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Some minor spoilers for Red Dead Redemption 2 stories


I’m sorry, but I’m done. I hate this damn game and it’s damn save point issues, and I am not doing this anymore.

When I got back in last night, everything I did with Wroble (the debt collecting) was gone. It did not save any of it. EVEN THOUGH I FREAKING DID A HARD SAVE AFTER. And you KNOW I did that save.

But it’s telling me I have to go start the debt collecting all over again.

Go to hell, game. I can’t trust you, I hate your stupid inability to just let a person save, and I am not going through another 200 hours of having to repeat my progress every other time I play because it got wiped out.

Maybe I’ll pick it up again after Mr. O’ is finished. I think having two saves running might be screwing it up.

But seriously, I can’t take this level of seething rage. I’m out. Sorry.


Yikes, you sure? You have the right save point and it’s not in the middle of the quest? Wroble’s back on your quest map?

It must be the double saves. Cuz I still get this weird “Alert” every time I boot up and I hit an autosave. Every time. That said, I’ve never lost progress, so it’s probably just getting all crossed up. Still, weird you’d lose that much progress. You sure?

I will say that it’s too bad, because it really is starting to get good. I promise. So how about we leave it here, let Mr. O finish, and then get back to where we were? I do think it’s worth playing, but I can certainly see having to redo and all that being awful. And you’re maybe two missions away from it really picking up, because I did those two missions last night. Sound good?

That said, what do we do in the meantime? How much longer does he have before he’s done? I don’t want to spend 200 hours playing without you, have you play something I want to play, then we’re totally off. As I said last year, more than half the fun of games is talking about them, so if you’re out, I’m out. But I would say we should return to this when Mr. O is done. Ok?


After some thought, I have decided to shamelessly beg you to give it a few more weeks. You’re this close to all sorts of stuff that is just pure gold. I don’t blame you for the rage, but dude, this would have been some of the best bloggage we’ve ever done had you played this week. Look at the stuff we got on the Strauss bits! Maybe there’s some trick that we can find on the net to deal with this sort of issue. You can’t be the only one who’s having it.

Ok, did research.

I’m gonna bet that Mr. O accidentally overwrote one of your saves. Has to be. Is that the last thing you did? What you lost?

Or maybe you didn’t hold X down long enough. I’ve gotten in the habit of making sure I can load what I just saved before I turn the thing off, because once I didn’t hold X long enough.

If not, did you have an issue with your power or wifi the last time you (or Mr. O) played?

And, remember, there’s the very real chance that there’s a backup save in your PS+ cloud. You have PS+.

But there’s no way that happened on its own. No way.

Also did some research on save points: Apparently, the only real missions where there’s long assed parts with no saves are a couple of set piece story missions and…..wait for it…..bounties. Because it’s true: After that one mission that seemed to take a very long time, I’ve been able to save, like, every two minutes.

So there. Shameless begging. I really do think that if Mr. O is more careful, you’ll really be into this in about three sessions. Especially if you go and read that love letter and do some stuff with that. And if you do the other debt thing!

At the very least, you’ll be into the bloggage.


Great. Bounties. Of-freakin’-course.

And you’re right, it was probably human error, but damn it, man. Games have been managing multiple save slots without all these problems for YEARS. It doesn’t have to be so damn difficult.

Fine. One more chance.

But if I run into any more technical issues, I will probably never want to see it again. I lost ALL THIS STUFF.

Not just Wroble, I went back to camp after Wroble and found the ledger where you can order new supplies and stuff, and I ordered a bunch of stuff for camp so it would quit flashing exclamation points at me about all the stuff we’re running out of. I DID STUFF and now it’s all gone and it’s back to “hey, you just talked to Strauss, maybe you should go collect some of those debts he mentioned.” There’s a big yellow blotch on the map with Wroble’s info, saying I should go there and look for him.

Damn it, man. I can’t take more more of this.

In the meantime, we can discuss this timely post on video games and violence.

The summary of the findings: “video games do not, in and of themselves, create aggressive behavior. Rather, the video game may act as a primer for violence and aggression when specific biological and social conditions are present.”

Maybe the biological condition of being filled with seething, white-hot rage?


Dude, I checked our stuff. Here’s what I will bet you twelve dollars happened:

Yes, you did all that. You did that the last time you played. I know you did that the last time you played because we have this blog and that’s what you did the last time you played. That means THAT save slot was at the top of the save list the next time Mr. O played, so the first time HE hit save he hit that. As you didn’t play for a while, no one noticed.

I’ll bet you. I will.

Either that you didn’t hit X.

