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No spoilers


I’m never playing again. Not because I don’t want to. BOY do I want to. I really, really want to.

But holy shit. My kids went crazy. I watched the four people I live with fight and swear and yell and storm around and generally act like they were in general population at a prison and they wanted to riot.

And then, at five AM, Meatball barfed. Spectacularly.

And Mrs. McP decided to “helpfully” work at home.

My morning has been yelling, and fighting and a litany of “helpful” reminders of things I have to do.

I’m never playing again.

But I really want to.


Oh man. Dude. I am sorry.

Interestingly, O’Jr. woke up at 4:30 saying his stomach hurt, but he didn’t throw up and seemed OK later. Enough to get up and watch his videos and drag himself to school, anyway. Fingers crossed I don’t get a call about spectacular barfing later.

I am very, very sorry.


No, I’m the one that should be sorry. You’ve been dutifully chugging along, and I’m in a serious rut. Even considering skipping a lot of crypts and monoliths and documents to get back on the same page.

This sucks.


It sucks a lot, man. Stupid life, interfering with games! Frustrating cranky sick family!

It is only a matter of time before our positions are reversed. Especially once your kids are driving themselves places and mine are still home all the time being hormonal menaces.


To add insult to injury Mrs. McP is using the laptop despite having her own.


Dude! What is even up with that?!

You should probably just start drinking now. This day is clearly not going to improve in any other way.


Don’t tempt me.


Maybe you need some exercise? Like, a LOT of exercise. And it’s pretty nice out, for January. Just go walk around the track for, like, 5 hours. Blissfully alone.

Or walk to a bar so you can start drinking! If it’s far enough away, it totally counts as fitness.


Hey….it does!

But got…..a treadmill. Sigh. Used it yesterday. A walk is far less relaxing when you hear your family yelling at each other.

I’ll go outside and take down Christmas lights. Cheery. Or something.


A treadmill? Damn. Definitely the sort of thing that seems like a good idea at the time, and then turns out to have an unexpected and horrible downside.

Are you sure it’s not tragically broken? Maybe it needs a new…uh…forfenglobber cable. Which you will have to go far, far away to get. Conveniently available near the bar!

Far, far away.


Yes! Yes!


What you said!

Today sucks.


Microsoft’s helpful suggested responses:

  • I’m glad you agree.
  • Looking forward to it!
  • Thanks for letting me know.

Uh…no. Those don’t really… Work harder, Microsoft.

I would have accepted [ominous music].


Well, “Today sucks,”

“Thanks for letting me know”

makes some sort of sense. Sorta.


True, I suppose.

“Thanks for the heads-up, so I can be prepared if the suckage comes my way! Looking forward to it!”

We look out for each other like that.


That we do.

Now I’m getting sick. I feel like I could sleep until next week.

Today sucks.


No no no!!! Not getting sick!

Although it’s not terribly surprising given the way this day has gone.

At this point, if you wake up tomorrow and the house hasn’t burned to the ground, you’re going to have to count that as a win.


Happiness is low standards.

At least we got a T SHIRT!!!!! out of today.