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Minor spoilers we’ve already forgotten about in AC: Odyssey


Ok, so down by Odessa (who really needs a new hairdo) there was a warehouse so I killed some enforcers and destroyed some weed and completed two quests in the process.

I mean, there was a fort so I killed two elite enemies, destroyed some war supplies and completed two quests in the process.

Now all I have to do is kill the bounty hunter and get in a car chase with Frank Pagani. Or something.


Weed, army supplies, whatever.

Sadly, I did not play. You’re ahead of me, dude!

I’m getting confused and frightened. I need to play.


The hell…….

Well, I’m not THAT much father ahead of you. If you killed all those dudes at the treasure fort, we’re likely in the same place. All I did was find Megaris, activate the viewpoint and leave.

And I flirted with Odessa, who really needs a new hairdo. But you might have already blown that, so there’s that.

Play, dammit!


I need to. I do. It’s just stuff. Kid not sleeping stuff. He was still awake at freaking 10pm last night when I went to bed. Which is all very well if he’ll just lie there quietly, but of course they so rarely do.

Maybe tonight he’ll be so exhausted he’ll sleep. Fingers crossed.


You could always say…..

repeat after me…..

“Hey Mr. O…put your damn kid to bed! Playing games here!”

Or a variation thereof.


Yes…yes…he wouldn’t shriek forever. And we do have to get to that point eventually.

Remember how one time I said they don’t really cling to either one of us more than the other? That should have been “except Grigio at bedtime.”


Dude….poor planning. Poor, poor planning.

But we’re not that desynchronized (See what I did there?). You MUST be about done with the “burn supplies” and “kill dudes” parts of the “story,” (which, yes, deserves to be in quotes at this time), if I managed to do both just on my little, treasure free fort.


Well, we already know we should never plan. Never ever ever.


That we do. That we do.

Well, lord knows I’m tired. Maybe it will rub off on Grigio.


Fingers crossed. I certainly don’t have anything to talk about right now without games. Although honestly, I wouldn’t have much time even if I had played… It’s just been work, work, work all day. The nerve!

So many things to catalog and carry around.


Work is too damn much work.