Basically zero spoilers for Red Dead Redemption 2


That was some kinda cake. Happy Tuesday.

By the way….

This Red Dead mofo is 105 gigs plus a patch.

Better get deleting.

And downloading.

I’m watching a data bar fill.


God I love games.


OMG it’s the best! I love games!

We (really Mr. O’) loaded it last night, which as you say took about eight days. After that we were too tired to actually play it much, because O’Jr. had had a friend over and everything was shouting and running and people trying to eat crackers over the carpet and so forth.


After the hour and ten minutes it took to install I was almost too tired to actually play.

Also, late but PS+ games for January have been out and they’re lousy. Too bad we have nothing to play….



If you have sat through the very long install time, perhaps you have started (as I have). Perhaps you noticed that there is no “load game” thingy on the main screen (as I did), and perhaps you said “Oh, shit, how can Mr. O and I both play at the same time?” (as I did, for you).

Got you covered, cuz this shit a) requires you actually USE MENUS and b) isn’t all that intuitive:


See also:



There’s snow. And wolves. And it’s kinda hard. But I’m into it.


Oh man, non-intuitive menus? Sigh.


Lots of menus. Lots. Don’t worry, I’ll help you through it.

The controls are not exactly intuitive. Either that or I’m just used to the game telling me exactly what to do when. Might be that.

I’m very happy that Mr. O will be playing at the same time we are. I don’t know for sure, but it certainly seems at least slightly non linear. I haven’t done very much at all, and already I’ve had one thing happen cuz I fucked up (you likely will fuck up the same way, being you) and another choice I made that I immediately thought would bite me later. And another character commented on my choice, so that’s gonna matter. As we always do the same thing, it’ll be nice to compare our shit to Mr. O, as he is not always like us.

But it’s good! And, while I haven’t found a fast travel mechanic yet, there is a way to enter “cinematic camera mode” and just hold X to have your horse follow the road, quickly, a la TW3.

Just make sure you take all the food you can. There’s a lot of eating involved.

Here are some menu tips:



Oh gawd 26 essential menu tips?! Twenty-six? Essential? Groan. Are we sure this was a good idea?

Also, Roach would auto-follow the road? I never noticed that. Possibly because I mostly believed roads were for decoration.


Yes, roach would. Sigh.

Playing now. The only real tip there that’s useful is the toggle run one. Just tap to sprint and you sprint until you stop moving. SPRINT!!!!!

Oh, and it seems, when you start, that it loads your last auto save (or mr os) so you’ll have to manually load.

I’ll help ya through. It’s good. Bloggage for miles.


Roads = Decoration. I’m convinced Geralt mainly stayed in shape by racing full-tilt through the wilderness.

You have to earn the Witcher Tax somehow.


This is why I’m gonna have to take you through this.

You’re gonna kill so many horses….


Oh, my Geralt rarely raced through the wilderness on horseback. Horses aren’t good at scaling cliffs for some reason. But I have read that RDR2 does not reward off-road travel. Siiiiiiigh.

Oh and yes, Mr. O’ started it last night, though I didn’t pay attention to the mechanics. Have to say, doesn’t really look like something I especially want to play. I mean, pretty! But lots of gruff, dour dudes being gruff and manly at each other in the snow, yay.

We’ll see.


Nah, you’ll like it. Themes o’plenty, and you like themes. I know you well.

Plus, lots and lots and lots of loot.

Funny you should mention Geralt, cuz so far it reminds me a lot, like A LOT of the Witcher.

We’ll talk. Later.


We can only hope there will be a similar amount of nudity.


Dude you gotta relax. I’m telling you, you’ll like this. Be positive.

And it clearly says nudity on the box. And sexual content. You’ll be fine.

And I anticipate heists. Indeed, I promise them.

Ooo one more tip: turn on the subtitles. There’s a lot of course of play dialogue that matters.