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Minimal spoilers for Red Dead Redemption 2


Oh so THAT’S what the talismans are! (Talismen? Who knows. Well, you do, I bet.) I spent forever the other day trying to figure out how to craft one! Only grungy fences know!

So did that. Kinda uneventful. Did the sneaky at night, and was good about looking in windows, so I just went in, stole some necklaces, grabbed the cash in the chimney and bolted. Didn’t go upstairs. There was probably something really good upstairs, wasn’t there? Or in the back room? Probably a cheat code or something else great. Ah, well.

But did that.

And then Hosea was all “Want to ride back to camp?” and I hit “sure” and immediately said “Oh wait FUCK he said there was stuff here and we should check it out and when a game says that you should check it out and FUCK now it’s far away.”


So I dumped off the bounties and bought some stuff and chilled with Lenny and tried to flirt with Sadie cuz hey, she’s single, right? but I just woke her up and she got mad. Heard Dutch telling people to cheer up, have hope, America is great. That was pretty much an America, America, go ‘Murca speech, wasn’t it?

Then flipped to hockey.

So here I am, in camp, with nothing really close by. Well, the thing that’s closest is that gunslinger thing that you said vortexed you far, far away, and I’m not ready for that. So I could:

a) Do that
b) Schlepp down to Blackwater to get that guy out, but that looks hard, as I’m wanted there,
c) Schlepp over to wherever Micah is and do that
d) Schlepp up to where Mary’s brother is being held or whatever and do that or
e) go back to the Emerald ranch and poke around.

Figured I’d ask you.

Oh, here’s a question: So I’ve discovered a couple of rail stations and stage coach lines. These look handy for getting around a large map, but I’m afraid of losing Roach. I like Roach. Can I zoop on mass transit there without losing Roach?


Roach generally follows behind the stagecoach, and even if you manage to lose her, she’ll find you everywhere through the magic of being there when you reload the game. I thought I’d lost my horse when you took the train the first time, but he showed up after I’d spent some time doing something–going to a show in the big city or whatever–and then came outside again.

If that fails, just save and reload the game and she’ll pop up nearby for sure.

But speaking of saves…dude.


This. Freaking. GAME.

So…I played some last night. Did some stuff, went after Micah (as you mention above, that’s an option, you can totally do that). Fine. Whatever.

Finished, went to load Mr. O’s game for him, and absently hit “save game — X” on his save slot instead of “load game — X.”

I saved over his entire freaking game. And yes, he only had one save.

So I now feel like utter crap, and no doubt he doesn’t feel great either, although he put a brave face on it and said it’s OK. It’s obviously not actually OK, since I did the worst thing you can possibly do to another video game player.

I was filled with white-hot rage when I had to redo an hour and a half, and now I wiped out who even knows how much because he has of course played many more hours than we have. He can either start from scratch (which is awful) or use one of my now three saves of my game, which loses him probably dozens of hours and is not the same as HIS version since we haven’t done exactly the same things.

I hate me.

And this is certainly my own stupid fault, not the game’s fault, but damn it. If you get a new car and you’re in three terrible accidents in the first three weeks you drive it, even if only one of those accidents was actually the car’s fault, you probably start to have pretty negative connotations when you think about that car.

DAMN IT. I hate me.


OH dude. DUDE.



One save?

I’m playing just me and I have 18. Eighteen. EIGHTEEN.

So, you know….You gotta protect against said things.


Though, gotta say, this pretty much proves you owe me twenty two bucks, right?

Not on the game, dude. The blog must go on!

Hey man, accidents happen. He’ll be ok. He’s very forgiving.

You might want to make fourteen or fifteen more saves, though.

Just give him an old one of yours. And OLD one. How different could it be? There aren’t that many choices. Shit, even “upgrade camp” is linear.


Oh, man, it is the worst, though. I am terrible. Yeah, true, he should have more saves, but the real key point is that I SHOULD NOT HAVE SAVED OVER IT. He was all fine with his one save until then.

That’s on me. I wasn’t paying attention.

Oh, and no, I don’t owe you $22, because thinking about this and the last thing…I’m pretty sure he didn’t save over my save before, because then he WOULD have more than one save slot.

I think what happened was that I did that stuff with Wroble and then got killed by randits, but forgot I hadn’t saved so didn’t freak out, puttered a bit, then saved and quit. Without realizing until the next time I loaded that I hadn’t saved before the randits, only after. So actually I should have been filled with white-hot rage (at myself) the second I was shot to death by highway robbers, except I didn’t notice.

So basically, I just suck and cannot be trusted to manage games with saves anymore, having grown lazy and complacent after all these autosave games that take care of everything for you.

Man, I hate myself. I wouldn’t even care at this point if I’d deleted my OWN entire game. Screw that, doesn’t matter.

But I wrecked SOMEONE ELSE’S stuff, and that’s the far worse sin.

I don’t know how I’m supposed to look Mr. O’ or this game in the face again.


Well, look the game in the face for the sake of your blog and blogmate.

