No spoilers


For the first time in a a long time, I got nothing. Junior had homework until 630, the others were nuts, Mrs. McP wanted to chat….

I had leftovers. I didn’t even have to cook, and still wound up with a crushed soul.

Life is unfair.

Enjoy this pristine days of simple children who don’t often fight, who aren’t doing impossible math, and who do not go insane at the sight of their mother.

I was going to exercise today but fuck it. Gonna play games.


Except for “don’t often fight,” I will indeed cherish these days. Especially the simple homework.

I got nothing either, though, so this doesn’t bode well.

Play some games! Exercise is for less desperate people.


Hey, at least we got a T SHIRT!!!! out of today already.

Store first. Then taxes. I’ll go fast.


Hurry! Hurry!

I’ll have to do some work or something.


It’s so busy in the store!

How much guacamole do people need?????


SO MUCH guacamole!!!!!!

Imagine the horror if you run out. Just IMAGINE it, man. The mind reels.


That’s why I’M not buying guacamole. Fuck that noise. Big parties, bah. Love to see you and Mr. O….but I’m getting to the point where I don’t really want to see EVERYONE. Everyone gets overwhelming, fast. At least, all at the same time. The last time EVERYONE was here it wasn’t…what’s the word…fun. Fun. That’s it.

Tell ya, another reason to like hockey: The finals are NOT on a Sunday (like a certain sports event we ignored this year), and they’re in June, so you can tell the kids to go outside…grill…that sort of thing. Totally ignore the game.

Yes. June. Ice hockey. It’s a long season.

Ok, taxes. On it.


I’m totally in for your hockey finals party if you want to have one. Or not. Because yeah, EVERYONE (and everyone’s kids) is a lot. I like everyone! And their kids! And my kids like to play with their kids! But maybe not all at once.


The kid thing does change the dynamic. I must admit, for all the angst and fighting and homework, it is pretty cool that we can have the neighborhood folks over, all of whom have kids older than fourth grade, and they can ditch their kids (cuz their oldests are old enough to watch the youngest) and I can tell my kids to go downstairs and watch Netflix. It’s like not having kids!

Those days are soon. We can say “Junior, watch Meatball and Nugget,” we can come over to you bearing booze, you can tell your kids to fuck off and watch Netflix.

It’ll be here soon. And THAT, Femmy, that is marvelous.


Aaaahhh…it’s going to be a beautiful day. I’m happier already, just thinking about it.

That’s a good day. Happy plans for the future.

Of course, we know what happens when we plan, so, not plans! Just idle speculation about the future.


Totally idle. WILD even.

Good lord, I need a nap. But I still have chores!


Napping is important. But chores left undone will result in people giving you more quests later. So I can see the bind.


Well, and one of those chores is continuing to plan Meat’s birthday party, so that’s kinda important. I’d feel guilty if I napped through that.

The real flaw here is that I have to get all this shit done now, because whenever anyone else is in the house all hell breaks loose and I can’t do shit.

That must change. But damned if I know how to change it.

I’m already in the doghouse about Meaty’s bday. Mrs. McP and I, today, told the kids that they’ve been eating too much junk and we’re cutting back on dessert. Meaty gets all sad faced and says “I don’t get a birthday cake?” Mrs. McP and I look at each other all “Shit…we forgot his birthday is Wednesday….”

And I wrote “Cake” on the to do list.

I’m terrible.

Overwriting saves? Bad. Forgetting to bake your six year old a cake on his birthday? Worse.


Oh man, a sad-faced kid thinking he doesn’t get a cake–that’s heartrending. At least he reminded you BEFORE Wednesday. This story will have a happy ending.

He never needs to know you didn’t remember until the junk food brought it up.

I mean, unless he reads our blog someday.


It was pretty damn heartrending.

He won’t read this. Wasn’t tagged “nudity.”

Here’s what it’s come to: Fell asleep, was roused by the bus outside, honking.

I’m terrible.


At least tomorrow’s Friday! You’ll be less terrible next week.

It’s going to be great.


Watch, I’ll write over their saves in Spiderman or something.

You jinxed me.


Just give them back their dessert, they’ll forgive you.


Then Mrs. McP will be mad.

I KNEW I shouldn’t have talked to anyone!


You so shouldn’t have.

Video games don’t steer us wrong with their life lessons. We should heed them more often.


We should. We so should.

Party! Romance! Drink!

Fuckton better than laundry, taxes and grocery shopping.


The murdering and looting would probably become physically tiring after a while…but that’s why we have to also work on our fitness.

It all ties together!


That’s why I’m doing the fitness.

Nothing cheers you up quite like looting.

And we bookend the day with T SHIRTS!!!!!

Could’ve been worse. I think.