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Minor spoilers for recruitment in AC: Odyssey


Ok, so didn’t do all that much. Raided this, accidentally raided that (thanks for nothing on the warning there, bird), found another riddle tricky engraving thingy, upgraded my gear, as one does.

Oh and totally banged Odessa. And then asked her to join my crew.

****sideways glance****

If you’re gonna get laid, coin a new euphemism.

T SHIRT!!!!!

Can’t wait for DA4. Gotta get Morrigan to join my crew.

It’s Friday on Monday!

You play?


I did play! And I did have sound back. It was a relief to actually hear people talking. So I did, what…I raided a couple more bandit camps that I stumbled across, looted a few sites that I stumbled across, came to Megara, the city. Wandered around, upgraded some items at the blacksmith’s. Didn’t see Odessa. Wandered around, saw a quest icon on a guy standing in a crowd near a temple or something, sidled over to see what was what, pressed triangle to interact, and assassinated him. Which apparently was a quest, so good for me, but also, everyone standing around freaked out and I had to flee into some trees and hide, so note to self maybe don’t assassinate right in public next time?

Wandered around some more, saw another guy with a quest icon, sidled over, and it was Pelagon the Devious Snake! The leader we’re supposed to eliminate! Just sitting there all by himself reviewing some notes or something. So I assassinated him, since that was a quest, but I have to say it didn’t seem quite sporting. He was just chilling.

But then again, we’re Assassins, not Honorable Duelists, so I guess whatever gets the job done. So now I’ve killed the leader and am ready for the “final push” to take over the territory, but I had to go to bed. Also, I checked the map and saw an exclamation point with Odessa’s name on it, so I’ll talk to her next time.

So yeah, I got a bit of stuff done. Oh, and heard about the mercenary whose name starts with H. I’m supposed to kill him, but I’ll get around to it sometime.


What? Who was that? I didn’t get that. Some guy near a temple? Got me.

The only side quest line I had in Megara was Odessa’s. By the way, you ought to do that before the final push. Though that’s where I am! You’re one ….. recruitment….(snicker) …. behind me.

She should be down by the beach there.

Ok, remember the other day when I was all “Game. The fuck?”

Here’s why.

So I did that fort thing and burned stag films and killed enforcers and got to the point where all I had to do was kill the leader. The “Kill the leader” quest said it was level ten, and here I am all still level nine. So I was all “I dunno, man. This sounds hard. Maybe…” and I magpied some, and got annoyed and thought “Ah, fuck it. It’s one level. I can do it.” Hit “track quest,” followed the icon, came across some dude sitting on a mat outside of the city. I thought he was a beggar or something. But there was the quest marker. I thought “Maybe this beggar knows something about how to get into the very large fortified ‘leader’s house’ where one assumes the leader will be, thus leading to the difficulty of the quest.'” So I went up, hit triangle…. and assassinated him. Got the “WHAA DA WHAA!!!” sound for finishing the quest and Kassandra’s all “Now that the leader’s dead….” and I’m all “Wait, what? THAT was the leader? THAT was a level ten quest?” He never even SAID anything!

Fuck, game, even the rather generic dudes who ran the stag film businesses in Mafia 3 had dialog.

Turns out, if you weaken the place enough, the leader’s bodyguards abandon him or something. Which makes the quest rather perfunctory, or, if I’m not being charitable, a silly waste of time.

And Ok, on that…. what do you mean you saw a guy with a quest icon? I only get quest icons if a) they’re new quests to pick up, b) I have completed a quest and just need to check in with a dude to get a reward or something (these are the check marks) or c) I am actively tracking said quest. I do not get markers for next steps of quests I am not tracking. Are you?

Go talk to Odessa. There’s stuff there.

Yay! Good job you! Good job us!

But here’s where I point something out…..

We did a lot. And the most we have to chew on is icons.

We had a day’s bloggage on load screens in the last game. Where’s the bloggage?


I saw this little diamond symbol on the two people I assassinated in Megara. I wasn’t sure what it was, actually, hence my sidling over to try to see what was going on, and then finding that I was supposed to be killing people. As usual…[put-upon sigh].

I dunno. I haven’t changed anything on purpose, but yeah, I certainly haven’t been accustomed to see that symbol on everything that was related to a quest.

The use of icons is certainly confusing here.


That’s so odd. I totally don’t have that. You sure you’re not on some other setting?

But as this is icon day cuz no themes….

I’ve found the game is more fun when you have a “find me that shit” quest (you know the ones) when you don’t track it. If you track it, it puts a blob right on the thing, and where’s the fun in that? But if you don’t, you only get the clues (South of this, near that, etc.), which makes it far more interesting.

I kinda like that about the engraving riddles, too.

I figured out last night that engravings can really help. I’d been automatically just equipping whatever had more damage and more armor, thinking “meh, engravings aren’t that important,” and found that I was equipping “better” weapons that weren’t as good as the engraved ones.

Finally noticed the red and green arrows on the inventory screen. Heh. I mean on the bottom. Total damage? Those.


Dude, the red and green arrows are key! But I still haven’t gotten around to doing any engravings. Why bother when you can just kill random underlings and burn supplies until the Big Bad’s bodyguards abandon him?



The one thing I am saving up for is upgrading my ship’s hull. Then I can have more lieutenants.

Cuz I plan on recruiting a lot of them.



Hotmail suggests:

“That’s what I mean.”
“Good luck with that.”
“Let me know what you do.”

I like all those options! “That’s what I mean” has a nice “that’s what I’m talkin’ about!” feel, and of course I can only wish you good luck with that. And I’m confident that you’ll let me know what you do. And who.

I’m also saving up for ship improvements. If ME2 taught us anything it’s that you always, always improve your ship to the maximum extent possible.


Well, we learned there that you have to upgrade it totally to protect everyone you recruited.



I’m strolling through town, “hey, hot stuff, I’d like to recruit YOU tonight! Or this afternoon! Not picky when it comes to likely recruits, if you know what I mean.”


Gotta be careful, though. Watch: Odessa will get back to the boat, see that archer dweeb I had to get in the tutorial, and:

Odessa: Who is that?
Kassandra: Oh, just some guy I recruited.
Odessa: ****long stare****
Kassandra: Oh..no..not like that….it was….
Odessa: Sure. Sure. And here I thought you had standards….
Kassandra: No, you don’t understand! It was the tutorial!
Odessa: Oh, and that makes it ok? Wait, let me guess, you were both drunk, on the rebound…
Kassandra: IT’S NOT LIKE THAT!!!!
Odessa: Yeah. Sure. I’ll just stay below decks.
Kassandra: Shit.


Dude, don’t even make excuses. Just look her in the eye and say “everyone must loooooooove meeeeeee!!!!!!”



Well, then you better go find Odessa then!

Man, I forgot how nuts we get when we don’t have themes.


Nonsense. This is pure gold. Romance! Passion! Angst (potentially, if someone gets all sad because they have to share you).

People are going to love it.


Fair point. We are touching on all the emotions that people just love to read about.

I guess we’ve entered our beach read season of the blog. Popularity, here we come!


That’s the spirit!

It’s gonna be great.


No one wants erudition when the weather’s nice!

So….now we need nice weather.


Today is lovely! Humidity down, clear.

Perfect weather for us to provide the frothy, delightful, passionate beach read game commentary everyone needs.