And the other issue you had wasn’t a failure of the game’s multiple save slots, it was the game being a pain with save POINTS. You never got anything into a slot!

I will bet fourteen dollars.

Anyway, not spending all that money on camp is a blessing. Why? Because you know how you said “I’m not going to bother upgrading Dutch’s tent?” Well, in my research that convinced me that you or Mr O just fucked up, I discovered something. If you upgrade Dutch’s tent, you can then upgrade Arthur’s tent, and, if you do that, it unlocks……

………wait for it…….

………drum roll please……..

normal, everyday, traditional fast travel.

Glad you have that money back now, aren’t you? Glad you didn’t spend it all on a chicken coop like I did, aren’t you?

Who’s got rage now?

Go beat the guy up, talk to Strauss, then go read the love letter, which appeared after I did that. It’s by his bed, a little hard to see, but there’s an icon. Then go meet….her. Do the homesteader debt collection (it’s VERY different), and then we’ll have about 2398514759847 words to write on Monday and you’ll feel better again.

You just had a long week. And Mr. O overwrote your save.

And no, no, violence is from the biological condition of having children that interrupt your game time.

I warned you about that.

And the social condition of not having enough booze.

I did do Reverend Swanson last night, but I want to hold off on talking on that. You’re likely thinking “That mission was odd…..kinda silly…..” which is what I thought until I thought about in reference to a) what….the love interest will ask you to do and b) the second, homesteader debt collector.

Then I had 45727547543 words of bloggage on it.

I’m telling you, you’re THIS close to this game being a theme buffet.

You know, make that sixteen dollars.

GAMES have been doing multiple save slots for years, but the last time you and Mr O played the SAME game was Divinity, and you played that together. You haven’t had to manage you both playing the same game with different slots since I don’t know when. Obama was likely president. This mistake was bound to happen.

Eighteen dollars.


There’s fast travel?!

Gods damn this game.

We can talk about one amusing thing from a few days back, when I went to town with Hosea and bought a horse. I bought the cheapest one (saving money for fast travel, apparently!) and named it “Bessie,” because whatever–unlike you, I didn’t have the obviously brilliant idea of picking “Roach,” although as soon as I saw your message with “you have to name your horse properly,” before I even looked at the screenshot, I thought “OK, what name did he pick…? Roach, I bet. Damn it, I should have done that.”

Then, if you recall, you’re riding along with Hosea and he’s talking about how much he misses someone named Bessie.

Oops. You mean I just named my cheap-ass new horse after your beloved, deceased wife/lover? Sorry, man…it was meant as an honor, really.

To top it off, it turns out the horse is male. Heh.

So Bessie must be short for Besserthwaite or Bessorsky, or something. I mean, not that a horse cares about the gender appropriateness of its own name, but Arthur would probably have noticed that.

P.S. I think the last game we played with multiple save slots was FO4. So it’s true, it’s been a while.


Hey, YOU don’t get to complain on fast travel! You don’t! If anything, the game (or Mr. O, or fate, or Mr. O) is repaying you FOR your white hot rage by a) getting your blogmate to tell you that and b) giving you all that debt money back so you can actually do it. I bought food and a chicken coop. A FUCKING CHICKEN COOP! You know how much money my camp has now? Four dollars. FOUR! I’ll NEVER be able to fast travel! So you’ll be toodling all over the fucking heartland being all “So Butch…how’re those chickens?” which really will be a salve for your rage.

HA! “Ok…I’m off to ride Bessie….uh….Sorry Hosea I didn’t mean it that way…..”

And I love it that I am creative, funny and totally, totally predictable.

You’ll likely kill ol’ Bessie. Name the next one Roach.

Um….how do you know the horse is male?

Never mind on naming the next one Roach. The next one is Besserwaite.

And dude. DUDE. You got the cheap horse. You’re going be all “So Butch, when I was fast travelling I was thinking about your chickens and how much you’re enjoying riding around” because I bought the EXPENSIVE horse on the thinking that “Well, there’s no fast travel, I better get the fastest horse.”

Did I mention my camp has four damn dollars?

Oh, last night I also met the escaped prisoner. I don’t have much to say on the escaped prisoner. He was all “Well, c’mon, shoot the chains!” So I did, and I think I missed, because he fell to the ground screaming, then got up and limped away, still chained. I went after him, trying to apologize and get his chains off but he would have none of it. So I reloaded…and he was gone.

But I DID meet the woman who was….digging….did you meet her?

And a drunk guy who was all “All I do is drink….” and had a story to tell. He was sitting by a campfire. You meet him?

Twenty dollars.

You mustn’t rage at the game for human error.

Raging at Mr. O is acceptable.

