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Minor spoilers for early quests in AC: Odyssey


OK, I got the spear for the priestess–right where she said it was–and talked to Morkos and got the second flashback, and then talked to Drusilla the bowyer and had her fix my bow and went and cleared out the lumberyard bandits for her and she was happy.

The most annoying/funny part of it was that the wandering bounty hunter (are you being pursued by Talos the Stone Fist or somebody, or did I do something avoidably reprehensible?) happened along at the lumberyard the same time I was there, so I was skulking around trying to kill everyone and loot the place WITHOUT getting caught by him. Because I got in a fight with him once, and he is pretty much too badass for me at this time. Even though, as a result of all that helping people, I leveled up twice and can now wear the level 4 midriff-baring ‘hunter outfit’ with the scary face paint. It’s a look, all right.

So I accomplished great things! But still haven’t been back to the burned village.


See? See what happens when you focus?

The bow is so great. Though, on gear, WHAT facepaint? I have no facepaint! I have a fantastic midriff, but I want facepaint!

Dude, the same thing happened to me at the lumber yard! Talos (who gets hired bountywise when you rescue the kid on the dock) showed up there, too! And he is badass. I made level five last night, put on my midriff baring, face pain free armor, decided “He’s level five. It’s ON!” and died. A lot. This is also cuz I tried to use this ability where I can take control of an arrow in the air and guide it, all cinema style, for 430% damage (!), but I kept grabbing it, going all bad ass matrix cinema….and missing. “And now, for a special effect stealth mega kill oops, uh, can I get a do over? That wasn’t….I’m dead.”

Gave up at that point and hit save. Which I hope you did.

The burned village bit is the character quest for Phoebe you get in the vineyard. It’s available.

What are your thoughts on Markos? He was pretty skeezy in that cutscene, I thought. Creepy. Don’t trust him.

Told you you’d catch up quick.

Ok, next missive if from the road. TRAVEL BLOGGING!


I dunno, I find Morkos flighty and opportunistic, but I didn’t read him as skeevy…he didn’t seem to have any intentions towards Kassandra other than “maybe she can advance my money-making schemes.” Which, I mean, that’s not a particularly laudable way to look at a stranded child, but it could have been “hey, I’m totally going to hit on her in 6 months or so,” which would have been much grosser.

The way I read it was, they had him behave exactly the way he would have behaved if we were playing as Alexios, and “I do something for you, you do some things for me” doesn’t necessarily have the same borderline-inappropriate overtones if we’re a boy (although perhaps it should, given this is ancient Greece and all). It comes across more directly as “hey, this kid is clearly scrappy, I can use him somehow in my various plans.”

And I think it’s also supposed to be “hey, this kid is clearly scrappy, I can use her.” Whether or not that’s plausible in the time period is certainly debatable, but that was how I felt it was meant to be interpreted.

Which certainly doesn’t mean we HAVE to actually interpret it that way, since the way something is intended and the way it comes across can be very different, but…I guess the thing I’m very wordily saying is, I was willing to accept it as written in this case, and I don’t feel Morkos has any illicit designs on Kassandra, other than employing her in his frivolous, dubiously ethical and probably doomed money-making ideas. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but in context, not bad.

I dunno, I see him kind of like Sully in Uncharted. The older, constantly scheming pseudo-parent figure with a certain rascally charm and a talent for getting into trouble, who the hero complains about and rolls eyes at, but is actually fond of and will work hard to help when he needs it. We’ll see whether or not this is correct.

Certainly, you could easily be right, a maybe he’ll turn out to be a creep after all and betray her to the bounty hunters for a few drachmae or something. I could see that too.


I’ll give you that.

Switching gears!

Connecticut is lovely.

I want face paint.


You must have different midriff-baring armor. Mine is a hunter’s outfit, and I guess the face paint helps me focus on my prey or something.

I’m just delighted to learn there’s another set of similar gear out there, so that I need never fear having to cover my stomach with annoying sheets of point-deflecting metal.


Well dude, my…uh….chest plate is metal. For what it’s worth.

Caught the express train to the City! This public transport thing is rather civilized.


I do quite like having it available. Naked Zeus knows, I would never attempt to live and work in the greater Boston area if I had to drive everywhere. [Shudder]

Obviously not a workable option in many places, however. At least you can enjoy it while travel-blogging!


Was good. Busy though.

How the fuck does ANYONE live here?

Gonna go get an empanada to relax.

Naked Zeus is gonna be a thing forever, ain’t it?


Mmm…relaxing empanada. Sounds peaceful. I hope you find a nice spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful day with which naked Zeus has favored us.

If it’s nice there, I don’t know. It’s moody here, sunny one minute and windstorms the next, much like naked Zeus himself.

Definitely gonna be a thing forever.


This here wine bar ain’t bad.

Praise Dionysus!

Not as cheap as Nashville…..


All hail Dionysus! Who, let’s face it, is really a much more appropriate patron for this blog.


But is he naked?????

What I really need to know at this moment is who is the god of whiskey?

I got too used to the prices in Nashville.

Might have to go back to a ps2.


So today I walked the length of the high line, a former raised railway that is now a lovely park/garden that runs from 10th street to 34th, and then spent two and a half hours in Central Park. Saw turtles.  

I find it telling that every time I come to a city I try to find the least cityish things I can possibly do. When did I become such a hippie? 
I also find booze. 
****checks time****
Speaking of which…..