You’re on your own with Mr. O.

But he’ll get over it. He always does.

Just…..you might want to wait a few days before you say “Hey, could you put the kids to sleep so I can play?”

Yes, yes it is on you. But you have multiple saves just in case. Dude, I have had times where I’ve run out of save slots and backed up old saves on a hard drive JUST IN CASE. Now, this is when I’m 82% done with a game, and I’m backing up shit where I haven’t finished the tutorial. Because I’m nuts. And because YOU NEVER KNOW!

My ex taught me that. I still have some of her hard drives. Yup. Somewhere, I have a hard drive for a machine that is long gone that has, like, all 55 of my DAO saves. And my Baldur’s Gate saves. And, probably, my original fallout saves.

I am crazy. But I have the saves!

You just gotta watch the timestamp. And tell Mr. O to make multiple saves. And make sure you have multiple saves. It’s how one does.

And dude….saying “He was all fine with his save until then” is like saying “Well, we’ve been all fine with this house not burning down until now, so who needs insurance?”


****”yes, yes, ex. I told them.”****


Did it occur to anyone that, as soon as it happened, maybe check the cloud saves? Where everything is backed up? Might still be there, you know.


Honestly, we probably wouldn’t have insurance if we weren’t legally required to. I mean, I get why it’s a good idea, but we would probably just not get around to it.

Hm…no, didn’t think of the cloud. That might indeed have helped at the time, but since it syncs when you log out, I’m sure we’re out of luck now. If only you’d been there!


It UPLOADS. It does not necessarily overwrite. Depends on how you have it set up. Give it a shot.

You wouldn’t have insurance…..

Well, I’m very glad you’re legally required to have it.

I’ve already made three claims on mine. Cuz YOU NEVER KNOW!!!!


I’d MEAN to have insurance. I’m sure every year I’d be all “this is the year we get that insurance thing squared away!”

Just like we keep saying we really need to write a will.

And then what with one thing and another, we wouldn’t get to it. And then the house would burn down.

BUT–in this situation, however foolish it certainly was of us not to have insurance, some blame would still attach to the person who SET THE DAMN HOUSE ON FIRE.

Because without that person hitting X on the wrong Burn Things slot, things would in fact have been fine.


I you wish to flog yourself here, I ain’t gonna help. I think we, and by we I mean you two cuz I already know all this shit, need to learn from this, forgive and move on.

We got a blog to write, after all.


If our readers learn anything about good save practices, it will be perhaps the greatest service we’ve ever done them.

Well, that and the terrible fitness tips. Those are gold.


We are providing a service.

And by this we I mean me.

I also ran on the treadmill today.



Hey, I’m providing a service too! I’m the cautionary example. That’s a very important part of the message.


No treadmill, my house is insured only under duress, I have no last will and testament, and my basic save hygiene is frankly terrible.

Emulate Butch, everyone.


If we’ve gotten to “emulate butch” then we are all collectively fucked.

I think it’s perfectly good that you don’t have a will. You might leave your kids to me.

Rest assured, I don’t have one either.

We suck.


No, no. We’re FRIENDS. I would never do that to you.

I can’t think of someone who deserves that, really. Probably why we still haven’t done it.

One of my sisters would probably take them. I’m sure they’ll figure it out.


Us too. We start thinking about who should get them and everyone is someone we don’t like (who therefore is unqualified to care for our little angels) or is someone we like too much to saddle them with our demons.

It’s a catch 22.

The solution is to not die.

Now there’s a fitness tip!


That is an EXCELLENT fitness tip!

Mark it well, readers.

And save your games early and often.


I think that second one is marriage advice.


Hm. Yes. Marriage and general sanity advice.


We’re not very good at sanity.

T SHIRT!!!!!


No…no we’re not.


Especially this week. We were doing so well.

We’ll play tonight. Get our mojo back.


We’ll see. I don’t have much ground to protest if Mr. O’ wants to spend the rest of the month catching up again.


Fair point.

At least I’m still behind you.

Just make sure you back up your saves.

Check online too. This all might be solved by that.


I’ll check, though I’m doubtful.


Have hope! I got all kinds of shit in my cloud. And my hard drives. And god knows where else.


Yeah, but that’s you. We’ve already established you’re better at saving things.

Our cloud is going to be saying “oh, what? Sorry, I meant this to be the year I actually backed anything up, but what can you do…”


Nah, that’s why you set it to be automatic! It’s been sitting there saying “All this time, I have been waiting. Waiting for these boneheads to need me! I have been faithful. I have been true. I have safeguarded their every save and now….now they NEED ME! And I shall not fail them!”

And then you’ll download the wrong file and it’ll be all “Oh COME ON!”

Told you you shouldn’t have named your cloud Rambalakan.


God this week has been weird.


Oh…were we supposed to SET IT?

Because I think we were always meaning to get around to that…




Rambalakan: Never trust anything to red heads.
Crimson Fire: I heard that.
Rambalakan: Just sayin’.