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Some minor spoilers for stuff early in Shadow of the Tomb Raider


I got nothing. I was doing so well not having to say “I got nothing.” But I got nothing. Had too much food to cook, too much cleaning to do, too many children.

My brother’s family is coming up today, which will also likely slow things down.

I’ll try to get some in before they get here. Because I want to play.

Dammit, man. We had themes going and everything. And now you’re gonna be all ahead of me and shit.

Ah, well. Back to normal.


I don’t have much either. I got stuck in a tomb (stuck as in “can’t proceed,” not as in “trapped and can’t get out”–I could go back), so I must ponder how to solve the tomb puzzle, or else go away and come back later. You know how it is.

Ah, tomb puzzles. How I’ve missed you. Mostly.


But Femmy….there’s a shotgun there…there were ALWAYS good shotguns in the tombs.

But I’m sure you’ll have a chance to go back. Shit, did you find that treasure chest? In the tutorial level? That you can’t open cuz you don’t yet have lock picks? That would mean you can go back…


How? That was in the pyramid/cave place. There’s no game way we’re going back there. What was that doing there? Am I supposed to have lock picks? Or is that only for New Game +?


Speaking of being confused about not having things reminds me there’s something I’m surprised I have: money. Or what I think is money. Gold pieces or something. I have, like, over 2000 of them. There was no money in the first two, right? Indeed, I can’t think of a jumpy/climby game that used money at all. Well, I’ll say a linear jumpy/climby game, as AC had money, but that was a different kind of jumpy/climby game.

Have you gotten to a point where money matters?


I was also very curious about the locked chest in the tutorial level! Because once you progress far enough you can fast-travel between campsites (remember campsites? good times…), so hopping back to locations should be no problem…except that there wasn’t a campsite in that location, so as you say, when are we going to go back to open that? (Unless maybe the story does a full-circle kind of thing and you have to go back there at the end to put the ancient dagger back on the altar or something.)

Like you, I wondered if it might be a New Game+ thing. I don’t know, though. I have yet to find any lockpicks, so I have no insight into the matter.

I do have some money, and apparently there are merchants at certain locations, which they also had in the last one…remember that dude up on the cliff who would sell you Trinity ‘surplus’ in exchange for the gold dust you found, or whatever the money equivalent was? I assume it’s like that. You can probably buy outfits and weapons enhancements and other non-critical conveniences.


All right. At least I didn’t miss anything.

It would be kinda funny if it was an end of game thing.

“I, the ancient and mighty Rambalakan, have been keeping watch on this dagger for centuries. Never has it left my sight. It is my reason for existing and wait, who’s that? What’s with the British chick? Hey…hey…don’t…that’ll make the whole place…shit. Well, at least I have the chest. I shall spend the rest of my existence caring for the chest. I shall forever take peace in the fact that the chest is OH COME ON!!!”

Oh right! That guy who sold stuff! I remember that guy. I never cared about that guy, so it slipped my mind. Probably is like that.


I think I bought some shotgun parts from that guy! Maybe a thing that made the rope ascender go faster. I don’t remember. He was basically a place to unload the money I couldn’t spend anywhere else.


Ok, played some. Jumped, cut, crafted, bought some skills, we’ve probably bought the same skills, killed a jaguar (on the first try! Hooray!) got that “We’re both beasts…respect” deal, found Jonah, found three entries from Jack or whoever.

Not too shabby.

Was that the Jonah thing you mentioned about “later?” When he’s all “If not us, who?” Cuz that was a pretty quick turnaround. Or maybe they’ll meet halfway, as she was like “We could have waited….a couple hours…..”

Pretty good stuff.

We must keep in mind that the tagline/trailers/whatever for this said “Become the Tomb Raider.” Become. The end of Lara’s “origin” story. So we’re NOT “The Tomb Raider” yet. So maybe this is her figuring out what it’s all about.

Like the first one: She had to learn how to do all this physically, as she was just this young wimpy girl. Second one: she had to steel her nerves, and learn the way to be mentally brave and strong. Now, here, she’s putting it all together. “Ok, I CAN do this, but what IS this? WHY is this?”

So it seems, anyway.


Good point about the emphasis in advancing different aspects of her character through the three games so far.

