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No significant spoilers for Mafia 3


Rum is good. I’ve been testing that.

Home tomorrow. Mafia 3 any good?



But other than that…OK so far. I’m moderately interested in the characters and the story, and the gameplay other than driving (though I have a feeling there’s going to be all too much driving) is decent sneak-grab-kill-shoot stuff.

Plus, you can throw bodies in the swamp and alligators will grab them! You gotta love that.


Man I thought you were gonna say nudity.

Well, at least it’s not swimming.

Which is ironic cuz I like swimming in real life.

Good story?


No nudity yet, but the hope keeps me going. I mean, I’ve only played maybe an hour total, and 45 minutes of that was driving. (Just kidding.)

Story is just getting underway, but holds together so far.

The synching of voices and faces seems to be OK now, too. That helps a lot.


Funny that happened to you in beyond. I got it in Heavy Rain. Whole scene when Shaun is going to bed. No ones mouth moved.

Hate that.

Try not to finish.


I’m very unlikely to finish. I have to get re-accustomed to combats where you can lose and then die and have to start over again!

On the third attempt last night I just said “I can’t do this, I have to go to bed.” One thing we’ll say for David Cage, the way his games are structured you don’t have to deal with a lot of repeated combats.

Not that I MIND repeated combats, they’re a staple of combat-focused games and I know them well, I just need to get back into the mindset.


Oh right. Dying. In action games.

Shit, even divinity you didn’t die like you do in action games.

I can’t deal with that shit. I’m still on island time.