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No spoilers


I got nothing. Well, I have something, I guess. You know how I usually don’t play on weekends, but Mrs. McP was sick so I played a lot? What I meant was “Mrs. McP came home and could do nothing but barf and sleep, and I really hope it isn’t a virus.”

It was a virus.

I was fine until about six thirty. Now I am not fine. And, really, it was/is a situation where all you can do is barf and sleep. Games are neither of those things.

But it’s cool. It’s not like it’s Meatball’s birthday and I have to finish a cake and be all jolly.


I guess today must balance out the joy of yesterday.


Aw, man, that sucks! Sorry, can’t say much more…I had an eye appointment, had my pupils dilated, now I can’t see anything, you know how it is.

Just going to hang out squinting at things for a while. More later when I can make out letters better.


Oh we’re doing great today.

I STILL made the birthday cake. Can’t tell if I’m a good dad for baking sick or a terrible one for forgetting last week. And infecting everyone. Heh.

Today sucks.


Go with ‘good.’ We need all the credit we can get today.

I have accomplished nothing and can still barely focus on the screen, so…uh…yeah.

How about that being locked out of Valentine? Good thing you already robbed everyone and collected all the bounties!

The internet also seems to feel that after a while they’ll forget they were all mad at you and you’ll be able to go back, if you really want to (after all, there’s the barber!). So I guess we’ll see.


I haven’t visited a barber! At this point, long hair is kinda my thing, you know? Cutting it would be like Geralt getting just for men.

If I barf up Boston Cream Cake and have it be forever ruined, I’m gonna be pissed. I fucking love Boston Cream Cake. I even capitalize it.


Oh, man, that would be the worst! Ruining an awesome dessert for yourself!

Maybe save a big piece for tomorrow instead of attempting it today, just to be safe.


I tell ya, this is the universe balancing the scales for the trip to Nashville.

It’s a really good recipe. The cream has rum in it.

I can’t let it be ruined!


Don’t eat it! Don’t eat it! Save it until you can be sure you’re safe!