And nice work with the jaguar! Yeah, that wasn’t too bad, though I really needed to have figured out how to switch weapons at that point, because I kept just shooting at it from close range as it charged me…”ah, you’re chewing on my foot, here let me carefully aim this arrow at you…”

The half-eaten corpse of poor…Miguel? Was that the name of the tragic pilot we knew so briefly?..anyway, that was quite a scene, when his gnawed body dropped to the ground in front of you.

Thanks for that, jaguar, I was getting bored with all the non-blood-covered natural beauty here.

And no, I wasn’t referring to Jonah when I said there was a callback to “you don’t pay enough attention to the people in front of you.” It’s coming up shortly, though.


Yup. I do remember there being some arched eyebrows in the game sphere when they said this was about “becoming the Tomb Raider,” as everyone kinda thought that we had already become same, what with all of this tomb raiding we’ve done in the first two games. So one would certainly think they’re building to something character wise.

Oh, wait, shit, you can switch? I thought all I had was the bow. Though I did notice that if you just kind of nick it with an arrow, it ran away and paused a bit and THEN you could hit it hard.

What wasn’t cool is what is never cool in games with evade mechanics: What if the fucking thing that you must evade is behind you?

Yes, Miguel. Poor, poor Miguel. I was thinking Miguel was pretty lucky, because I thought he had died in the plane there. And then I found out no, he’s alive, and I was all “Way to go Miguel! You bad ass!” and then, well, so much for Miguel.

But that was a great scene. Her LONG take looking up as it dawned on her that “bad thing is up there,” the rest of the animals all around her, the jungle itself being both angry and respectful. It wasn’t just the jaguar; they gave the whole setting a sense of intelligence and purpose. Neat.

“Yes, game, I would LOVE to hit O to evade when it attacks. Now WHERE IS IT???”

Ah. Coming up. Well, still liked that conversation.

But remind me: Where’d Jonah come from in the first place? Why is he so loyal? I thought he was just a dude who happened to be on the Endurance’s crew and all that. Is there some deeper connection? There must be.


I think having been on the Endurance together IS the deeper connection…they survived that island, and then just kind of stuck together as friends. He’s really the only consistent friend she has, since what’s-her-name who didn’t appreciate almost having her body taken over by the serpent queen or whatever doesn’t seem to be in the picture any more.

Evade mechanics…you mean you don’t just frantically hit circle over and over whether you know there’s something to avoid or not? I could have sworn that was the accepted approach. Scrambling randomly back and forth like a lunatic until you see something to either shoot at or run away from is the only way, man!

I…don’t know if you can switch weapons yet. Maybe forget I said anything. But at some point you can switch using the directional keys on the left side of the controller, which calls up a weapons menu. So I guess either forget I said anything, or do that, whichever you prefer. I think they only specifically showed it later, though.

But still, when the jaguar was jumping on me I kept thinking “I have this big-ass homemade knife, why am I not pulling that out right about now?”


I read the journal entry on Jonah and it was pretty vague. I guess that was it. It did say “Since I lost touch with my best friend Sam…” Lost touch seemed a bit of an understatement.

Well, scrambling is what I DID, but I did get in two very successful evades when I was looking at the thing. Like, if you circle when his claws were as high as they went, bang. Evade.

But this is only possible if you can see the claws.

“She only checks her facebook, like, once a month since she almost got possessed by the serpent queen and incinerated and stuff. I mean, if she doesn’t want to be besties….Sheesh. Guess I’ll hang out with Jonah. At least he follows my insta.”

Oh I know that trick with the weapons. I’m not as sneaky as you are, so I kinda had to shoot the shit out of a bunch of trinity guys way back there. I had weapons! I just didn’t think I got them back.

Well, you know, dramatic effect.


Yeah, Sam, that’s the one. Always getting all dramatic about the supposed risk of possession and death, just because I occasionally every couple of months go off on some incredibly dangerous adventure where people keep getting possessed or dying.

And honestly, the possession thing was ONE TIME! WAY more people have died than EVER got possessed. Sam really needs to chill.


Seriously. That shit happened, like, every week in college and we’re still friends. Happens to Lara and Sam once and draaaamaaaa…..


Some people just can’t handle a little adventure. I’m sure she’ll be happy if she just goes into bookbinding or something.


I dunno, man. Bookbinding can get pretty intense.


And the risk of possession when you start binding those Books of Evil that always turn up?

Gotta be careful. Lara’s got the right idea, going out to fight jaguars.


Plus, you know where that glue comes from? And the twine? The TWINE????


It doesn’t bear thinking of.

Let’s just go raid some tombs and murder hundreds of dudes.