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Some spoilers for locations and story in Shadow of the Tomb Raider


Greetings from scenic Paititi.

Man, you weren’t kidding. This IS a different city. I’ve been exploring, but I don’t think I’m supposed to, yet, as I can’t really find much and there should be documents everywhere. It’s my own fault, really. We got there, and she was all “meet me in the market” and I was all “Wow…this is amazing! A discovery that will change science! My father would have been blown away! This is the very thing that could restore the Croft oh, sure kid I’ll help you find your dice be right there.”

So now I’m tracking down outcasts.

But I’m confused.

So I’m playing with subtitles here cuz kids were being loud, so on that walk down to the city I had all SORTS of shit on the screen cuz you get subtitles from every NPC and I kind of missed some shit.

So….the woman. She’s the queen, right? But still a rebel? Cuz we’re wearing something that lets us talk with rebels, and she’s on our side….so she’s NOT the boss? Or is she the boss and this is, like, a rebel outpost?

I get that there’s a “cult” that is either Trinity or has been bought/corrupted/whatever by trinity, and that they are bad. Right? Bad. They’re bad. And I get that this woman and her kid are queen/heir or rightful queen/heir. Are they in power or not? And they’re also rebels? Which would imply that they are not in power and rebelling against whoever is. But, if that’s true, how come she’s just strolling through town all “Hey, howya doin’? Rebel queen here. How you doing, enemy cult leader? Oh me? Yeah, good, rebellion’s good.”

I’m not sure that’s how rebellions against death cults work.

So I’m confused. Who’s who?


“I’ll get your dice back, kid! Anything to help on a mission of such importance!”

Ha. I did much the same thing, though I might have read a few more murals and such first, since I did manage to pick up most of the documents and artifacts.

I do think ‘rebellion’ is sort of the wrong term here, given that the rebel queen does just stroll casually around the town, but yeah, you’ve basically got it.

If I got the story correctly, there were two brothers who argued over the fate of the city during a famine. One, the city leader (Unuratu’s husband) was killed while hunting for food. The other went off and made a deal with Trinity, which gave the people some food and now supports/runs this Cult of Kukulkan, which is currently in charge of things. However, Unuratu is the rightful queen and her son the rightful heir, and they’re ‘rebels’ in the sense that they disagree with the cult.

They don’t seem to have any formal power, but since they aren’t actively being hunted down at the moment, ‘rival political party’ might be a more accurate term than ‘rebellion.’ Maybe that just doesn’t translate well from the Yucatec.

But yeah, basically, Cult is Trinity, Cult is bad, Unuratu and the ‘rebels’ are good. Or at least on our side and opposed to the remaking of the world. Also, better fashion sense. That ‘rebel’ tunic is stylin.’


I figured you did. The magpie is strong with you.

I dunno, man, none of the artifacts are popping up. But then, I haven’t really finished the queen’s orientation yet. Maybe I have to do that?

That’s what I thought. But I was confused because they did seem rather tolerant of rebellion.

But the cult’s in charge. Ok.

In that case, Lara’s being rather brave here. “I’ll just chill here in a village run by people who are sympathetic to trinity. They’ll NEVER find me.”

The tunic is nice. But those are very impractical shoes. Love the necklace, though. I think she borrowed it from Morrigan. The BEBHBB line of fine jewelry.

See, the tunic is what threw me. I went to see if it gave me any perks, and what it said was “Allows you to talk to rebels.” Like, ok, the rebels don’t talk to anyone but each other, but the cult in charge is cool with that. Ok. Makes perfect sense.

I’m still a tad confused. Hopefully, this becomes clearer as I play.


I dunno, I pretty much looted the entire city before I went to meet her downtown, if that’s what you mean. Just poking around, finding things. Like that locked chest under the dock. Gold veins, monoliths, murals, etc. Not all that many artifacts, so it might not be that you’re missing stuff, it might just not be there. Some documents.

But talking to outcasts is a good call. One of them might turn out to be a merchant. Who might sell you something useful. I mean, you never know.

The shoes are kind of silly–but I love the woven bike shorts! Very comfortable and practical for all that climbing and hanging off of cliffs.


Figured the outcasts would be helpful. And themey, maybe.

Yeah I’ve found murals and monoliths I can’t read. But one measly artifact. One.

Shorts are nice. Necklace makes it.

How does she swim in that?


If she can swim while somehow not losing two climbing axes, a bow, a giant knife, and a couple of guns, I’m happy to accept that there is no improbable accessory that can slow her down.


There’s gotta be a final straw sometime. And that’s quite a necklace.


I go diving in enormous solid gold jewelry all the time!

You’re just concerned because you hate swimming.


You never see Morrigan swimming. She knows.

Another reason to like her.