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No spoilers


Well, it being Monday, I have not played. Let’s just skip to the E3 news shall we?

We usually give no shits about the Microsoft show, but we do now on two fronts:

The Outer Worlds, the thing in space from the dudes who did New Vegas, hits October 25. Right around Death Stranding.

But the big news…..

Drumroll please….

Cyberpunk hits April 16, 2020.

Perfect timing me thinks.

And we were worried we’d have nothing to play before the PS5 hit.

Looks like it’s perfect timing on Cyberpunk. We’ll just have finished up looking for black things with babies or something!

Gotta admit, I’m kinda stunned that Death Stranding and Cyberpunk are both out before the new consoles. So much for “We’ll be spinning our wheels cleaning out the backlog until Xmas, 2020.”



I just saw that Cyberpunk news as an update from Amazon regarding items in my cart! Because I pre-ordered it, apparently? Possibly as a dare?

Anyway, interesting stuff to be sure. And interesting, as you say, that they decided not to wait for the PS5. Maybe that has run into delays or something.

We’ll keep busy, then. And as a result, will perhaps manage to stay within the broadly defined boundaries of sanity.


I dunno, man. Sony has already sorta announced the PS5, and MS came right out and said that “project Scarlet,” which got no more details other than a sizzle reel of developers saying it was great, is out Holiday 2020. If it’s out Xmas, 2020, so’s the PS5. No way Sony drops that ball.

And cyberpunk is a multiplatform game anyway. It didn’t wait for “Scarlet.”

We must broadly define sanity. That we must. Especially as I stayed up until eleven, which I never, ever do, watching a sporting event. I am tired. 


Intriguing, then, if the next consoles are probably-definitely end of 2020, that big games are not waiting. Hm. Well…it might mean we don’t have to get the PS5 as soon as it comes out…if we’ve got plenty to play on the 4 for a while…



Oh who are you kidding? Think of the very quiet fan!


You’re right. Who am I kidding? I’d have pre-ordered it already if it was on Amazon, even if all it had was a blank page with a poor-quality scan of a hand-scribbled “coming soon” note.

Because fan, and if it’s backwards compatible, there’s no reason NOT to upgrade!

Now if it turns out not to be backwards compatible, all bets are off, because having two systems both set up at the same time while we finish our PS4 games would just be annoying.


They’ve already said full backwards compatibility to the 4 (the 3 is on its own) and you can even use USB or PS+ saves you import to pick up right where you left off.

They weren’t gonna make that mistake again.

And dude, you apparently had Cyberpunk already pre ordered! Even I didn’t have that pre ordered! You’re so getting a five.


I know! Apparently I did! I don’t remember doing it, but…I must have. Amazon wouldn’t (yet) pre-order things FOR me. Probably.

I think I vaguely recall after the last preview, months ago, half-jokingly saying “all right, fine, I’ll order it now,” and I must have actually done so. No reason not to–I could always cancel it. Although I probably won’t.


Nope. That one’s kinda a must play.

Better hope Hotmail doesn’t preorder things for you. You’ll end up with a Toyota and a case of Miller Lite.

Cleaned my dusty garage and I’m still coughing. Meatball asked if I have TB. Ah, games, teaching tools they are.

I’ll install AC:O today.


I got nothing either. Also because kids. I’m marginally ahead of you in that the game is already installed from when Mr. O’ started it, but in terms of actually playing it…no.

Soooo…insanity is on the horizon, is basically what we’re getting here.

We’ve got to start soon.