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No spoilers



How’d I miss this? Oh, right. All there was today was the silly Google Stadia streaming nonsense.

But DURING said nonsense:

Baldur’s Gate 3 Confirmed From The Makers Of Divinity: Original Sin 2 – kotaku.com

They best bring it to PS. It took a year for each of the Divinitys to hit PS. I can wait.

Telling you now: If and when this hits, we’re on it.


Whoaaaaaa…all right, I’m in. When it comes to PS.


Stadia sure looks weird.


I guess they’re trying to get around consoles. You can play games from anything with Chrome, so long as you buy them, without any subscription (you do need a controller) or subscribe to a service that lets you stream all sorts of shit, as long as you have the service (you can buy games forever even if you subscribe).


The first one guarantees 1080p, the other you can get 4K.


I’m….I suppose if you have a smart TV it would make sense. But I want to play on my couch, not a laptop.

Still, not as weird as I thought. And, likely, the future.


Hm. I won’t be rushing out to get it tomorrow, I’m pretty satisfied with the system we have, but when the future gets here…I’m not NOT going to play games, so I’m sure we’ll adapt.


Oh, we’ll adapt. But it’s only a matter of time before discs and even downloadable games go the way of DVDs. Someday, it’ll all be streamed. Not with the PS5. That’s been made clear. But maybe the PS6 or whatever.

In other news, I can’t escape school. Tonight is the Parent Teacher Group FAMILY FUN NIGHT which really should be called “Kid fun night that parents dread.” DJs! Face painting (at 6 oclock right before bedtime!) and ice cream!

Right during gaming time!

I hate life.


And the worst of it is, after all these horrible school events, school will be OVER, and you’ll have to take them other places that are just as annoying! Your suffering will purchase no relief! And barely any ice cream, I bet.


Yes. Yes, Femmy, I know. Yes.

And it’s not really ice cream. It’s an ice cream truck that sells those weird not quite ice cream/not quite popsicle things that are supposed to look like spiderman.



I know the horrifying ice-cream-like items of which you speak! That truck, or another member of its unholy horde, visits my kid’s school as well.

They always want the weird character-themed treats, which always come out looking terrifyingly misshapen, with strange smears of color and those beady gumball eyes in odd places.



Gumball eyes! Yes! As if it wasn’t upsetting enough that batman looks like the baddies at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Meatball wants to CHEW HIS EYEBALLS!!!!

I can’t even.