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Spoilers for some Rain Falls story and the veteran’s entire storyline in Red Dead Redemption 2


Well, maybe not white hot rage over the weekend, but certainly sore hands.

Did the bit with Eagle flies. Which conversations did you have? I asked about his son, about Monroe, and, strangely, about Arthur’s son, which was news to me. Has that ever come up before? I found that an interesting twist on the character, and one that was very easy to miss. I wonder why they made that so easy to miss. It certainly puts Jack (and, thus, Arthur’s complex relationship with John and Abigail) into perspective, as well as the debtor with the kid. (On that, found it interesting it was the only time you couldn’t take the debt at all. Your only choice was to give money or not. Even the deserter you could still take his locket.) Did kill one soldier. Felt kinda bad about that.

But as we were on honor and Strauss yesterday, how come we gained honor for casting him out but LOST honor for killing a drunken asshole who destroyed Eagle Flies’ camp? What’s with THAT? Interesting choice of values, game.

And what did you make of the “Where are you from? My uncle married an Indian. Where’s France?” conversation?

But then sore hands.

After that, got plopped by the veteran’s cabin there. I liked that guy. Had some themes. Maybe there’d be more, I thought. So I went and talked to him and got to the bit where you had to catch the legendary pike, and COULD NOT DO IT. I just got caught in this endless loop of fighting and reeling and fighting and reeling and fighting and reeling and eventually just gave up, quit out, reloaded, because my hands just couldn’t do it anymore. I was so sore I cut myself making salad afterwards cuz I couldn’t hold the tomato right cuz my hands hurt. Seriously.

And I should be mad, right? Stupid game, right? But it’s the same beef we had with the lasso. They’ve TAUGHT us this. We KNOW how to fish. It’s not a complicated, unknown or unfair mechanic. I SHOULD have been able to catch the damn fish.

So here we go again. Yet another thing that, on the surface, is not the game’s fault.

But god DAMN have there been a lot of things that aren’t the game’s fault in this game.

And is that the game’s fault? I JUST DON’T KNOW!

I’ll stick to yellow quests from here out. Unless I drift back up to that widow. I liked her. She’s likely dead, though, isn’t she?


So you got that impression too, that they were saying Arthur had a kid. I got very confused because we’d never heard of it before and then the conversation seemed mostly as applicable to Eagle Flies as to a hypothetical Arthur Jr. And then, spoiler, it is literally never mentioned again that Arthur possibly had a kid, so I thought maybe I was just misunderstanding the entire thing. Because the way it was on the screen it just said “Arthur: Son” right? Which made me say “Arthur had a son?!” but which might have just meant (awkwardly) “Arthur asks about Rain Falls’ son.” But I was confused.

The widow is actually not dead! You can go talk to her again. It’s not super themey, but it’s kind of interesting.

Likewise the veteran. There’s nothing critical there, and I can just summarize it for you if you want. It doesn’t end with the catfish, so if you do want to do it be aware you have to visit him another couple of times for more hunting tasks.

I managed not to kill any of the drunken soldiers who destroyed the sacred site, so I didn’t lose honor on that, but it is really interesting that not killing these guys was such a positive thing, considering how many other guys we’ve killed without a second thought. I get that from a practical standpoint it’s a good idea not to antagonize the army (especially for Rains Fall and his people, who have to try to live with this situation, while Arthur and the gang are trying to flee to Tahiti or whatever), but why is that a matter of HONOR? Honor is a bit of a loaded concept here.

I suppose maybe it means the dishonor to come more from failing to comply with Rain Falls’ wishes and causing trouble for his people, than specifically from the act of killing a dude, but it’s not clear.


What? Dude, I think you hit the wrong button. He certainly had a kid. “We were just 19, she was the waitress. I tried to do right by them, but, you know. Saw them three or four days a month. One time, I come back, and I saw two crosses and I knew. Shot dead by robbers. All for just ten dollars….” I think that’s pretty clear. He starts by saying “I hardly ever talk about it..” No shit, Arthur. But no, certainly a son. Certainly dead. Certainly killed by someone just like Arthur.

Summarize. Fuck that fish. Never again. Not only did it hurt, not only did I cut myself, I sure as shit can’t do it anytime soon cuz I just raked the damn yard and now I have blisters and fuck it veteran, I got your damn leg be happy fuck you.

As for honor, I dunno, man. When I came back to give him his chalupa (sorry, couldn’t not hear chalupa) he asked “Was anyone hurt?” and Arthur says “Yes” (something he probably didn’t say in your game) and Rain Falls just nods sagely and says something like “violence, it seems, can never be avoided” or something. He hardly says “I told you not to! The fuck is wrong with you?” So….yeah. We’ve killed a lot of people for less. Shit, we’ve gotten the white hat for killing people for less.


Oh, huh. I guess I must have hit a different option when I meant to hit “Arthur: son” then. I didn’t get that conversation at all. No wonder I was confused!

Well, in that case, yeah, interesting that this is the first he’s mentioned it, though I guess it’s kind of tied into Rain Falls’ disagreement with his own son. And the fact that Arthur’s son was killed by, basically, people in Arthur’s own line of work, is interesting.

When I got back to Rains Fall and said “no one died,” he kind of nodded and said “good,” but nothing more. So it certainly wasn’t a major plot point.

As for the veteran… If you finally catch the fish, he’s kind of weirdly melancholy about it, like he’s sad this longtime foe has finally been defeated. I thought it was interesting for how it suggested that victory, or achieving a goal, doesn’t necessarily make someone happy. But he still tells Arthur to stop by again if he’s ever in the neighborhood, and after a while there’s another quest market and you go back and he asks you to hunt a wolf with him.

So you track a wolf into the mountains and it turns out she was leading you into an ambush and you have to fight four wolves, but you get a nice pelt out of it and he tells you to come back sometime. And that was mildly interesting, I guess, because you shouldn’t underestimate your opponent or whatever, but still not a huge theme or anything.

And if you do come back, he asks you to hunt a big boar with him, and you track the boar, and you split up and the veteran gets gored. And Arthur kills the boar, but the veteran is dying, and asks Arthur to take Buell, his horse. So you get a decent horse out of it, although he’s not spectacular in any particular way, but by that point I was so bonded with my little Morgan that I never really did much with Buell.

It was moderately interesting, OK if you wanted reasons to do some hunting, but not critical to the story at all. And since you’ll never give up Roach, completely unnecessary for you in terms of the reward.


It is interesting that his own line of work killed his son. But does he give up his line of work? No. No, he does not.

Hey, thanks! You just saved me a couple hours. I ain’t hunting. I’ll let the guy live. He seemed an ok sort.

Cuz yeah, never giving up Roach. I somehow got a temporary horse, and that horse shows up next to Roach sometimes after I travel or something, with these big, sad eyes, all “Hey…can I maybe…” and nope. I break his heart every time.