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No spoilers.


More later as I am at the track.

Fitness tip: don’t vacation. If you do, certainly don’t visit a winery, a cider mill and a chocolate factory.

Cuz then you have to go to the track.


But…but what else is even worth DOING on vacation?

Maybe the track is a fair price to pay.


It was. It was.

Certain wonderful conversations:

“Do you want a wine tasting? We’ll pour our whole line [like, 14 wines].”
“How much?”
“Two dollars.”
“Why yes.”

“We just made a fresh batch of donuts.”

“Macadamia salted caramel chocolate clusters.”

“Local cheese plate with apple butter, maple crackers and caramelized hazelnuts.”

I mean, I could go on.

Track’s not THAT bad.


No…no…I can see how the track is a minor inconvenience by comparison. All those beautiful, delicious conversations…

So it was an OK break, then.


Dude, I haven’t been that relaxed and happy in a long, LONG time. Even the beach vacation had a) kids and b) heart worries (not to mention, disappointing food. Good rum, disappointing food. Vermont did not disappoint food wise. Not one bit). This had none of those things. Weather was perfect….just great. Don’t want to be back.

You’d love it up there. Just “city” enough to have all the things you want, intellectual as hell, gorgeous, great food….

Maybe the home where we’ll share the PS9 will be in Vermont.


Ooh, I could get behind that. Vermont is nice. Even nicer than I thought, based on your description. I’m in!

The maple syrup alone is a major selling point.


Here it is in a nutshell: Tried to stop at a rest stop in New Hampshire. Place was all a mess, the bathrooms were broken, nothing but porta potties, a bunch of bikers in the lot. We were all “Yeah….moving on.” Got to Vermont. There’s a rest stop. It’s all open, glassy, there are gardens and….get this…an indoor tropical garden. But it gets better! The tropical garden’s purpose? It takes the wastewater from the bathrooms, does something to it, feeds the garden, and purifies the water to be used again in the bathroom. (They do dye it so you know it’s not drinkable.)

This is in a highway rest stop. A tropical garden made of restroom waste, with water recycled countless times.

You certainly know when you’ve crossed the state line.


A tropical garden rest stop!? I’m in love.

Definitely going to the top of the list for the home.


See? AND chocolate. And wine.

It’s my happy place.

Shit, I gotta play some games. Gonna install TR here after I fold this laundry.


Oh, I knew there was going to be laundry.

In the home, they’ll do our laundry for us. Either that, or our PS implants will allow us to play WHILE folding it, with carefully calibrated eyeball flickers.

The future is going to be great.

I mean, probably an apocalyptic hellscape, but also great. Vermont will still be great, at least.


It’s in the mountains. We’re cool. Indeed, I read a thing where they asked climate scientists where the best places to be after the apocalypse happens, and Burlington was, like, number one! That and, I think, Tulsa, but fuck that noise.


Laundry. And bills. And, apparently, a HUGE fucking update file which is currently downloading.


Burlington is preferable in every way to Tulsa. I’m there!

Not that I’ve ever been to either one of them, but sweeping generalizations are how we do. (I’m sure Tulsa is very nice.)

We should probably start looking into the home now…putting down deposits to save our places and such.

That isn’t the update file that said “you can play while it’s downloading but online functionality won’t work”? Because I had that one and needless to say I went ahead and played while it downloaded, given that I have slightly less than zero interest in online functionality.


Dunno, man. I did the update just in case it was about the hair.

And now it’s done. But I have to make kid dinner cuz life sucks.

I miss Vermont.


I miss Vermont and I wasn’t even there.


Very niche T SHIRT!!!!!!

I did bring home some wine. And some hard cider.

The chocolate didn’t make it home.