Oh, and here. ACTUAL rage.

So when I got my treadmill, it came defective out of the box. This was just cosmetic, but the guys at the store were cool and had a part shipped out for free and guys come out for free to “fix” it. They’re here now. I said to myself “You know? The last time I brought something in to have it fixed, it got more broken. Watch. That’ll happen now.”

Guess what?

Now none of the buttons work!

What did we do to deserve this?


Hmm. Maybe that WILL be a salve for my rage. Because I won’t lie, I was thinking of buying a chicken coop myself, but decided to hold off. And now I’ll know to continue to hold off. FOREVER.

Sorry, guys, I know the entire flock of chickens just got eaten by foxes, but at least I can JET ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE where you’re wandering around forlornly picking up the bloody feathers back in the totally unimproved (except for Butch’s and my tents) camp!

That’s GREAT for morale.

Thanks, blogmate. You’re right, that’s helpful information.

Also, that’s exactly what happened to me when I met the prisoner! I was all “yeah, sure, I’ll shoot off–” and then I hit ‘quick draw’ when I meant to ‘aim’ and I think I hit him. Fell to the ground wailing, then got up and limped away. Like you, I tried to follow him and apologize, figuring hey, we’re both outlaws!–maybe we have some common cause, fighting the oppressive government that seeks to tame us or whatever!–but he ignored me.

Not that I can blame him.

And yes, I met the woman digging! I haven’t found any dinosaur bones for her, but I kind of love that she’s out there sneering at the other paleontologists and recruiting random strangers to help her look. Now that’s science, ma’am! Good on you.


Worry about your own morale first.

Anyway, I’m sure they’ll just take out their rage on Strauss.

Just hold off until you get fast travel. I get the sense money isn’t all that hard to come by. Especially as you can donate rings and shit to the camp without having to sell them first.

The prisoner…Hmm. So maybe that was supposed to happen? My aiming thing was red, so I figured it was saying “Shoot now,” but it was also dark so who knows?

I just did yet more research, because I swear there was a real woman like that, a dinosaur hunter who was only taken seriously AFTER she found a bunch of stuff. But I can’t remember her name. I totally think that woman was based on a real person. We’ll see if there’s themes there.


“In the event of an emergency or a rage-inducing video game, be sure to secure your own morale first before assisting others.”

Hm. Mary Anning was an English fossil collector: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Anning

There was a US woman named Mignon Talbot (GREAT name), but she apparently was born in Iowa and worked nearby at Mount Holyoke https://paleonerdish.wordpress.com/2014/10/13/mignon-talbot-and-the-forgotten-women-of-paleontology/

Ooh–maybe Annie Montague Alexander, she worked in the American west: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annie_Montague_Alexander

Then there’s Carlotta Maury, who worked in South America, and Winifred Goldring, who worked in New York: https://daily.jstor.org/mary-anning-forgotten-female-fossilists/

I think Annie Montague Alexander is the most direct match, but of course the game’s character could also be inspired by several different people.


I think that’s excellent advice on morale.

T SHIRT incoming.

I was so busy buying whiskey I forgot to buy wine.

Sadly true.

Today sucks.


Oh yeah, that’s a T shirt.

Oh, and as to the critically important question of how you can tell if a horse is male…uh…I’m not quite sure how to put this, but…a boy horse and a girl horse (technically called a mare) are built a little differently, each with its own very special anatomy in the groinal region, the better to make little baby horses during that special time when mommy mare and daddy horse are feeling that special feeling…

Ha. But seriously, when you’re riding along and have the camera set to show Arthur (and thus also the horse) from behind, you may see something kind of swinging in that area if the horse is male. “The hangy-down thing,” as my sisters and I so eloquently termed the male equine and bovine anatomy when we were kids.

This is really only noticeable from this angle with stallions, and I’m honestly a bit surprised both of (my) Arthur’s horses so far have apparently been stallions, since geldings are much more common among working horses because they’re much easier to manage. You can still see relevant male anatomy from the side, but that part is not as hangy-down (usually) and is more under the belly than between the hind legs.

If you bought the expensive horse (as Mr. O’ did), you won’t have noticed this, because that one is a mare.

And now that we’ve thoroughly gone over horses’ sensitive anatomy, this is the point where I also mention that Arthur talks to his horses, and will refer to them according to sex, either “whoa, girl,” or “whoa, boy,” depending.

I could have led with that, but…nah. That would have meant missing out on a valuable chance to expound on my vast, vast knowledge of the quirks of working with equines.

And…that was pretty much it. I’m good now.


One of our best T SHIRTS yet, if I don’t say so myself.

But back to games:

See? Cool based on reality things.

