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No spoilers, although at least we actually get back into a game


I’m gonna travel blog badly until you’re jealous.

Got drunk on free booze at the managers reception last night! And t yummy food!

Of course it all had seafood which you don’t eat.

Uh….free booze!

And spent the morning snorkeling! Which you don’t like.

Uh….free booze!

Off to the beach! Which….

Uh…..free booze!

This isn’t working, is it?


The free booze is kind of getting to me, so nice work there. Just keep going with that.

Maybe talk about the different KINDS of booze.

And the free childcare. That’s jealousy-inducing.


Let’s see….

Rum. There’s been rum. And….rum. And some wine!

Ooo! And looky here! Champagne! And CAKE!

Now are you jealous?

Oh–and dude I just fed iguanas on a DESERTED island. A fucking deserted island.

To tie this to games, there is some serious Ac4 shit here. 40 islands, 29 uninhabited. I keep expecting to find animus fragments so I can wonder what to do with them.

Though I gotta get them to knock off the calypso and get into the lowlands away.

And if that don’t float your boat, I also drank rum on a deserted island. At 10 am.


How’s mafia 3?


Oooh, deserted island rum!

Have you had any cream rum? That stuff is so sweet it’s kind of disgusting, and yet I adore it. Because…dessert booze!

I got Mafia III, but allow me to say that the first night was spent clearing space on the drive and then waiting for it to download, so that was fun. Good times with small hard drives.


Cream rum? I dunno. Do they have it on deserted islands?

Dessert booze. I like it.

You and your hard drive. What did you delete?


Heavy Rain.

Also Captain Spirit, Old Uncharteds, and Divinity.

But definitely Heavy Rain.


Sound choices all.

Poor Divinity. Thrown out with the same batch as Heavy Rain.


Well, only because we didn’t have to throw it out to load Heavy Rain. Plus, it’s in online storage, in case we ever need it.

Which let’s be honest, we never will.


We never will. Still, there’s always something a little maudlin about uninstalling.

I better go get over it with some rum.


There is, isn’t there? Even though realistically I’m NEVER going to open this game again, the finality of actually deleting it feels so…final.

It’s like giving away books I’ll never read again.

I think I’ll have some rum too.

Oh, but I have to continue the story to the actual game part:

Once I got the space cleared and the game downloaded, I started Mafia III!

You’re gonna love it. Because guess what it has that we both LOVE in games?

That’s right: DRIVING!!!!!!

I did OK for a couple of minutes and then lost control and smashed up a bunch of cars and pedestrians. In a totally low-pressure situation. I can’t wait for the high-speed chase sequences that are no doubt coming at some point.

Other than that, I don’t have strong feelings yet. Interesting setting, intriguing framing of the story, good, mood-appropriate soundtrack (’60s music!).

Had a weird glitch where the voices were not synched up with the facial animations, which was really obnoxious, but I think that’s my console, not the game itself. It happened in one scene with Beyond, but then the next one was OK. I’m hoping next time I go back it will have sorted itself out.

So I guess that’s the end of that exciting story.

Enjoy the rum.