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Well, today’s the day. Today’s the day I try to make a cake. THAT cake.* And I’m doing it tired, with a cold, with kids riled up for a long weekend and Mrs. McP working at home.

This shall be an epic day.

But first I gotta buy food. For real. AGAIN.



Well, you fooled Microsoft Outlook!

Suggested responses:

  • “I’m glad you had a good day.”
  • “Glad you’re having a good day!”
  • “Sounds like a good day.”

Hotmail does not yet understand sarcasm or wildly melodramatic forced good humor.

It’s gonna be great. You’re gonna love it. Just think of all the rum you can add to the cake! And to yourself!


Outlook, apparently, has been hitting the rum as well.

I tried the rum last night. You know, just to make sure it’s cake worthy.

It’s cake worthy.

Ok, off to cut out parchment rounds!


Excellent! You wouldn’t want to get halfway into making the cake and then find out you had to go buy better rum.

Although…maybe if you run out of rum you can send Mrs. McP out to get some MORE good rum….


Mrs. McP is supposed to be helping by cleaning the house. Instead, she’s getting all obsessed with the crafts she’s going in to do with Nugget this afternoon cuz, being a working mother, she hasn’t learned that you never, EVER, volunteer to go in to help with crafts. The day before a break. In a class of 22 third graders.

Better save her some rum.

Cakes are in the oven.


Mmmm…warm cakes…

Volunteering with crafts, eh? The day before a long weekend? She’s braver and/or more foolhardy than I.

At least you get some quiet time with the rum.


And cake.

All I’m missing is a sorceress.



Give Mrs. McP time and practice ‘doing crafts’ with 3rd graders. Some kind of sorcery is going to come out of that if she survives.


Considering the most important trick for her to learn is making her clothes disappear in a hail of sparkles, that might not be the thing to practice with third graders.


You gotta start somewhere.


Are you saying that making pipe cleaner snowflakes is a precursor to the whole clothes disappearing thing?

Cuz that WOULD be a miracle! That would add some cheer to this week!


I’m saying that you can’t rule anything out! Especially if there’s plenty of rum involved.


That is, by three country miles, the cheeriest thing I have heard this week.


Hey, it hasn’t been that bad! We finished Shadow of the Tomb Raider! That’s a sense of completion and the satisfaction of a job well-done.

And thoroughly talked about. Like we do.

Enjoy that cake. And rum.


*Just think rich, fancy, complicated cake full of rum. The rum is key.