Important travel news from the weekend


See? You got out. The bean!

I liked Chicago. Cool town. You near the lake?

And pizza. Gotta get one of those pizzas. Even if you don’t want to. City ordinance.


The…lake…I think so? I’ve never been there, but according to the map it’s a few blocks away. I should try to make the trip. It’s hard to get the time away from something that’s scheduled, but maybe I’ll just skip lunch. I have a banana and a croissant left over from breakfast. That’s food!


I saw the lake. It was large and blue under the clear, sunny sky. Some dude challenged me to a fishing contest, but I declined.

Then I went to a vaudeville show and cheered enthusiastically. Those guys could PLAY!

Just kidding. Only the part about the lake was true. There’s nothing that themey in my wanderings so far, probably because most of them have been inside the hotel.


You must admit, that is one…..

…..pauses for effect…..

GREAT lake!

I’ve been saving that one all week.

You’re welcome.

I had hot chicken, you had a banana. Not making a case for vegetarianism.


I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

Not because of the pun, that was masterfully accomplished–I just can’t sit idly by while someone disparages bananas in such a callous fashion. Won’t someone please think of the potassium?!


I had bananas in Nashville!

As part of a panna cotta with peanut caramel and whiskey ice cream!

I disparage nothing! So long as it has peanut caramel and whiskey ice cream.

I seriously hope you’re at least close to drunk. I, celebrating a certain holiday that I have no business celebrating, recently bought a LOT of tequila, so tonight might be good bloggage indeed.


Ooh, we went out to dinner last night and there was a root beer float you could get with whiskey ice cream, and I was very tempted, but in the end I was too full. Also I had to get back to the hotel to hit up a couple of vendor parties, because I’m morally obligated to take advantage of their open bar.

But I bet it was good. The handmade pasta with mushrooms and Parmesan was delicious.


Open bars are kinda obligatory. Part of your job description, really. Don’t want to get in trouble at work. Life is hard.

Tequila was good, too.

But today I really have to get on that video game. That hasn’t happened. Too many kids.


Dude, I’ll be home tomorrow! You gotta get on that! But yeah, I know…kids. They do get in the way of doing things that don’t involve kids.

Had some wine last night. Didn’t really do anything outside the hotel today. Conferences get in the way of doing things that don’t involve conferences.