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Some spoilers for Red Dead Redemption 2 plot points


Maybe I’m tired and grumpy, but even with metaphor, I feel kinda meh about last night.

Did that Micah thing. Saw Dutch shoot Cornwall. Didn’t expect that at this particular point. Sure, I knew that Cornwall was going down, but not then, and not so summarily. Listened to Dutch all “This is America…” and just had a minute of “Yeah….yeah….been blogging on that a while….”

I kinda get it, Dutch.


I only got three hours of sleep last night, though. So maybe I’m grumpy.

Then talked to Strauss. Told me to find a couple dudes. I should find that first dude, you say?

I will say that a twist on the metaphor, as it relates to real life, is that Dutch wants out of America. He’s done with it. He wants that idealized American lifestyle, but not here. In the world we live in, the people who cling to the idealized American way of life do not want out of America. They want everyone else out of America. People do not wear red hats that say “Tahiti or bust.” The idealists are ready to defend what they think is theirs. Dutch just wants his shit wherever he can find.

I’m eager to see how all that contrasts to the Native Americans, but I haven’t gotten that quest yet.


Yeah, the Cornwall showdown was pretty abrupt. Like…OK? I guess he had to die, so why not now, out of nowhere? Although the seeming abruptness of it to us was, I think, a sign of how Arthur is no longer really in Dutch’s confidences. This plan has no doubt been some time in the making, it’s just that Dutch was working on it with Micah, and not us.

But on the plus side, a plan of Dutch’s didn’t end in half the party dying and everyone having to move camp again, so yay! The dream is still alive! Tahiti or bust!

It’s a good point about the dream of escape…but when you think about it, the Tahiti dream could be argued to be a very American one for that expansionist time period.

“Don’t like things where you are? Go somewhere else! Maybe there’s already someone else living there, but never mind, just move them along! Go forth and seize some land and live there like a king! It’s your birthright as a proud (white) American!”

Today, as you say, it’s much more a sense of “don’t like things where you are? Make everyone else leave!” but in the era of the US adding new states left and right, the urge might have been different. And in both cases, I think, it’s fundamentally about a desire to be free from having to think about what OTHER people want and need.

Freedom!–from all the demands and compromises and negotiations that come with living in a large, complex society of other humans bristling with opinions and desires that are not exactly the same as mine. That’s the real dream.

I mean, I get it. Other humans suck. And their stupid rules about not robbing stagecoaches and killing people are a serious inconvenience. But for most of us, trying to live alone in the wilderness with no contact with other humans sucks even more.

I don’t want to spend all my time hunting and gathering and repairing my shelter, man! I need those hours for video games! Which I depend on other humans to make for me and sell to me!



Hmm. True. He did plan it with Micah. Which is, again, still, weird. Micah is obviously a bad guy.

True. I see that as “the dream”. But still, to have a major character say “I’m done with America…” That’s a heavy sentence. That’s pretty much the opposite of hugging a flag.

I still am pondering if Dutch really means it when he says that Cornwall is America. Or, if he does, what that means, metaphorically.

Very sound priorities. Very sound. Especially as I really need a nap.

My fitbit, which yes, I still wear, says I got three hours and two minutes of sleep last night. Those extra two minutes are not making much of a difference.


Two minutes doesn’t help a lot, no. Nice of it to let you know you got them! Wouldn’t want to miss out! But they don’t help a lot.

I am actually wearing a fitbit right now too! I joined a ‘walking challenge’ at work. They gave away fitbits if you signed up! How could I resist a free gadget? I could not.

Mine says I got 6 hours and 36 minutes of sleep, which did not seem like enough when I woke up this morning, but which is still a vast, rich bounty compared to your sad and wakeful night. Many sympathies. You should seriously take a nap. Three hours is not enough to keep the brain running smoothly.

It’s true, “I’m done with America”–those are strong words.

“America has failed me! It’s all about those rich bastards now!” Which…there’s a legitimate complaint there. And yet, again, one feels the complaint is that America isn’t serving DUTCH well enough, not really that it’s not serving poor bastards in general.

Dutch doesn’t really care how many poor people Leviticus Cornwall screws over, as long as he’s not one of them. HE (and to an extent his gang family) matters. Everyone else is without consequence in his estimation.

Oh, and you asked which of Strauss’ debtors you should go after…actually, they’re both pretty on-theme, so either one is good.


Oh no. No. Oh no. Soon you shall be in its thrall.

It’s because we play games, you see. It makes a game out of everything. Scores. Green happy things. Badges. Little rocket ships. Competing with Mrs. McP.

Soon you will be walking in circles just because.

You poor thing.

I really should nap, and soon.


But true about Dutch. And his “I kill, you kill. I rob, you rob. But I choose who I rob and kill and you rob and kill everyone” seemed a flimsy defense, to say the least. Dutch thought it was perfectly legitimate, but Cornwall’s reaction of “Dude, seriously?” was a rather rational reaction.


Dude, I can already feel it sinking its claws into me. It buzzes at me if I don’t have enough steps in an hour! So I get up and walk in circles (or go to the restroom), just to satisfy it. It’s going to be nothing but trouble.

But it was free! Free trouble!

And yes, “I leave some people unrobbed, and you don’t” is at best a matter of degree. I mean, sure, is a disaster that wipes out half the town better than one that wipes out the whole town? Of course! But that doesn’t mean it’s not a disaster. And “hey, I only wiped out half the town, that guy wiped out the whole town, you should love me!” is unlikely to go very far.

Nap now. Quick, while you still can!


Oh no. The reminder. Yes, the awful, awful reminder.

You can not ignore the reminder. You….must….step….


Bzz. You should walk.

But first nap. Take a nap, man, you’re going to collapse!

Think of the happy moon of sufficient rest!


Oh dude….the happy moon is elusive. I only get it when I’m not in Massachusetts. Or when I take a whole mess of benadryl.

What’s hilarious is that cardiovascular score that’s based on your resting heart rate always thinks I’m all fitter and shit after I take benadryl.

Better health through sedatives!

I mix it with tequila I’m a fitness machine!


Better health through sedatives! That tip is going in our fitness book for sure.