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No spoilers


Finally. FINALLY the house is empty.

Sigh. Maybe I can find contentment this day. At the very least, I can find a nap. Mrs. McP ha to get up at five to be at work at 730, had to take Junior to school for a school thing, had to come back to put Meaty on the bus…I feel like I should be making dinner already.

If you’re going to have a long day, make it a quiet one.

But I got nothing on the game front because weekends. Games don’t really fit.

Maybe I’ll play today just cuz I can.


You should! You should play today, just because you can!

Because I can’t.

No particular reason, except I’m at work and it’s just been super busy with one thing after another so I only just remembered at 2pm that I hadn’t checked my email yet today. Yeah. Like that busy.

Because I ALWAYS remember to check my email.


I know! Ergo my worry. You know I worry. I have become convinced my jinx has a blast radius. Pretty much everyone I know is getting their ass kicked by life. I blame myself.

Or the weather or something. Or hormones.

I did not play. I fell asleep. I also cleaned out the pantry which was something I’ve been meaning to do for several years to give myself a sense of accomplishment. I haven’t done it in so long that I was throwing away things like cream of tarter (I love to cook and even I don’t know what the fuck to do with that), which is not a cream at all but a weird white powder (what’s with that?) that said “best by 8/2004.” 2004. Given that that shit looks like it has something of a shelf life, it was likely very, very old. That means I haven’t cleaned the shelves and floor and whatnot of the pantry since….well, ever, as I moved here well after 2004. (It also means I moved that shit at least from my old house, if not from my tiny apartment in 2002.) Other things that went included some juniper berries (I think) that had turned purple (they’re not supposed to be purple) and a bottle of corn syrup that was dusty as hell, had some syrup at the bottom that didn’t move (like, at all) when I turned the bottle upside down and wouldn’t even dissolve in water when I tired to clean it out to recycle it.

So, you know, if you’re not gonna play, at least make the place you store your food slightly cleaner than a superfund site.

And I sense of accomplishment. It’s so organized! Now I just have to make that organization last for some reasonable amount of time. I’ll be surprised if that amount of time is, like, past making dinner tonight.

I’ll play tonight. I’ll have more time, as making dinner will be quicker now that I know where shit is in the pantry.


I am suitably impressed by an organized pantry. We don’t have a pantry as such, but we have a sort of spice cabinet, and it could probably use some organization.

Cream of Tarter is good for…uh…I think I’ve seen recipes that called for it. Like…sometimes you use both it and baking soda? Because of a chemical reaction? Or something? I could easily look it up, but it’s kind of more fun to explore the limits of my own vague recollections. Anyway, we have some, and it is probably about as old as yours was.

Now watch, though, you got rid of it and tomorrow you’ll be making a recipe that will call for it. Because that’s how it goes.


Well, if I do, I should probably go buy more. It was, after all, 15 years past its sell by date.

Jesus, just found out I forgot to pay my water bill last month. Me. I have never, EVER, forgotten a bill.

You aren’t checking email, I’m forgetting bills….this isn’t good. I need to get my head back on.


You’re right, this is not good. We need to pull ourselves together! For the good of the blog!

And for us not getting our utilities cut off. I don’t think I have any outstanding bills, but now you’re making me wonder.


I even got angry at it. “Those morons! They lost my check! Now I have to call. I’ll go dig out my bank statement, get the cancelled check, I’ll show them……shit.”

How’d life get like this?


I hate it when I’m all righteously angry and then it turns out I’m the one who was wrong.

DAMN THIS FREAKING GAME! Oh, my bad, I didn’t actually save that time.

I maintain that I’m not wrong to be peeved about it not allowing saves in the middle of annoying bounties, though–that’s a decision the game made that I can be annoyed about.


Yeah! That time!

I dunno. I think fitness is starting to bite me. Lost some weight (good thing!) which might have messed up the levels of my medication (which, apparently, has to do with weight).

Telling you man, fix one problem, another shows up.


Ooh, yeah, that makes sense and is a huge pain.

Lose weight for your health! And now there’s not quite as much of you, so you don’t need quite as much of your medication, so your dose is wrong for your health.

Health is a rich and complex tapestry. With much less satisfying narrative coherence than your average video game.


Yeah. It is. Stupid doctors.

Cuz I do feel rather foggy, which is what happens. Forgetfulness.

And yet, I can remember the subtle details of video games.

At least I keep what’s important in my head.




Every once in a great while, my brain gets it right.

T SHIRT!!!!!