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Minor, vague spoilers for some quests in AC: Odyssey


Aaaaaaaand we’re back.

How was the trip?

As for games, we probably don’t have a whole lot to talk about unless you did the next bit. Did you do the next bit?


It was good. I’m totally refreshed and rejuvenated!

Ha, just kidding, I’m still half asleep even after going to bed early last night. But it was good to see people, hang out, etc.

I even played for a few minutes last night, but didn’t manage anything more complicated than some bandits. Sorry.

Oh, and I needed to retrieve somebody’s sword and a blacksmith had it and didn’t want to just hand it over to any wandering mercenary who happened by (fair), so I had the option to flirt and offer to “make it worth your while.” I really wonder if Alexios had that same dialogue option. I sure hope so.


Vacations with kids are the most refreshing things ever! Ever ever!


Flirting I missed? Ah, well. Can’t complain. Spent the night with someone else last night. Kassandra, you’re the easiest mercenary in Greece.

Hit that next mission. Stuff. Happens.


A chance to sleep around AND complete a mission?


I just hope Alexios is equally trampy, man. Maybe one of us should have played as a dude, for comparison.

I am so, so very refreshed.

On the plus side, work is very quiet and peaceful. I’m just chilling now, catching up on a week’s worth of emailed questions about archives and journals and stuff. Good times.


A mission with THEMES and sex! Like, real themes! And fade to black sex but whatever!

With a DOCTOR no less. If Kassandra’s mother is like my Jewish relatives, she’ll be so happy.

“Bubbeleh, give up the mercenary life, settle down, he’s a doctor…”

I think a lot of people randomly took this week off. Got to camp early cuz no traffic.


A quiet week would be fine. Maybe I’ll just take a little nap under the desk.

There was a bit of a theme in the one I did part of, too. I haven’t finished it (have to go kill more bandits), but there’s something.

I’m into the mix of themes and sex. If that becomes AC’s new trademark…they could do worse.


Well….I don’t think they’re going for a new trademark just yet.

We’ll talk. Later.

Nap. Nap sounds good. But no…there’s fitness…there’s weeding…there’s too much damn work.


OK, we’ll talk later. It’s going to be great.

We’re gonna love it.

I just need to wander back from Lokris and rejoin the main story. One of these days, it’ll totally happen!


Dude, seriously. Seriously.

Fast travel, dude. FAST TRAVEL.

Main story.

Look at it this way: Once you do the next main story bit, the side mission WHERE YOU CAN BANG A DOCTOR opens!

A MOODY doctor!

Fast travel.


But if I fast travel I will miss so many question marks!



It is very, very difficult to turn away from the glorious possibility represented by unexplored question marks.

Last night one was a Salty Bear cave! I had to kill a Salty Bear!

My evening would not have been complete without that.


A…..salty bear?

I….haven’t found that yet.

I’m gonna tell you now…something is gonna happen at the next story mission that will…uh…let’s just say that unless you want to visit every question mark twice, go do the main story.


Fine, fine, Mr. “I care about the narrative.” I’ll…consider it. At least.


Don’t worry dude. The world will soon be filled with e’er more icons.

You’re gonna love it.

It’s gonna be great.