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Some spoilers for locations and story points in Mafia 3


Well, Burke’s selling drugs in Frisco.

I kinda loved that Duvall science center bit. I hadn’t been there before that boss bit (new level!) and I didn’t really expect THAT to be the drug lab. Nice touch. Fun level.

But…yeah. That’s all I got. At least I’m down to just the southern cross! Then, maybe, hopefully, possibly, no more rackets? And I’ve done some damage to them! Indeed, my next thing is something or other at a grocery store at night. So that’s something.

I still wonder when Lincoln says “You work for me now” to the Southern Cross informants, what, exactly, will they be doing?


“You work for me now. Doing what, you don’t know and neither do I, but if I hear you aren’t doing it, you’re in trouble.”

Those guys probably just moved out of state. “You know what, I heard there was a welding job open in California that some dude never showed up for…”

Yeah, the science center was a good location. I died quite a bit in it, but mostly had fun anyway. Lots of good stealthing. All those stairwells.

One little mechanic that we haven’t mentioned yet but that I’ve kind of enjoyed is the way that when you’re going into these major locations, if you die you’ll often respawn in a different spot than the last time, like on the opposite side of the building or outside a different entrance or whatever. I kind of like it because sometimes it’s made me think “hey, maybe this IS a better way to get in!” and also because it shakes things up a bit.

“It doesn’t REALLY make any difference to the fact that the 5th time I’ve tried this, but it LOOKS a little different, so every try really feels like a fresh start!”

I made a tactical mistake, though…I’ve been giving the Frisco rackets to Vito so I can give him that district when I finish it, but then I absent-mindedly gave him the stolen goods racket in South Downs too. That has to be Cassandra’s district, or she’s going to be mad! So now Vito’s going to be mad that I gave him the racket but not the territory. Siiiigh.

But I HAVE to give Cassandra another territory. I stole that police truck for her and there was no real conversation but she did mention that I’d passed her over twice at the sit-downs (giving the most recent territories to Burke and Vito) and that she wasn’t happy about it.

Underling politics, man. This is why I’m the action guy. I’m not a people person!

I’m more a murdering-people person.


It’s usually difficult to be both a people person and a murdering people person.

First T SHIRT in a while!

(Lincoln Voice): “Word is you make the best motherfuckin’ eclairs anyplace outside the Hollow. You gonna feed my crew pastries, or am I gonna feed this here gator?”

“Suurrree….sure man….anything…”

“We also like crullers.” (Kick!)

I dunno, man. Rents in San Fran are killer. Ergo Frisco field! All that Frisco charm for cheap. And all you have to put up with are, like, five mob factions and someone stealing your playboys!

The reloading in different places is kinda cool. And, eventually, a little hinty. I’ve gotten in the habit of really scoping places out. I took one look at that place and was like “Oh HELL no to the front door,” and found a nice little staircase in the back.

Takes some of the stealth out, but makes up for it in tactics.


The thing I’ll say about Frisco (not spoiling) is that you need to make sure you sit in that chair there to formally wait for nightfall. If you go there and it’s already night and you figure that’s good enough, you will wander around killing people for ages but nothing important will ever happen. Until you go sit in the chair and wait for nightfall, and then you have to kill them all over again.

Not that I ever did this.


Ok, chair. Got it. Which sort of answers my question: Can/should I do all the other stuff for that racket like killin’ enforcers first? Or who cares?


I always try to kill off the enforcers just to keep them from turning up in the final battle, but I’ve stopped bothering with informants. They’re such a pain, always running off. I try to do the needed damage with murder and destruction of property instead, and then just move ahead. Playing to my strengths!

Interrogation is more the kind of thing some people-person would be into.

So if you’re not concerned about the enforcers showing up later (and honestly, whatever, what’s another couple of guys?–though I do kind of like that mechanic as well, that little bit of consequence to specific side missions), I wouldn’t worry about it.


I was caring so much about enforcers. I was. Then, last night, I was like “Fuck it. I’ll just deal with them later,” and the very, very first Kevin I stealth killed? The enforcer I didn’t go get. Seriously. The very first.

Makes one wonder why one did all that.

Which is something one could say about a lot of this game.


Maybe the enforcers made more of a difference earlier in the game? I mean, we talked yesterday about how there’s not much of a progression in combat abilities, but some things are definitely easier (maybe just because of practice), so maybe they would have been harder a few districts ago.

I know the first few times reinforcements arrived they were pretty much instant death, and the last couple of times they were still tough, but I was able to hunker down and wait them out and pick them off and survive.


This dude wouldn’t have made a difference either way. All “Hit O, there he goes” just like the rest of them.

“I, your loyal enforcer, shall defend you! Riiight after I go see what that whistle was…..”

Even if the reinforcements get easier, you must admit there’s an extra little something you get from sneak killing a sentry. It’s like you killed eight dudes.


I love sneak-killing a sentry! I’ve also sneak-killed the enforcers in advance, when I went after them out in the field. Lurk around whistling as various members of their crew wander by to be stabbed, then finally they wander over themselves all “I wonder where everyone is?! I’d better go check it out.”

Stealth assassination is really the best.


Well, the second best. The real best is the zemi/grenade trick when you’re WAY above everyone. Death from above! Or rather, weird smoking thing from above. THEN death from above!


OK, true, that’s also great.

There’s a lot of great stuff. Let’s pause for a moment to recognize that. The moments of joy and wonder that make it all worth while.

Sneaking…grenades…that time I ran over the leader of a hit squad with a stolen police truck…stabbing a sentry in the neck right before he gets to the phone…


Last night alone: I shot my gun by accident, a woman ran towards the phone, I pushed her over without killing her. I kinda looked around all “Anyone see that?” and they looked back like “No…not a thing.”

AAAAND: Got all “hit squad.” Ran and grabbed a boat. Went that way, they kinda chased, went the other way, they had to chase…they had to do all that stupid white line convoluted bullshit we have to do. It was great. And then, eventually, “Hit man escaped.” Yes, escaped. Like, whatever dude, if you want to say “escape” to save face, you do that.


Ha! I did that once too! I was smuggling weed in a boat and got a “Retaliation squad has been called out!!!” message. The red cars on the map were heading towards the boathouse that was my destination, but I thought “why do I have to go back there right NOW, though?”

I puttered away down the river again, the cars sort of milled around a bit, and then “hit man escaped.”

Right. “Escaped.” If that helps you sleep at night, go with that. I went back to the boathouse, docked, drove the truck to Cassandra, all nice and smooth.

Sometimes boats are handy!


I was going to try to chuck grenades up to the bridge to get them, then sit in my boat going “Come at me, coppers! Oh, wait, you can’t!”

But I couldn’t throw them that far. Ah, well.


Good idea, though! That would have been pretty great.

Less great boat/grenade moments have involved me trying to pick up the floating box of weed, but not being close enough for the button to have that particular function, and so throwing a grenade into the water instead.

Take that, anyone trying to follow me by submarine! Or any fish that happen to be over there.