Really no spoilers


Ok, so you know how I said that we all had this awful stomach bug last week? I take it back. I apologize to the universe. THEY had it. What I though I had was, I dunno, forgetting to take a prilosec. THIS is IT. This shit right here.

Last night was terrible.

Luckily it hit after I played! (I was hungry! I had dinner in the damn oven! It smelled good! And then…it didn’t…..)

Didn’t do much, though. Robbed some dudes with Sean. The take on race is an interesting one.

I found some dreamcatchers in the woods, and found it interesting that it said “Find more to unlock their secrets.” What secrets? There was a stranger by them, but I couldn’t do anything because of my “recent crimes.” I’ll come back.

I’d have more to say, but I wanna go to sleep.


Oh, dude. I’m sorry.


I don’t have anything to add to the discussion on dreamcatchers. I haven’t seen any.

I’m…trying to remember if I robbed dudes with Sean, I might not have done that either. I played!–but apparently, all the stuff you didn’t do.


It wasn’t that exciting. Just a little shack with, like, four dudes. Mostly it was there for the banter on the way.

I think. I don’t know. I’m tired beyond the capacity for rational thought.


Oh yeah…I think…yeah, the cabin, and then you threatened the last dude to make him tell you the hiding place for the loot? In the hole in the wall or whatever?

Yeah, I did that. I can’t remember the banter, though. I’m sure it was witty!


That’s it.

The banter was interesting. I’ll tell you all about it when I can think.


I’m in a long presentation anyway, so it’s a good day for limited discussion.

Get some rest. Are the kids at least done barfing and out of the house?


Oh they’re done barfing.

But it’s a half day on Tuesday! Just thinking about it is pain.


Oh right! The glorious innovation of your town, which mercifully has not spread to my town!

Good luck, man.

Maybe you’ll feel better tomorrow in time to face it.


I’m doomed.


I fear so.

May the barf gods have mercy upon you. Perhaps we will meet again in some happier time.