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No spoilers


It’s been a while since we ranted, so I could, at this juncture, add rants about the appliance store wanting to cancel my delivery of washer/dryer until next month (and the rant I had at them about same), rant about the fact I bought a house with a garden, and there are irises in the garden that are now HALF gone (my GOD never plant irises), and the fact that I seem to be the one responsible for teaching my kid multiplication, I won’t, because at least all this anger and iris digging means I don’t have to go to the track cuz I get my active minutes at home.

I won’t do that because who needs tags like “gardening,” “parenting,” “fitness,” “home ownership,” “children” and “education?” All they really want is “nudity.”


No! They want the worst fitness blog on the internet! They do.

I refuse to believe they don’t want that. Also, our stellar parenting tips. Other (doomed) parents are depending on us.


We haven’t had a good fitness tip in a while. Here’s one:

Even though pulling up irises is wonderful exercise, think very carefully before doing such wonderful exercise when you do not have ready access to a washer/dryer.

Especially if you keep dirty laundry in your bedroom.


That’s a good tip! This is something that isn’t usually covered in fitness advice: how to be fit without getting and/or remaining completely filthy.

I’d tell you you could come do laundry at our house, but the laundromat is certainly closer.


Oh, the washer and dryer are coming tomorrow.

Took some rather calm yet persistent ranting. That very matter of fact “I’m very angry, and I’m this close to yelling, but I’m giving you a chance to make this right before I really, REALLY get angry” tone that every parent has mastered by the time their kids are two.



Nice. Nice use of skills gained on the ‘parenting’ tree.

Man, the laundry is so key. So. Key.

Imagine all those hours washing things by hand? I dread the day the apocalypse renders washers and dryers non-functional. Really, that’s going to be what we miss most.

Video games are great (really, really great) but not washing clothes by hand is life-changing.


Dude, I have an 11 year old. My house already smells like the zombie apocalypse.


And imagine how much worse it could get.

No-laundry pre-teen zombie apocalypse. I don’t even want to play that game.


We did, dude. We did.

It was very depressing, remember? Many reasons why.


True. Very true.

But The Last of Us didn’t actually make us wash clothes by hand. Although, obviously, they must have had to do so in-game.


This was an odd day of blogging.


But with useful tips!