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Minor spoilers for AC: Odyssey


I know you’re out for a couple of days, but I’m just gonna start this thread so all of our readers can hear about all the fantastic bananas you’re gonna eat. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll amaze them by eating an apple or, dare I say it, an assortment of fresh, seasonal stone fruits!

Safe travels.


I ate some very nice cherries! Also we had tacos for dinner last night and that was delightful.

It was a smooth trip, thanks to the blessed miracle of science that is screens in the seatbacks ahead of you. Both kids just watched TV for hours, which normally would seem excessive, but which worked just fine for everyone on a plane ride. Hallelujah!

I did play a bit before we left. Finished the sexy grandma quest, so do that and we can talk. Also went after Elpenor, but let’s be honest, that’s not really the novelty quest here.

Didn’t do much else besides take out bandit chiefs and so forth, but hopefully that will give us a little something to go on while we wait for me to eat some more fruit.


Hey, it’s better than I did. I just did a “find me some shit” quest for another mercenary who was guarding a treasury (poorly). But I’ll do more cuz I just dropped them all of at CAMP!



Do I….want to do the sexy grandma quest? Not sure I do…..

Dude, there are times when that part of your parental brain that says “They’re watching too many screens” needs to shut the fuck up and listen to the part of your brain that’s saying “But sanity…..” No one is judging the five hours. No one.

Tacos! Man, for you that’s some gourmet shit.


Well that quest was…..different.

I did end up….well…cuz while I don’t necessarily want everyone to LOOOOOVVVVEEE MEEEEE I just can’t pass up an opportunity to get it on. When death is around every corner, live in the now!

That was….

That montage was a thing, wasn’t it?

Not sure how I feel about it.

I also found an ancient stele. Felt very Lara. You find any of those? I have thoughts.


Totally, man. “I could die tomorrow! Let’s get busy tonight.” The montage was…really something. I feel good about her stamina at this point. All that climbing and fighting and running across country pays off.

I have found one ancient stele. It was a bit Tomb Raidery (or Place of Power in TW3-y) but an ability point is good loot, so I’m kind of into it.


That something was certainly something.

Damn, game. Damn.

On the stele…..

First, how come EVERY stele leads to a skill? Weird.

But also, and here we go again….

That was kinda freaky future not of this world abstergo alien shit, right? All those symbols? A star map that came out of it? And yet, AGAIN, no mention of French Canadian hipsters. Shit, Kassandra was completely chill. Not even a “This is not of this world!” like she did at the mysterious site.

Game, link back. Link back to the WAY YOU STARTED THE DAMN GAME. At the very least, let me know why Kassandra seems to be taking all sorts of weird shit in stride.

Maybe soon. Found the Oracle, going after Elpinor. Would’ve done more, but she had a mercenary and that took for fucking ever cuz it was all “You have to become anonymous” and I had no idea what that meant, so I decided that the best way to become anonymous was to kill everyone in sight and that worked.

Game, I do not think “anonymous” means what you think it means.


I did notice the mysterious map-looking thing on the stele, and yeah, Kassandra was extremely unimpressed by it. “Ho-hum, an ancient mystical map or something that gives me a sudden sense of increased proficiency. Yawn.”

One of these days, it’s got to tie back in. One hopes.


I’m still stunned it hasn’t. Game has let us get our thang on TWICE (not that that’s a bad thing) before tying back into the overall plot of the game.

Odd narrative choice.

Not that that’s a bad thing.