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Some spoilers about the sideshow folk in Red Dead Redemption 2


Vacations don’t start when the plane takes off.

Vacations start when the kids get on the bus.

I am on vacation.



Woooohoooo!!!!!! Vacation!!!!

You know, not for me, but I’m excited on your behalf.

You vacation for us all, my friend. It’s a heavy responsibility, with all the booze that will be required, but one I truly believe you can handle.


I will succeed! I must!!!


I have faith in you.

Do it for the blog!


I even had time to steal horses and meet freaks!

What a good day.


Game AND vacation?

Candidate for BEST DAY EVER.

Those freaks were interesting. I feel like they’re another take on what the gang is trying to do, and what the other gang at Chez Porter was also about: living outside of ‘ordinary’ society, taking care of each other in a world that sees them as weird. But they’re obviously also similar to Margaret, in that they’re entertainers rather than criminals: these are people who take a different approach to living outside normal civilization. Rather than robbing and killing normal people, we’ll coax them out of their money by entertaining them!

Certainly a more sustainable business plan in the long term, since if you don’t kill someone, you can always come back and coax more money later.

They’re also a specific perspective on family, and how family is the (weird, flawed) people you live with and care about rather than being necessarily the people to whom you’re actually related. And their family relationship is obviously a contentious one, but in the end seemingly less doomed than the family that is Dutch’s gang.

The moral: sideshow geekery is the way to go.


Well, they’re like the gang in that the boss there is just as demanding, abusive and controlling as Dutch. It isn’t love. She’s dominating and exploiting them. Like Dutch.

Didn’t think I’d chase a midget through smoke in this game.

I assume you offered to help rain falls there, too. I’ll do that. Later. After days of meat.


Very true, she is a controlling leader like Dutch–but at least I’m not convinced she’s going to have them all end up dead in the near future.

This is a sign of how low the bar has gotten for a ‘good leader.’ We might not all die! I’ll follow that woman anywhere! She’s my hero!


Stop depressing me. Travel blogs are supposed to be fun.

Back to travel!


Fun it is! Off you go to adventure!

Butch [later]:

At the airport!

My update is that this carry on I got that has wheels that move in all directions so you don’t have to roll it straight behind you is perhaps the best invention since video games.


Duly noted.


Dude I’m not even kidding. I’m sitting here just twirling it in circles cuz I can.

People are looking.


The vacation fun has already begun! Imagine how great this is going to be once you’ve had a drink or three.


I’m not sure I can be trusted with this suitcase drunk.


I can’t wait for more about the Adventures of Drunken Butch and the Amazing Wheeled Suitcase!


We’re gonna break the internet.

Ok, on the plane.


Have a good, smooth, drunken flight.

Butch [still later]:

Dude, upgraded and comped drinks at the rooftop bar.

Cuz we’re bloggers.

Or something.


Of course because we’re bloggers! Live the dream, dude.