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Vague non-spoilers for a bunch of things it’s possible to do in Red Dead Redemption 2


Sometimes sessions like last night just happen. Frankly, in this game, I’m surprised they don’t happen more often.

So, given that you did the Reverend Swanson bit and you said it was relatively short, off I went to do it. On the way, I stumbled across an abandoned town. “That must have some interesting shit,” thought I. So I dismounted and poked around and wasted a lot of time and found……absolutely nothing. Am I missing something?

So then I got back on the road and heard a woman yelling for help. Unable to resist same, I went to help. I pulled her horse off of her, and then was all “You need a ride, ma’am?” and she was all “Yes, I live in Valentine,” and I was all “Valentine? For real? Like, I was JUST THERE and I was going the other way and oh all right fine whatever I’ll go back to Valentine.”

So I did. Which wasted more time. But hey, at least when I was down there I found a region where I can catch a legendary fish! Hooray?

So then I was in Valentine and I thought “Well, don’t have time to do the Reverend now, so maybe I’ll poke around, see if I can do any of that serial killer thing.” So I looked at the map, and the map in my journal, and poked around places I thought had Xs or were near places I thought had Xs and found….absolutely nothing. Am I missing something?

So then I found this homeless Veteran and I let him hug me. He probably picked my pocket, seeing as that’s the luck I’ve been having.

But….one thing troubles me. He said “Can I hold you? MY LAST FRIEND DIED.” Emphasis mine. Which made me think….you know I’m looking for a killer….nah.

Anyway, I tried to move shit along. I really did. But hey! That was good for .6% of the game! For real!



Well, that’s .6% more than I did! Younger kid would not go to sleep. Never got around to playing.

I met that women and took her into Valentine. Didn’t explore any abandoned town, and haven’t spent any time searching for the killer yet. Didn’t meet or hug the veteran. So…I’ve got absolutely nothing to build off anything!

Other than that woman we both gave a ride into Valentine. I felt bad for her, AND her friend from whom she’d borrowed the now-dead horse. No one’s happy in that situation. I hope I suggested a guy she could borrow some money from, to help her get back on her feet.



You didn’t explore the town? It was on the way to the woman who fell off the horse! That was PURE magpie food!

Well then….uh…..

Just ran on the treadmill! Fitness! FITNESS!

I’ll try to get to the Reverend tonight. Or Mary! Did you get the love letter? Cuz I AM in Valentine….did you do that? I want to do SOMETHING we can talk about!


I have no idea what town you’re talking about. I must have taken a different path to get to the woman. I don’t think I was coming directly from Valentine when I found her, I was heading from somewhere else, so that’s not implausible. It’s a big world! There’s a lot of abandoned stuff in it!

Did you meet the guy who’s escaped from prison? Or the scientist woman?


Ummm….no. No I have not. I have not.

Sigh. We were doing so well.

Did you do the love letter quest?

The town was called Limpet or Lamprey or something that started with L but wasn’t a sea creature. So not Limpet or Lamprey. But something like that!


Love letter…no. Doesn’t ring a bell.

We WERE doing so well! But it was all an illusion and, inevitably, it all fell apart once we looked more closely.


We should never look closely at anything. And yet we always do.

So the love letter….

After getting back to camp after either Hosea or Strauss, there was this questy looking icon by Arthur’s bed there. “What’s that?” thought I. Turns out, it was a letter there on his beside barrel table barrel. Read it, and knew it was important cuz it was voiced. It was from a lady, and, what do you know? She’s in the busiest little town in the heartland and wants to talk.

I think the quest is called “We loved once, and true” or something. It, too, did not involve a sea creature.


Ooh…Arthur has a lady friend?! I’ll have to check his bedside table next time I’m in camp. Right after I shave, and buy some better food for everyone. Dutch can buy his own damn ‘more comfortable tents’ though.


I had an icon for it. Quest colored. Maybe you don’t have it? I had it. Or I totally wouldn’t have noticed.