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No spoilers


I got nothing. Forgot to download Edith Finch. Not used to having to install something new. Sigh.

I’ll do it today, if only to distract me from the fact that I’m paying the Amex bill with Nashville on it, which, while I got the check covering it, will still be a shock cuz I’m irrational.

I should get used to it. We’re going to NYC (Also KIDLESS it’s amazing), and I just bought theater tickets, which are expensive. That’s before meals and all that.

At least I don’t have to spring for hotels.

We’re killing it with the travel blogging this year! Sorta.


I got it! I played the first 20 minutes or so! It’s pretty cool so far. I’m into it. Reminds me of Gone Home a bit, which is fine because I enjoyed that too.

Good call noticing the freebies! I’d be lost without you. Or at least, I’d already be playing AC Odyssey without you, which is the same general thing.

I’m getting nearly a thousand bucks reimbursed for my trip. That’s some decent Amazon points. Which I basically just use as cash back ever since I realized that hey…if I use these Amazon points to buy things on Amazon…I’m not getting triple points for putting these things on my Amazon card! The horror! Honestly, buying things on Amazon is the LAST thing I should be doing with these points!

So now I just put them towards my bill, which is less exciting but more practical. Because that’s how I am. Unexciting and practical.

Good thing I play games to express all my impractical, destructive and murderous impulses.

Also the ones that have me poking around houses all by myself.


Nice! Yeah, that’s what the word was. Similar to that, same genre, very good.

I’m on it.

Hey, after RDR, we need a nice, relaxing house poker.

Oh dude, I was over three grand, ergo my stress of not getting it in time. That’s no small thing. Fucking registration fee was a grand. Librarian conferences are cheap.


Yeah. Relaxing, limited gunfighting (probably), no ranch chores.


Nice. Those chores were not relaxing. Don’t care what that guy said.

On a completely unrelated note, today my hotmail sidebar appears to be a service that…what…exchanges dollars for Mexican Pesos. I’m not entirely sure, as it is in Spanish, and I do not speak Spanish.

The fuck did I search?


Uh…maybe the discussion about traveling and money made it think…you might be traveling to Mexico? That’s a bit of a reach for a sidebar, but one never knows.


Miller high life made more sense.

Now it’s showing me car ads.


So you can DRIVE to Mexico and change your money!



Ok, I’m gonna go download a game. Gotta derail the derail.


Do it. Do it now.

It was a quick install–maybe 10 minutes if that. You’ll be playing soon!


What’s this create/play option? I don’t want some creative mode.


I don’t know either! I just selected ‘play.’ Seemed to work.


Shit, I selected “create.”

Did it take you right into the game or something? Cuz create didn’t.


Here’s what the internet (some person on a discussion board, thanks person) says:

I’ve never come across it before, but it’s a PS4 feature that allows you to download the entire thing instantly, or focus on downloading the intro first. Not sure what the point of that is though. You have to wait ether way

So if this is true, it shouldn’t really matter which you choose? I got some music, the Annapurna logo, and then it opened on a view from a boat. What did you get?


Nothing. The ps main screen. Didn’t open.

And now meatball is home. Sigh.


Oh, man! That sucks!

Well, at least it will probably have completely downloaded by the time you get back to it, and you can just load it from the menu and have it open.

Super weird that that’s what ‘create’ means to them.

Although…if I understand the distinction people online are making (and if they actually understand it themselves enough to explain it), then “play” is supposed to download the beginning of the game quickly so you can get right to playing, while “create” is supposed to download the entire game before opening, presumably because you don’t need to play it right away.

In games that take a long time to install, I could see this being meaningful.

So maybe it just downloaded the entire game and didn’t open it, returning you to the main screen instead, but because it downloaded pretty fast, there was no noticeable benefit to this option.

And, again, it’s extremely odd that they chose “create” to mean “download the whole thing.” That’s not going to make intuitive sense to anyone.

But, again, if I understand correctly, you should be all ready to go next time you have a few minutes to play.


None. I was worried it was all mine craft. Can’t have that.

Create is not clear.


Not at all. Maybe they will relabel that option in the future.


Well, I should have it now. Icon is there.

Think I can play it with kids around?


From the 20 minutes I’ve seen, yes. There’s been no violence or nudity or questionable content. It’s all rather peaceful so far.

Load it up!


Watch: minute 21 will have the naked dress ball.

Is that even possible? It should be.


The only way to find out is to get through the first 20 minutes! Gogogogogo!!!


And miss “let’s go Luna?” Meaty would kill me.

More half days!


Dude. Your school system is truly the worst.

I mean, except perhaps in educational achievement and test scores. But in what matters? In keeping your kids occupied and out of your hair?



It does lack the keeping out of hair thing.

Though Junior is out all day Saturday on a band trip to Six Flags, so that’s a thing.

I don’t get let’s go luna. Have you seen this one?


I have never heard of it. Perhaps I should be glad of this? Grigio is kind of into Super Monsters right now. Could be worse…


It’s about these three….I don’t what they are…who are in a travelling circus so they go all over the world to learn things. So far, so good. When they travel, they always seem to run into Luna. Who’s Luna?

The moon. Like, the actual moon.

Again, you say “Yes, Butch, no shit. You can see the moon from everywhere.”

But does the moon have arms and legs and a jaunty hat and does it sing songs? No.

Luna does.

Don’t get it.

The actual moon.


Hm…could be worse, I guess? Depending on how annoying the songs are.


Just one of those kids’ shows that make you go “Wha…….”

You know. Like most of them.


Yeah, pretty much. It’s as if, without some element of the bizarre, children just aren’t interested.

Because, I suppose, life in general is filled with bizarre elements to them (and to adults, but we’ve learned to rationalize them, or cope with them through booze), and so a traveling singing moon makes just as much sense as anything else?


With a jaunty hat. Can’t forget the jaunty hat.

Still beats Pinkalicious.

Nugget is going through a Arthur stage. Why animals?


Oh, the jaunty hat is what holds the whole thing together.

It’s all just so much nonsense without the jaunty hat. Just like my life!

I need a jaunty hat.


Don’t we all. Don’t we all.

I gotta play. We’ve devolved into jaunty hats.


Make the kid take his jaunty moon hat elsewhere! You need game!


Unlikely. Mrs. McP is coming home early, and, just guessing, this is a game one needs to pay some degree of attention to.

Bad enough talking over themeless gun fights, but this game?


Oh…yeah. There’s narration early on that provides rather meaningful information on the basic mood and setting of the piece. You’d probably kind of prefer to hear it.