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No spoilers, though we do fit in some mention of Red Dead Redemption 2


Dude, I just got up at 830. My time. That’s 930 where you are. An hour after the bus comes. And had a long shower that no one interrupted.

That, Femmy, is the dream.

And my cardio score went up! All I needed was a burger with pimento cheese, crispy tobacco onions and barbecue sauce!




All of that sounds horrible to me except the cheese, so thanks for reassuring me that I’m not missing anything. You enjoy, though!

I bet your resting heart rate is way down.



Fried okra? Had that too.

Mrs McP forgot to pack herself socks so we got delayed. Off to gardens!


Oh, socks, whatever.

Fried okra is…probably OK. I mean, it can’t be too far from delicious if it’s fried, right?

Be sure to remind me how Tennessee doesn’t believe in desserts.

Enjoy the gardens!


Glad I’m playing this game.

So these gardens and estates were build by the dude who founded Maxwell House coffee and got really rich in 1892. Don’t have to squint to see cornwall. Kinda humanizes him.

Even the pictures they have up look like load screens.

Man….it was good to be rich.


Ah, rich people. They definitely have more opportunities to have stuff built. I’ll be lucky if I can get some flowers planted in the yard this year, let alone gardens and estates for future bloggers to tour.

At least we have booze.


Dude even looked like Cornwall.

Lovely gardens though.

Next: hot chicken.


I assume he came to a bad end through being shot by a bunch of rough outlaws? Don’t disappoint me–just smile and nod.

And have some sort of coffee/booze concoction in his honor.


Smile. Nod.

Well, his family no longer owns that house, so, you know, ended the way things end. Normally. Not in games.

I cannot say that I had coffee and booze, but Hattie B’s hot chicken (which really is worth eating meat for) did have alcoholic Arnold Palmers and lots of pie.

What are your thoughts on banana pudding? They seem to like that.


Enh… It’s fine. Nothing I need to hurry to Nashville for. Thank you for continuing to reassure me I’m not missing anything important.


Oh, and regarding fitness, got my ten thousandth step today while using a wet nap to clean up after eating a bunch of hot chicken and pimento Mac and cheese. Thank you, fit bit. Thank you.

Still counts.


Still counts! I got mine walking to the scanner to do some boring work stuff. Counts… But not nearly as much fun.


Not nearly. Not even close.


So I was in a honky tonk listening to country music (there was a fiddle player).

Drinks were had.

I turned to the guy in my right and said, all gravelly, “you hearing this?” And the guy in my right “these guys can play!”


I’m having a good time.

And a LOT of booze.

Hard to blog drunk.


Dude, I am so proud to be your friend right now. Well done.


My pride can be seen from space.

About to eat banana panna cotta with peanut caramel whiskey ice cream and churros.

And booze.

Never coming home. Mail me the ps4.


Dude! Mail me some of that.

Just finished this game. At 82.3 percent complete.

I’m going to bed. Enjoy that non-dessert that I totally wouldn’t enjoy anyway!


Well shit. Stall then. Catch up on reading. I’m not playing for a while. Too drunk.


I have company all week. I’ll hang out with them. It’ll keep me busy.