And, again, an instance of the idea of changing status quos. What’s interesting here is you have Arthur (who’s time is coming to an end) HELPING the woman (who’s time is just beginning).

Now now, you’re probably all “But Butch, you said that Strauss’ rather awful way of “doing business” was a foreshadowing of the 20th century and the awful banking/stock market/rich people winning days to come, and Arthur’s helping HIM.” To that I say, “do the homestead mission.”

We’ll talk. Later.


****icy stare****

Yes, yes, Femmy. I know. I’ve made that mistake three times to your two.

Get out, they programmed that? Wow.

But they got nothing on Metal Gear 5. They programmed their horses to poop.

Now, as this is apparently going to be the week during which we air grievances, air your grievance that they got all this right about horse parts but don’t seem to be able to do similar human parts.


YES. Yes, that is my grievance. Thank you.

Also…uh…you haven’t seen the horse pooping yet? Because it definitely does. It’s probably random, but a couple of sessions ago it seemed like Bessie did it pretty much every time I looked at him. REALISM.

I can do without having that bit of realism transferred to the humans in the game. Very much so.



You’re welcome.

No….no I have not noticed that. I don’t exactly stare at my horse’s butt. Yes, I know, it’s front and center there, but I’m enjoying the scenery, especially as I will see less of it once I get fast travel. Which I will never do cuz FOUR DOLLARS!

Every game ever except Heavy Rain.


Just watch, now you won’t be able to see anything else when you look at your horse.

Which you will do all the time because you can’t fast travel.

At least your chickens have a beautiful coop!

Mr. O’ took a stagecoach last night after I signed out in a rage. It was $9, so that’s also an option, if a rather expensive one when your camp only has four dollars.


See? I’m cheering you up by pointing out misery. Misery you avoided cuz you (or, more likely, Mr. O) fucked up at a very opportune time.

You know, in further pondering, you should do a trick my ex taught me.

There’s 20 save slots, right? Plenty for you and Mr. O both. So when you do a hard save, do it twice. Save, get back to the game, then save at the same point in a different slot. That way, if Mr. O goes bonehead (or drinks or something) and overwrites one, you have the other. Also, if you go in the second time and the first time isn’t there, you can say “Ooops, didn’t hold down X” and this never, ever happens again.

And the bloggage….the wonderful bloggage.

I still double save. The ex had her flaws, but she knew how to hang on to save data.


I usually do double-save! For just that reason.

Our whole FO4 save screen was a series of staggered saves 20 seconds apart. Because I don’t trust us. Rightly so, because we are humans and prone to stupid mistakes.

But after the last time i played, I guess I was just tired, and lazy, and only did it once. Which is a stupid mistake.

It was as much my fault as anyone’s.


Still. One more chance, game. Even if it was my fault, I can’t take 200 hours of this nonsense.


It’s your own nonsense!

Except the no saves during bounties nonsense. That is the game’s nonsense.

And I reject this 200 hours shit. We’re 20% done, and we’ve been playing about two weeks. We never get to 100%, so we’re looking at less than two months. With all the days at least one of us doesn’t play, it just doesn’t add up to 200 hours. Shit, we played HZD for more than two months, and that was only 65 for me.

We’ll get this and ACO in before the summertime. You’ll see.


Yeah, so maybe 50% of the nonsense is ultimately my fault. I accept that, but I’m sorry, I’m just not feeling very forgiving at this point.

Is “make it harder for me to be stupid” a valid criticism? Perhaps not. Tough.

Either make it harder for me to be stupid, or minimize your own stupid choices so I’m less likely to be already bitter, and more likely to cut slack.

One more chance, but I swear if I run into another problem that makes me this angry, I’m out. I don’t care how bloggariffic it is, the hit to my blood pressure is just not worth it.


Man, you’re not feeling forgiving. You know, maybe it isn’t the game. You skipped, what, three days this week? Maybe it’s the absence of game. And with kids up, I bet you didn’t drink booze, either, did you? You KNOW how you get without both games AND booze. It’s disturbing. You get rather antsy.

Play tonight and catch up, drink heavily or both.


Here. You need this:

There. Feel better?


Ha! Almost.

More so after I get out of my freezing cold office and go home for a night of heavy drinking.


And beating up dudes. And reading love letters.

And remembering to save. Often.

And maybe looking over Mr. O’s shoulder when HE saves.

Make that twenty two dollars.

Do Dutch’s quest. Now. It’s short and you’ll love it. Seriously.

Oh, and if you call out to coaches you can ask for rides for free if you lose your horse.



Does that still work if you’re lugging a corpse around for the bounty?

Asking for a friend.