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Some spoilers for early in AC: Odyssey


Today is the last day of school.  You know how they celebrate that? 
I love this town. 

Ren’s Insane Laugh Montage

That about sums it up.

Today’s gonna be about FITNESS and games and maybe cleaning. Cuz I deserve it. Not the cleaning. I don’t deserve that. But duty calls.


Oy. Like that, eh?

We have a half day too, but at least it’s only about the third one all year. But think of the public access television!

Well, I’ve got nothing because Grigio wouldn’t sleep. But Mr. O’ was playing Edith Finch when I went to bed! He liked the monster bit, with the tentacle-based movement. Also the interesting use of text.

He probably finished it last night, I don’t know.


Yes! The TV! I knew there was a reason!

Hey! Way to go Mr. O! Back to games!

Do NOT let him delete your save. Make saves. LOTS of saves.

Yes. Like. That.

But I have cleaned and did four miles. That’s an improvement.

I’ll play later. Gotta go do the out of the house chores.

It’s always something.


He can delete my Edith Finch saves. It’s fine.

Silly chores. Always interfering with the truly important things in life: video games.


No no, meant your AC:O saves. Cuz you never know.

Multiple. Saves. Femmy.


Oh, right. Yeah, those. He’s not playing that right now, but yeah, if he does…caution is key. Multiple saves.

I don’t do as many saves as you do, I’ll admit it. I usually keep about three going at a time. But the point is, there’s something to fall back on if someone accidentally happens to save over the top of the main one.


I am a tad extreme in terms of saving. I am. I own it.

But you gotta have more than one.

Yes, yes you do.

Also, make sure shit’s uploading. That might be good.


Yes…the upload thing was the final twist of the knife in that whole save deletion fiasco. Sigh.

Come to think of it, I’m not sure we did ever straighten that out. It might not be uploading even now!

Well, at least I have multiple save slots.


You should check, dude. You can’t let karma rebalance, here.


I just never have any reason to think about it except when someone’s save has been deleted! I don’t think I’ve looked at it since we determined it was no help last time.

But if there’s any justice in the world (which there isn’t), the next time that happens the save will be mine, so I should care. You’re right about that.


Yes! Prevent justice!

I better go play.


Go play now. Somebody has to.



Cleared out a religious cave of bandits, got loot.
Climbed naked Zeus. You weren’t kidding.
Killed an alpha animal in a cave. Got loot.

I now have nice armor.

Finding high ground and raining down arrows is pretty great.

Things I noticed the game has:

Yup. Leaves. Swan dive. Off Zeus. Just like old times.

A QUICK SAVE!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! Not since my ex have I seen a quick save!!!!! Just go into the map/inventory/quest bit, hit “up” on the directional thingy, and QUICK SAVE!!!!!

Best. Game. Ever.

But here’s what I noticed it does NOT have: A mini map. Am I missing something? Game has every fucking thing on earth in the HUD, and no mini map. I could kinda use a mini map.


You dived off naked Zeus? Dude! Into what!? I couldn’t see a pile of leaves that looked distinctive enough compared to all the other leaves that I felt I could trust it. I was playing in the daytime for a change…maybe there was glare on the screen that threw me off. But OK, at least I’m glad I can do it next time.

I noticed the quick save! Brilliant! I use it all the time! Uh…in the 47 minutes I’ve played so far, that is.

I also cleared out the cave of bandits, which was nice and sneaky like old times, and also killed the Alpha Wolf in a cave. I wouldn’t expect that hiding in the bushes and assassinating would necessarily work on a wolf?…but it did. So hey, I won’t complain.


It did? Shit. I didn’t think it would, so I wasted arrows.

You have a limited number of arrows.

Heh…I quick saved, then just kinda jumped. It’s called a leap of faith, right? Figured if I splatted, QUICK SAVE!!!!! I didn’t really see anything either, but, sure enough, it was all good.

Behold, the liberating power of QUICK SAVE!!!!!


It is a leap of faith, you’re right about that.

I guess my faith was lacking. Naked Zeus will probably smite me for my doubts, later when he gets around to it.

As for the mini-map, yeah, I haven’t seen one either. I guess we’re just supposed to be focusing on the question marks.


I would maybe, MAYBE, give up a quick save for a mini map. You get into the little villages, a lot of those icons are right on top of each other. Doesn’t do much good if the compass makes it so you can’t even see which is which.

By the way……

Kassandra is kinda awesome. Do we agree on that?

Even with the brown eyes.


I do like Kassandra. She’s pretty cool.


Little off on the coloring there….needs lighter eyes, darker hair….

But it’s cool. At least she has an accent.