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No spoilers


It’s. So. Nice. Here.

Water clearer than I’ve ever seen, parrot fish poop as pure as can be, native rum, and my brother has learned to make pina coladas.

But know what else?

They have a kids club.

Two hours today, I swam in the Caribbean Sea with mrs mcp. We conversed without being interrupted. We even smooched. We SMOOCHED Femmy! Without being interrupted!!!!

Never coming home.

My Fitbit is pissed, but that probably is another reason this place is wonderful.

Just ship me my ps4.

Gonna go snorkeling.


You had me at kid’s club. And rum.

The clear water, parrot fish poop and snorkeling, meh. But rum and no kid interruptions?

Now you’re talking.

Haven’t done anything but ‘purchase’ (for free!) Mafia III, not actually loaded or installed it, and my kids hardly sleep these days so I definitely won’t finish (or possibly start) it without you.

Enjoy the fish poop!

And the booze.


And the smooching!

What’s wrong with your kids? Sleep, dammit!

Tonight there’s even cocktails while they take the kids to a bonfire and s’mores on the beach. Junior was all “I dunno, I don’t like smores,” and I told him there’d be a big assed fire and he was sold.

I’ll be thinking of you, while I drink cocktails at sunset with my spouse and not my kids, drinking to your luck at getting your kids to bed. Because I’m your friend and I care. It’s the least I can do.


FIRE! I’m there.

Actually, O’Jr. sleeps fine, it’s little Grigio who’s up until all hours. He’s in a stage where he could nap less during the day and then he’d go to sleep before 9pm, but of course at daycare they’re not NOT going to have him take a nap for as long as he’ll sleep, so we’re kind of stuck.

Sleep, dammit!

But wish me well more later when I could be actually starting a game.

Me, I’ll be thinking enviously of you and your child-free cocktails on the beach.

Unless I’m playing…

But anyway, enjoy!


They were pretty fantastic cocktails.

And now it’s wine and dinner on the deck!

Thank god for autocorrect.