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No spoilers. Likely minimal posts this week–kids on break, family stuff, etc. Enjoy your holidays if you’re celebrating any holidays, everyone!


Well, good thing we were smart on Friday, cuz today’s gonna be dumb, and this is pretty much our last shot for the year. Band concert last night (they really do have a good band program in this town), so everyone went to bed late and got up early cuz we all have colds. Kids were even too tired to fight. That’s tired.

I was so tired I typed “Thursday” into the email address and your name into the subject line.

It’s gonna be that kind of day.

I wish I could do a heist then go to a naked fancy dress ball.

Is that even possible?

Ok, there’s today’s starting discussion question: Can there be a fancy dress ball and nudity at the same time?



This time of year, being smart every other post is still miles above every logical measure of achievement.

I wrapped video games yesterday. Held them in my hands.

Then I played a couple of rounds of Pokemon. It’s…not the same. There’s very little narrative in a monster-battle card game. (Or in a monster-collecting phone game, granted! But at least that one is using time I wouldn’t be engrossed in narrative anyway.)

Mr. O’ is actually getting kind of into it, which is great–he and O’Jr. can nerd out together. I think it’s OK, but I can’t seem to get that excited about it. The whole deck-building thing kind of loses me. I mean, I get why it’s fun, there’s a lot of entertainment in mixing and matching and finding just the right combinations if you’re into that…it just feels like inventory management to me, and I tend to be kind of indifferent to that. I’m never that interested in finding THE PERFECT armor and weapons for a character either, you know?

Just gimme something that works OK (ideally a shotgun or a spell that lets me set things on fire) and let’s go do stuff!

Similarly, I’m starting to feel like, give me a Pokemon deck already made and I’ll play, but I can’t get bothered to tinker with it much, and so obviously in a game that’s all about tinkering and building, my deck is going to suck if I don’t work on it, and then I’ll always lose to people who bothered to put in the time and find the right cards for their theme and all. Which is fair! Not complaining. Just saying I don’t think I’m ever going to get super involved in this.

I’m sure you’re surprised.

But hey, check it out, that was actually semi-thoughtful commentary on a game, even if not a video game. Pulling relevance from the jaws of insanity!

It’s how we do.

Or else we just go insane. That’s also a legitimate option.

Also, in response to your starting question, I’m going to rule that you COULD have a fancy dress ball and nudity at the same time, in at least two ways I can think of offhand.

1) Literally have some people naked and some people in fancy dress at the same time.

2) Apply strategically placed fancy dress (and decorative masks, that makes any dress fancy) that leave certain areas exposed. You know…corsets that lace up to just under the breasts, jeweled chaps, etc. Just decorate the clothes you do have until they’re ‘fancy’ and leave enough uncovered to count as ‘nudity.’ (Technically, of course, we could argue someone isn’t ‘nude’ if they’re wearing any clothes at all, but using the movie/game definition of nudity, which basically just means ‘you can see naughty bits,’ I think it’s fine.)

There’s a third way that stretches the definition of “at the same time” to include “within the same scene,” since you could have a bunch of people START in fancy dress and then END UP nude. But it could work depending on how strictly we interpret the question.

The fact that YOU haven’t already thought of these and several other ways to make this happen is a sign of how truly tired you are. Honestly, I’m starting to worry about you, man.

Take a break! Reload TW2 just long enough to enjoy the warm cakes! Something.


I was pretty surprised at how we did on Friday. Where’d that come from? Ah, well. Fleeting intelligence is better than total stupidity.

T SHIRT!!!!!

Was it….was it amazing? Holding games in your hands?

This Pokemon thing is a fundamental difference between you and Mr. O. I’m sure, while playing Divinity, he was missing all sorts of good bloggage, but was poring over every stat. It’s how he do. Junior’s the same way, which is why I think he’s going to get religious on Skyrim. And why he loves Pokemon, and Magic, which is even moreso.

And I’m so very surprised that you don’t.

I was even the same way with Gwent. I didn’t monkey with my deck. I got it so it worked fine, then just learned how to outplay everyone. Didn’t have all four decks, just my trusty shotgun/Northern Realms deck. But I think Pokemon and magic are too complex to get away with that, so fuck that noise.

Jeweled chaps. We’ve hit a rock bottom so rocky we’re mentioning jeweled chaps.

I’m worried about me, too. I should have been on that. Though, I never would have come up with jeweled chaps.

Insanity: a legitimate option, and the one we so often take.

Ok, back to the kitchen with me. Can’t take a break!

Oh–Here’s something smart!


Three good words in recipes: Add additional rum.
Three bad words in recipes: Push through sieve.

My hands hurt.


Push through sieve = bad. Noted.

But dude. Jeweled chaps are the sparkliest, most glittering part of rock bottom. We should have hit here a long time ago.

And yes, I think you’re right…people who love settlement-building and crafting and all that stuff are more likely to love Pokemon deck-building. More power to them!

They can play with Butch Jr. next time we hang out. A long, long time from now, when we’ve had a chance to put this month well behind us.

On a vaguely related note, I had someone at work call someone else “rules-lawyer-y” about some obscure technical point of thesis formatting. Players of games! They dwell among us.


That’s an awesome person.

Push through sieve = Very bad. Good thing I don’t have a game to play, cuz I’d miss it. Hands hurt.

Yummy recipe, though. Lots of meat. And eggs. And butter.

I suppose if you’re gonna hit rock bottom, at least do it wearing jeweled chaps.



If there’s a better note to close the year on, I don’t want to know about it.