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Minor, vague spoilers for the epilogue of Red Dead Redemption 2


Well, yesterday was Mrs. McP’s birthday party, so wine and food were had, and kids were nuts, and no cows got milked. On one hand, I don’t feel too bad for the blog because I have a feeling we wouldn’t have had that much to say, but on the other I do feel bad for the blog cuz I missed a chance to get closer to the end.

Was a nice birthday. That was a hell of a cake. I do bake a nice cake, if I don’t say so myself.

But no games. I’ll play later. Do something really exciting, like, I dunno, pull up some weeds. Catch a gopher. That sort of thing.

I’m joking, but it probably will be both of those things, won’t it?

After that great ending I’m so mad.


I’m at a workshop off campus today, so we’ll see how much time I have to reflect anyway. Could be a slow day.

And it’s not JUST shoveling and feeding and milking. You also get to put up a fence.

Oh, and murder some dudes.

You’re gonna love it.


A fence. I get to put up a fence.

They ruined the ending for this.

Mad. I am mad.

This on a day when I had to talk to the fucking school’s guidance counselor who is pissing me off.

(Checks to make sure he’s replying to Femmy and not said counselor.)

(Ok, Phew.)


And murder dudes!

Don’t forget the murdering. That’ll improve your mood.

Don’t send that to the guidance counselor.


Yeah….that might earn me a phone call.

I’ll just blame you.

I just got this really, REALLY long survey from the town asking me to assess the quality of our three (!) town television channels, how I hear about them, what I want to see on them, etc. There was no box for “What television channels do you mean? Never heard of it.”

Now I feel kinda bad. Somewhere, there are people working very hard to keep me informed about the place where I live, where I raise my kids, and I never knew, and I can’t bring myself to care.


“How you hear about them” should have had a check box for “this survey”.

I THINK we have a channel? I have never watched it. But we don’t watch TV at all, only Netflix, so my excuse is that we have some sort of principled objection to channels.

You’re welcome to use that.


I like it. Probably kinder than the truth, which is “I will never watch it, as I figure that people who watch public town television are people for whom life has lost all meaning, spark and purpose.” That might hurt their feelings.

It says some stuff on the “government” one is televised committee meetings. What if they televise the meeting where they talk about the television channels no one watches, and no one watches?

That’s fucking meta, man. Meta.

I’m so sorry I didn’t play.


I am in favor of town public television in theory. Town business should be freely accessible to the citizens of the town! Rah rah! I just…don’t actually care about watching it myself.

Sorry, my town. I watched a town meeting on Facebook once. It was more interesting than I expected. Again, in theory I’m into this sort of thing. City government should be open to the citizens. We should participate in local democratic governance! Or somebody should. I’m just…very busy with work and kids and video games and such.

But other people who share my concerns and general political outlook, whom I can totally trust to represent me and speak for me in all things, they should definitely get involved. Participatory democracy! I’m for it! You know, in general.

I’m in this other Facebook group for parents of kids at my kid’s school, you know. Just as a way to stay informed or whatever. And people are talking about going to school committee meetings and stuff, and…yeah! In theory, I’m into that! We should be there to speak up and know what’s going on!

But…meetings…in the evenings when I’m putting kids to bed…or spending limited time with them after us having been at work and school all day…it’s so hard to be enthusiastic.


It sorta explains a lot that we’re governed primarily by the people who are willing to watch public access television.


Very, very wise T SHIRT!!!!

Yet depressing T SHIRT!!!!


Only on the local level. At the national level, we’re governed by people who should probably spend more time watching public access television. It might keep them out of worse trouble.


This is getting awful.

I’m sorry I didn’t play.


You should be. Although it’s really Mrs. McP’s fault for having a birthday. You can blame her.

Dude, go play now. That fence isn’t going to put itself up.


I think I will. Blame her, I mean. Can’t play. Too busy. Stupid chores and bills and all that.

And I don’t even get to murder anyone.


Chores. Bah. You could be doing that in-game!

At least it would be getting you closer to the end. Not that there’s a rush. I’m going to Chicago for work shortly, I’m not going to be playing anything.

Maybe I’ll start AC-whatever-it-is, the new one with the roleplaying options, but not right away.


Odessy. Oddessey. Oddessy. Oddesy. Odessey. Od- fuck it I give up. That one.

Ironically, I drive a Honda….that word….and I still can’t remember how to spell it.

Is that what we’re doing next? I’m down with it. If I ever get that fence built.

First the free thing. Edith Finch.


I do have that Assassin’s Creed disc already in the house. And it was supposed to be OK, right? We’ll do that after the free thing, which I did already grab.

Odyssey. Right. I can’t spell it either, without autocorrect. One d, y, ss-e-y.

Needless to say, I’m also curious to see how they handle the very difficult task of animating a female character.


Better than ok. Sitting at 83 on Metacritic. Praises seem to be all about story and character and even side quests being themey (well, they didn’t say themey, we do) and critiques are on silly thinks like “gameplay.”

I’m down. We down?

But wait to start it. And Edith Finch. Let me build my fences.