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Spoilers for minor story elements in Red Dead Redemption 2


Stole horses last night. Felt kinda bad about that poor ranch hand. I think there was a way to not kill him, as the mission brief at the end had a check next to “Kill the ranch hand,” so I felt bad. But steal horses I did. The interesting take away was that the gang, everyone in the gang at some point, think they have life figured out, but, really, they’re not even very good at being outlaws. They got duped. Arthur even narrates afterwards that they were made to look like idiots.

It’s not the first time, either. Dutch sure spends a lot of time denying he fucked up, and promises things will be better in the future (which sounds like some leader or other in modern times). Here, we have a gang, and its leader, striving towards a great (intentional word choice) ideal, and yet they’re not even very good at being outlaws who eat bad stew.

I still don’t know what the game is going for with the families, metaphorwise.

Oh, and last night, interesting camp aside. Did you hear Pearson talking about how his life plan was to be a whale hunter? It was an interesting, themey speech. But very missable.


I thought that was a pretty interesting twist there, with the gang getting totally scammed. Makes you think of Dutch’s confidence when they got to Rhodes: “A backwater so backward even we look like geniuses,” eh? How’s that working out for you, Dutch?

It’s interesting that, while the game certainly isn’t holding up these people as admirable, and still seems to be saying their feud is stupid, it IS saying that they themselves are not completely stupid. They are, perhaps, fairly cleverly taking advantage of the gang’s assumption that they’re all stupid, and playing them for fools.

A little pushback against the stereotype of the dumb southern hick, maybe. (Which I’m all for. Stereotypes are lazy, we should be wary of them.)

And since they’re not personally stupid, but are obsessed with a stupid feud, maybe this is part of a larger point about how your average reasonable, intelligent person (like the members of the gang! or, you know, pretty much any person, ever, throughout time) can get caught in habits or ideals or grand sweeping plans that don’t make any sense.


Oh, and can I just say how relieved I was that we didn’t have to kill and butcher those horses? The quest title “horse meat for dinner” made me VERY nervous that they were going to end up dead.

And while I, too, felt bad about killing the ranch hand who was just doing his job and even trying to be helpful, I would somehow have felt even worse about having to kill a bunch of horses and sell them for meat.

Because…innocent animals and all, I guess.


Dude, that didn’t even occur to me. You and your weirdo vegetarian ideals.

But yeah, it’s another bit of foolish Dutch. It’s an interesting take on the game trope of the wise elder. Usually, game protagonists learn learned things from their mentors. Here…less so.

Stereotypes are very lazy. That they are. And, when one falls into them, one thinks one can rob them both without getting, like, killed and stuff.

This ain’t gonna end well, is it?


Dude, what does “horsemeat for dinner” make YOU think of, if not eating horses?

To be fair, I have actually eaten horse in the past, and I don’t particularly object to eating horse in principle, any more than I object to eating other animals. I just didn’t want to steal a bunch of fine, high-spirited animals, murdering an unoffending man in the process, only to send them all to the butcher shop.


You….you MONSTER!

Even I have never dined on horse, and I’m getting rabbit and venison in the mail tomorrow.

Fair point on the quest name.

And lassoing that horse was so annoying he deserved to be dinner.


Lassoing is always annoying.

And hey, this horse we ate had jumped over a fence while tied up and choked itself to death. The real monster was the person who tied him up carelessly so that could happen, and the other real monstrousness would have been letting the body just rot when people could use food.

Speaking of which, that’s another thing that bugs me, Arthur just skins things and leaves this naked animal corpse lying on the ground to rot. So wasteful! I know he also gets a few cuts of meat in the process, so I like to try to imagine that he used most of it, but in the case of something like a bear or an elk, you know that’s ridiculous.

Don’t waste that animal’s death, man! You KNOW Charles doesn’t like that.


What? You choked a horse????


Dude, I keep getting, every time I skin anything, “There isn’t enough room in your satchel for all the resources” thing, and it never tells me what I’m missing. I HATE that! And I’m sure, so sure, that the things I’m missing are what I need to upgrade my satchel.

Game: You got some stringy meat and left the rest cuz your satchel.
Me: Well, what did I leave?
Game: A deer hide.
Me: What do I need to upgrade my satchel?
Game: A deer hide.
Me: So……can I leave the stringy meat and take the deer hide?
Game: No.
Me: Why?
Game: Hey man, fuck you.


Yeah, I think that pretty much sums up the game’s response to all complaints.

Good lord no, I didn’t choke the horse myself. I would probably have died of guilt and we would never have been able to have this conversation. Someone completely not me was responsible for tying it up with the wrong knot. I was like eight years old, and even though it was the (south) west, I was not put in charge of tying up horses at that age.

Sadly, in real life, unlike in the game, horses do not usually stay obligingly near where you left them and then come running if you whistle.



We’re talking about a REAL HORSE? Not a GAME horse? You……



Dude, no, I didn’t eat a horse in the game. I really ate a real horse. Arthur is less of a monster than me! I mean, except for all the murdering and robbery.

Sorry, I guess there wasn’t really a clear dividing line there in those topics.


Yeah, that kinda blurred. Glad I didn’t have to eat a horse, but I did eat a horse, yeah, lassoing sucked in the game, that horse choked on a fence (I think it was that transition there that got me).

I do know some places eat horse. Some of the places we went to in Belgium had horse on the menu. True, it was unlikely they did because Uncle Gaston tied it up all wrong….

Dammit, I played yesterday. How’d we end up here?


Never underestimate our ability to derail.


I never do.

I’m just tired. Easily confused.