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No spoilers


Ok, our end of the year retrospective was amazing bloggage, but we can top it with the other thing that legit sites do which is the


bit that everyone is doing these days.

I’ll start!

1) The general rumors are that there’s gonna be a PS5 in 2020 but they’re wrong cuz I’m calling it: Sony announces the PS5 in the spring, hypes it all year and, twelve months from this very moment, we are telling our spouses that we want, nay, NEED one for Xmas. And this moment, too. And this one.

2) A big knock on the launch of the PS4 was a lack of particularly interesting titles to play when it launched. The sole exclusive was Knack. Remember Knack? Of course you don’t. Sony won’t make that mistake again, which is why….drum roll please…TLOU2 will be a launch title. We saw gameplay at E3, it’s been in development forever, it’s out November 2019 right next to the PS5. I can see your shoulders slumping a tad because you’re not entirely looking forward to playing it but that’s cool cuz you won’t have to right away because…..

3) Cyberpunk 2077 will also come out concurrent with the launch of the PS5 (And, by the way, I expect the XBox2 or whatever, but we don’t do that sort of thing so I’m keeping this Sony). They dropped 50 minutes of gameplay earlier this year, and we’re seeing hype articles, not just in game publications but in places like Business Insider. For real. What? Mrs. McP’s phone gets it. You see that, it’s coming sooner rather than later. (This is also why I think the PS5 is sooner rather than later. These games aren’t coming out just for the PS4). But you know what won’t be out?

4) Death Stranding, that’s what. I do think that that game should be on our list, but Kojima is slow, Kojima goes over budget, and it won’t be out any time soon.

5) The Outer Worlds won’t win Game of the Year cuz of TLOU2 and Cyberpunk, but there will be a very vocal few that will bitch about that because it will be good, and Obsidian is a hipster favorite of the game press. It’s like beards and those weirdass beers with names like “General Tuttle’s Rye Grass Surprise” that cost 30 bucks for a four pack.

Ok, your turn! Gaze into your crystal ball and tell me what game brilliance and wishes you see!

Or just say “Uh….we’ll drink a lot of booze and eat a lot of pie” and we can just derail.


I DO predict that we will drink a lot of booze and eat a lot of pie. For sure. Also, we’ll complain about inventory systems, look for themes in everything we play, and express dissatisfaction with the limited numbers of heists and fancy dress balls, the quality and quantity of male nudity, and the paucity of group-hug-related endings.

That’s a given.

I also predict that Pokemon Go will introduce some new pokemon from new regions, and that they will eventually work out the kinks in the PvP system.

I’ll tentatively predict that I will still be playing it a year from now, because it fills time that generally isn’t in competition with any other games or responsibilities, so why the hell not? I’ll also predict that you will continue to refuse to get back into it no matter how many times I point out that it would be a way to do something with all those hours you spend sitting in the car waiting for kids to be done with things, because for some reason you have this weird objection to heroin.

I’ll predict that neither of us will literally take up heroin, but both of will have some problems with our houses.

I like to go after the low-hanging fruit.


Nicely done! Good blurbage. We’re getting better at the year end thing!

Though this “we” complaining about the male nudity is a bit of a stretch. Think you’re on your own there, Femmy. I support you out of solidarity, but frankly, I’m here for the BEBHBBs.

The booze shall commence even before next year starts.

I’m proud of myself: scored my dad a bottle of whiskey he’s gonna like. Very limited run. Got one of the last four bottles left for sale in the state. Boom!

He best share.

Now I gotta get on desserts. Forgot that Junior has a holiday band concert next week, which is going to impair my baking time. Bad planning.


Ooh, score! I scored my dad…uh…some socks.

In my defense, he doesn’t drink. Logically, that pretty much leaves socks.


Logically, it does.

Hey, my father in law does drink, quite a bit, and Mrs. McP scored him….some cashews. And not cashews from some place with handwritten labels or anything! Just the Trader Joe’s ones that rather perfunctorily say “Product of Thailand” in small block letters on the back.

I checked. I was curious.

At least they don’t just day “Distributed by….” So there’s that.

Everyone needs socks.


Everyone needs socks. Everyone likes cashews.

They’re gonna love it.


It’s gonna be great.

I will say, re Xmas shopping, that when it gets to the point where you can get your kids games, it gets SO MUCH EASIER.

It’s that middle ground that yours are getting into that sucks: Too big for just a teddy bear or two, too small for games.

That’s when the LEGOs happen….all….the….LEGOs……


All the LEGOs, and all the Pokemon booster packs. Both of which quickly add up to real money.


Dude, you’re just getting started down that long, bumpy, expensive, messy road.

Wait until you have that overlap where they BOTH want that shit.

You’re gonna love it. It’s gonna be great.


I can’t wait. I’m gonna love it.

Fortunately, we have booze.