hands, feeling a nagging sense of “this is so not right.”

As for Fitness with Butch–look at you already talking about your personal best! You’re a natural! Before you know it you’ll be enjoying the Fitbit fireworks. It’s gonna be great.

I think I’ll eat some more candy.


Ah. So just “Ethan is sad. Ethan’s life from before is different.” That sort of thing. Yeah, I pretty much picked up on all that.

Wait….you’re not done are you? Tell me you’re not done. Cuz a) that would be nuts and b) then there’s still hope of nudity.

I did use the toilet! In the tutorial! And then I thought “Well, that’s a new one in a tutorial…” So imagine my surprise when I could do it again!

While I do commend the game for putting in a feature that does add a certain sense of realism that other games either do not strive for or fully embrace (Why could Shepard flush the toilet but not use it? So very wasteful. On a spaceship no less! You’d think water would be at a premium. I digress), it’s not really a feature I’ve missed. Just like I’ve never said “I want a game that lets me make dinner for moody kids” (cuz I do that in real life), I’ve never said “I want a game where I can pee” (cuz I do that in real life).

There’s likely a trophy for something like “Take every possible whiz” that you need to platinum the game.

If there isn’t, there should be.

Fitness: I’m NOT a natural! Even more of me hurts!

But, gotta say, if it wasn’t for, like, the knees down I’d feel pretty good. Too good. Talk sense into me!

I’m tempted to get a fit bit. If only to beat Mrs. McP at it every night.

Don’t tell her I said that.

You know? It’s cracks like “I’ll eat more candy” that probably gave me high blood pressure in the first place.

Your candy kills us both.

T SHIRT!!!!!

Also…I….sorta miss the “% of people did that” screen from Beyond, in Heavy Rain. I know this game is similar, and I sorta want to see those places where there was an unplayed path. Like, if you failed the asthma attack, did you not fight the bald dude? What?

Which is odd cuz I didn’t really like that mechanic in Beyond. At least at first. And now I miss it.


That’s a good T shirt. I’m wearing that right now.

There SOOOOO should be a “take every whiz” trophy! I didn’t get it, because at some point the novelty palled and I was like “nah, I don’t think he has to pee right now,” but I really hope it exists. (Although another thing that would be kind of great is if at some point you do, specifically have to pee, and then you’re in the bathroom when something happens. And you’re trying to fasten your pants while the killer escapes, or something.)

But you’re right, it’s not exactly a feature I was desperately yearning for in a game. As you say, not everything we do in real life is something we want to do when we’re playing games. And yet, I kind of appreciated it was there, it did add some realism…and yet, the novelty wore off and I stopped doing it after I think three times. (You know, different bathrooms, different characters, different animations…)

So, hm.

I also kind of missed the ‘unplayed path’ screen! After we got used to it in Beyond, it was kind of nice to know where the branches were. And like you, I found myself really tempted to look it up online after every chapter because I was curious: could I have failed that? What happened if I tried being ‘understanding’ instead of ‘stern’? What if I couldn’t defeat that guy?…but I didn’t. I didn’t look anything up!

Which I think is probably better. Go blindly into it, with no idea what could happen. The tension is probably tenser that way.

Fight the temptation!


There’s more than two characters?

Sitting in a car so I’ll write more later, but you didn’t say if you’ve finished it.


I…might have?

I didn’t say there were more than two characters!

Although there might be. You’ll never know unless you continue to play the game.


You did, didn’t you?


Well, wait for me for the next thing, anyway.

I’ll fight the temptation to google. After all, I can’t be bothered.

I’m too sore.

Maybe while you wait for me to catch up to you, you can brush up on your martial arts. Blog that shit!


Don’t Google! It was an interesting experience knowing basically nothing.

And yes, I did finish it. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t stop playing it! Mr. O’ wasn’t using the console for anything!

I will not be brushing up on my martial arts because I am very lazy, but I may catch up on some reading.

I also idly considered going back to the Witness, which still remains unfinished, but…I’m just not in that mood anymore. I think I would have to look up so much just to even start to remember some of the rules (because I am clearly not going to start all over), that I might just as well not play it, but look up the ending instead. And I’m not sure I care even that much. I’m just not there for that game now, however weird and intriguing it was when I was playing it.

So, meh. I dunno.


“It was an interesting experience knowing basically nothing.”


Damn, you became a David Cage fan. I’m right behind you!

DUDE that’s in, what, a WEEK?

Have you stopped sleeping? Or caring for your children?

Well, try to wait to start something that we want to play together until I can, you know, play it with you.

I think I’m gonna have a night to myself tomorrow, though, and a whole lot of morning. I’ll charge blindly on!


I have children?

It’s true! I can’t get enough David Cage now! I’m his biggest fan! I need more! Bring on Detroit!

Or something.

Charge blindly on, dude. Charge blindly on.


Hey, man, pace yourself! You’re already forgetting the order of THIS game and spoiling shit!

Go read. Reading is good.