No spoilers


I got nothing. I have a crushed soul. That’s what I have.

Yesterday involved utter family chaos, homework until 830 (which, of course, he needs “help” with), ridiculous family politics and exactly no games. Yesterday was miserable.

I got nothing. But I’m gonna play this morning cuz fuck it.


Dude. Sympathies on the crushed soul. Sometimes life is just like that. Everyone gets needy all at the same time.

Play. Because remember the rules: it’s important to secure your own sanity before assisting others with their sanity crises! Or if not before, at least contemporaneous to. The calm, patient inner parent needs some you-time.

My soul is surprisingly uncrushed considering I just came back from the RMV–again. Remembered my glasses, passed the eye exam, and will receive a new ID with a brand new awkward photo of me in the mail in 6 to 8 weeks. Ha. I think actually she said about a week. But whatever.

I always get paranoid that I’m going to blink in those, so instead I open my eyes extra big while simultaneously trying not to bug them out, and they say “smile if you want to” and I think it’ll look weird if I intentionally make a stern face, but I don’t want to grin like I’m having a great time because that will just be inappropriate if I’m pulled over for reckless driving or something, so I end up with a wide-eyed, intense stare and an awkward half smile like I don’t know how faces work and am possibly an alien in an unconvincing human disguise. But I guess that’s pretty much standard for ID photos, so I can’t really complain.

Fucking faces! How do they work?

Go play. You need it. YOUR FAMILY NEEDS IT, because they need you to stay sane.

Do it for your family.


Dear god, don’t they just all need attention at the same time? Usually right around the time I’m sitting down to play and/or drink.

Yes. Yes, the parent does need time. Yes. Which it will be unlikely to get tomorrow and the next day, what being the weekend, and you know how that shit goes. I’m hoping that this one will be a little smoother, as Junior has play practice all damn day tomorrow, but we’ll see.

And no, you can’t complain. If the concern you have is wide eyed, intense stare (which is kinda what you had when your emails came accompanied by a random photo of you) and not reminding yourself that you aged fifty-two years in the ten since your last photo, you’re winning at the game of life.

“Fucking faces! How do they work?”

Weird, but strangely awesome T SHIRT.

You must’ve been at the RMV. Not even noon and you’re swearing.

I think I shall play. After the dude who’s installing Junior’s closet thing leaves. Always feel awkward playing when someone’s around. Plus, he might interrupt me.


If only you could just tell them, “one crisis at a time, please! You–stifle your emotional issues for now, your brother’s already booked for this slot!”

Instead, on the contrary, a lot of times they seem to feed on each other. “He’s upset about something? SO AM I!!!!!”

That is actually kind of a good T shirt. It’s also probably about the only time I will ever make an Insane Clown Posse reference, so that’s notable.

Definitely play after the guy leaves.


Dude, you have no idea how hard I try. “Look, I will talk to you when I’m finished helping your brother with his homework and don’t touch that and ok, I’ll help you brush your teeth and yes, that’s very nice you want to read but I’m busy right now with…something, shit, I forgot….oh right, homework, no, don’t get mad that I forgot about you…..”

It’s usually more “Oh you think HIS shit is important? Well, what if I break THIS?” “Oh, yeah? What if I throw THIS?” “Oh yeah? What if I pee all over THIS????”

Dude, I didn’t even catch that. You’re swearing and dropping ICP references before lunch. What did they do to you at the RMV?????

The guy is gone. On it.