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Confusing spoilers for locations in Shadow of the Tomb Raider


Dude. DUDE!

So yesterday decided to magpie, clean up some icons, that sort of thing. Went back to Yaku and shot down a couple of barriers, found a document, did a “crypt” that was just shooting a barrier (whatever), a monolith, and…here’s the thing, found an underwater barrier and there was a treasure chest.

More on that in a minute.

So went back to Paititi, where I, according to the stats up there where it’s all 11/42 documents and shit, have a lot to do. Decided to do a lot of it. So I toodled around, didn’t find any of the five quest givers I still haven’t found (1/6. SIX? WHERE?), and then, once again, got all obsessed with those documents and relics and shit that seem to be just on the other side of that bigassed cliff. You know the cliff. The documents are RIGHT THERE but cliff. Stairs all up it, houses, etc. You know what I’m talking about, right?

So I decided to just go in every single house. I get to the one at the bottom of the stairs, I go into look around and, totally by accident, I fell in the little pool.

Fell. In. Not walked in. Fell. Chest deep.

See where I’m going here?

So I did something I never chose to do: I swam.

And found a campsite, four documents, a challenge tomb, and a hole in the wall that leads to a BIG portion of the map.

So there ya go. I’m not sure it’s for ALL the documents, but I certainly found a big chunk of things to do.

Found that?


Yeah, that well in that house!–clever hiding on the part of the rebels or whoever, that. More so than that clearly marked nook in the rock wall, anyway.

Sometimes you just gotta magpie. And pat llamas. Awwww…cute llamas. That inspired me to try to pet the chickens in the next town, but no…apparently they’re just something you could shoot if you wanted. I have refrained, because that chicken is probably someone’s livelihood. Children will go hungry without its eggs!

Look, I have limits. I’ll steal your bundles of hardwood, your stretched hides, your healing berries, your pots of fat, your boxes of gears, and any documents or artifacts you happen to have lying around, but I will NOT touch your chickens.

Witcher tax!


NEXT TOWN??????? I have five more damn quests!

Where are they, anyway? No one’s green!

Ah, so you found that. I was so proud. So proud. And, once again, you take my pride and are all “Yeah, that. SOOOO last town.”

WHAT nook in the rock wall?

I thought you’d like the screenshot.

I don’t shoot chickens, either. Mostly cuz they’re hard to hit and waste arrows.


Sorry, man. If it helps, I had to go there for a quest, so when you get that quest you’ll be all “oh yeah, I know that place! On my way!”

That crack in the wall, where you go into the rebels’ super-secret hideout! I mean, it’s not a giant doorway with flags all around it or anything, but I did kind of have to wonder why none of the cult guards had ever bothered to check it out. Considering it had that meaningful symbol–I mean, random graffiti!–right there near it.

Speaking of the super-secret hideout and mission givers, did you talk to the other guy in that cave? Not the one with the bad eye who sent you after the King’s Horn or whatever, the one over by the other fire. Talk to him, he’ll send you looking for…a mission objective over in that area where you are.

I don’t know about the other ones. I always forget to look at the completion statistics, so I’m not sure whether I found them all in Paititi or not. There was the kid with the dice, the dude in the cave…I guess the main storyline stuff must not count, or it would include the King’s Horn quest…

I know I missed a ton of stuff way back in the jungle around where we first crashed. Challenges and things. Siiiiiiigh.

Will I go back? I don’t know. Probably not.


Wait, I shouldn’t even BE HERE YET?

Wait…are we in the same place? Swim through, immediate campsite, immediate “challenge tomb nearby,” place to swan dive, that sort of thing? That crack in the wall isn’t the entrance to the challenge tomb? I didn’t check it out. If that’s not the tomb, where’s the damn tomb?

I was so proud. Sigh.

Shit. Ok, fine. I’ll go back.

I dunno, man, it says I only did one, and I did the horn and the kid! So I don’t know. Cheating me!

Challenges can bite me. I did the underwater plant one. That ought to do.


No, we’re talking about the same place (-ish), it’s just that I’m actually talking about two different places.

Place One is where you are, with the campsite and the challenge tomb. You can totally be there now, because you might as well do the tomb. There’s no time specifications on that. Get it done!

Place Two that I was talking about is the cave where the rebels hang out, where you talked to the guy who gave you the quest about the King’s Horn or whatever. I know we’ve both been there. THAT’S the place that you get to through a crack in the wall. Nothing to do with where you are now, except that when I said this place where you are is better hidden than that, that’s all I meant.

Something hidden at the end of a tunnel that’s at the bottom of a well is more hidden than something behind a crack in the wall, right?

And there’s another guy in that rebel cave that you can talk to, who will coincidentally send you to look for [noun] in the place where you are, so sure, you COULD have talked to him earlier because now you’re just going to have to come back, but it’s not like it makes a huge difference or spoils the story or anything.

You’ve got a tomb to take care of and you might as well have taken care of it before you come through here with a mission.

Also, it WAS very clever to find the place without even having been sent here on a quest! No one can take that away from you, dude.


So where’s the damn tomb? Cuz I went through that crack, and saw lush greenery, and said “That looks time consuming” so I stopped. Figured it was the tomb. Is it?


Yes, that’ll be the tomb. It doesn’t look much like a tomb right off, what with all the lush greenery and open sky and lack of bones, but if you proceed, it’ll turn into one.


Then where’s the gate to the place with the stuff?

I was so proud, now I’m so confused!

I’m also tired. DO NOT HOST HOLIDAYS!!!!


The place with the stuff? Well…there’s some stuff in the tomb, which kind of loops around in the jungle there. I don’t remember any other stuff in that area that wasn’t right there in the main cave.

Oh, and I think maybe you have to progress more in the main story to get some of the missions, including the one with the other guy in the cave that I was talking about…have you gotten to the point that you’re dressed up in a fancy green feather outfit with a gold mask?

Do that before you go back to the rebel cave. There are some mission givers associated with that.


No, no I am not so dressed. I’m still at “go back to Unuhatu’s place” after I didn’t find the box and got chased by orc zombies. But I think her place IS that cave/hideout/etc. where Jonah’s been chillin’.

But wait….isn’t she captured?



Ah. Yeah. Go do that. Get a fancy outfit. Poke around the main story. Quests will happen.

After you poke around any tombs you encounter along the way, of course. You DID say you set out to magpie.


And magpie I shall!

At some point. I’m cooking nonstop for the next two weeks.