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Minor, vague spoilers for plot points in Red Dead Redemption 2


Well, might have to slow down because I manged to severely hurt my left wrist in a bizarre seltzer water accident. While that may well be a NEW SENTENCE, it’s not as funny as our other NEW SENTENCEs because it is true, very embarrassing and hurts like hell.

But I did play some, and I’m writing early cuz I’m confused.

Trucked up into the mountains to visit Flacco Hernandez, gunslinger. Tried to talk my way to him. Got killed. Threatened my way in. This worked. I go to talk to him, he comes out, like, spits, there’s a duel. I die, maybe, 3587259 times, but I eventually shoot him! He’s all “The second one won’t miss,” and I’m all “I don’t want to kill you, dude, just and I’m dead.” So eventually I just did all that and wound up killing him. And I took his picture and his gun and his treasure map, but is that it? Was I not supposed to kill him? I’M SO CONFUSED!

So then I magpied. I rode around a while, met a couple of random dudes, hunted some, as one does, and then, out of nowhere, I have a new quest marker! “What’s that?” I think. Well, it’s the dude with the nature pictures! Remember him? Coyote stole his bag, we got it back, I was all “What was that about?” Him! “Sounds good!” I think, and set a waypoint and off I go.

On the way, I see something else worth a magpie, but unclear. So I do a hard save (you should try it sometime), and magpie. Well, stuff happens that I didn’t want to happen, so I reload my save.

Which works….I’m where I’m supposed to be, and the stuff that happened that I didn’t want to happen hadn’t happened….fine….but the quest marker with the dude is gone. Poof! Gone. It wasn’t there, then it was, then it wasn’t.

Did I screw something up? Did I screw multiple things up? I’M SO CONFUSED!!!!!

And I’m not at all sure I can do Blackwater on a bad wrist, but I’m gonna try.


Dude, you gotta be careful with seltzer. Apparently.

Yeah, the Flacco Hernandez bit was weird. I also first tried to be polite to his men, got killed, tried threatening them and they were all “head on in, dude.” Found that odd. I couldn’t figure out how not to duel with Hernandez and kill him, so if there was something going on there, I don’t know what it was.

I have also run into the occasional “there was totally a question mark there” issues. In my case, there were two, I followed up on one, then the other was nowhere to be found when I went back. I dunno. Maybe it’ll turn up again later. Maybe not. Can’t be too important, if not.

As far as I know you didn’t screw anything up! Words of comfort.

Blackwater actually turned out to be less of a production than Strawberry, so you’ll probably be fine as long as your wrist allows play.

Good luck!


It was more a canned beverage injury. I was picking up a 12 pack of seltzer, aiming to put it in my cart. Turns out, it was partially torn in the middle, and picking it up finished the job, so six cans went one way, the other six went the other, and my wrist, which was already twisting to get the thing into the cart, got all confused as to which way it should go and bam. I thought I broke it. So there was a crash and loud, LOUD swearing there in the seltzer aisle at Wegmans. This made three, count ’em, three store employees descend with looks like they were about to confront a crazy, possibly gun wielding violent customer, only to have those looks change to the looks of people afraid that they will be sued when they saw me in obvious, terrible pain and the nice old lady who saw it saying “I think he might need help.”

Then there was a long time where they insisted I sit there with an ice pack, and a lot of gawking fellow customers and it just sucked. That’s how the day started. It got no better.

Well, at least we’re in the same boat with Flacco. I did find his treasure map, so maybe it was just about getting that.

And that quest (the animal photographer) is still in my task log, and it says “This will be continued later” or something. So…yeah.

Really? Less major than Strawberry? That’s good news. And it is the “And now chapter 3” thing, yes?


Oh man, I’m sorry. That sucks a lot. Not actually broken, though? I hope?

But yeah, Blackwater was basically fine. Normal difficulty challenge. Just…don’t go into the town proper. Where you’re Wanted Dead or Alive and only an idiot would just saunter right down the main street. Ahem.

As for chapter three…weirdly, I’m actually not sure. It’s certainly not obvious if it is. Was chapter two obvious?


Yeah….that would be pretty dumb. Ha.

Well, Chapter 2 was pretty obvious cuz it was when we left the mountains and there was a big montage. I think the real tip off was the long journal entry that Arthur read aloud. And the new quests one gets.

That would be key, because I don’t have any yellow quests but that. Did you get more afterwards?

Wrist does not appear broken, but man I thought I had. I had pain from my fingertips, up my arm, and around by my rib cage. I don’t even know what nerves those are, but whatever they are I fucked them up.

Seems somewhat better, though. Advil. Much, much advil.


Advil forever!

Yeah…I don’t feel like there was that obvious a transition here. Maybe in one of the things that happens after, though. I think I feel like I’m getting to chapter three now, more than with Blackwater.


Hmm. Did you get a bunch more quests?


A couple, but not a really what I’d call a bunch. I mean, it’s definitely an important plot moment, but it didn’t have that feeling of transition, really. I don’t know–do it and see how you feel about it.


Ok. I’ll try to do it tonight. But I had a brainstorm about something in a treasure map that I want to check out, and that will likely lead to me going all to hell and gone. I just can’t help it with the magpie!

And I need more dynamite. I used my only stick blowing open a safe two guys in the woods had. I killed them. And blew up their safe.

Oh, and I keep getting distracted trying to kill a squirrel and a rabbit. For a taxidermist. So far I haven’t. But I did identify a rat, a raccoon and a chipmunk!

Good times.


Ah, I have that taxidermy thing. I’ve been completely ignoring it. Way to identify wildlife.

The treasure maps are tough! I’ve only found one thing so far.


Dude, I’m only identifying wildlife because I completely suck at finding squirrels. “Maybe this is a nope it’s a rat. HEY! Maybe that no it’s a raccoon.”

I’m sure Roach is sitting there thinking “Next he’s gonna think I’m a squirrel. He’s pretty dumb, but as long as he keeps the carrots coming….”


Wildlife is Hard.

This is why I haven’t even tried. I did catch one fish. I forget what it was. Something small that I threw back, because I’m such a responsible steward of natural resources.


I don’t even know how to catch fish!

482 hours in, and still I await a tutorial.

Or not. How do you catch fish?

Oh! Another question: I was chillin’ in Strawberry, doing a little shopping, and I get a helpful tip in the corner saying “Some shops have an illicit side business. Check around the shop or get a tip from a stranger!” Basically, “Hey, doofus, there’s something here you’re missing.” So I checked and checked and greeted and greeted and nothing. There’s a locked side room, but that’s it. I WANT THE ILLICIT SIDE BUSINESS!!!!!

You figure it out?


I JUST learned how to fish in a short tutorial mission after Blackwater.

I also just discovered an illicit side business by going around the side of a building to check out a question mark. I still don’t know what to DO about it since I wasn’t able to open the door to said illicit business. I suppose it will be revealed in the fullness of time.


This game doles out its secrets ever so slowly.

Better be a good illicit side business.


Ever. So. Slowly.

Tutorial by tantalizing tutorial.

Someday, we’ll be able to make coffee.


I’m just happy I can cook gamey meat.


That IS a wonderful thing. I made meat flavored with oregano once, which must have been delicious, but I can’t do it anymore because I fed all the oregano to my horse for some reason.