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Minor spoilers for AC: Odyssey plot points


Dude….I forgot how mighty your magpie is. Like, damn, Femmy. You ever actually meet Kassandra she’ll be all “This is Ikaros, for I am the eagle bearer!” and you’ll be all “Yeah? Check out MY bird!” and she’ll run for the hills.

I say this because here’s what I did last night:

I went and talked to Herede oh fuck I can’t spell all this Greek shit. That guy. Herodetus. Whatever.

Shit. Happened.

We wanted shit to get weird? Shit got weird.

But anyway, after some plot, he’s all “And now we must sail for [place].” [Place] isn’t a spoiler, I just forget where. I DO remember it was 6400 units of distance away. That’s far! There’s a lot between Thermopolye (FUCK GREEK SPELLING) and there. But I got in my ship and started sailing. I figured, if I saw some stuff on shore, especially viewpoints, get off, sync them so I can come back yadda yadda. After a damn WHILE I find this place….this salty place….

“No way….” thought I.

Found a little town. Found a viewpoint. Found….a SALTY BEAR CAVE! Said “NO WAY!” and saved. It was late.

But Femmy….Femmy….How in the seven Holy Roman Hells did you get THERE???????

(You’d’ve found it if you followed the story, you know. There’s even a side quest!)


The magpie is strong in me, it’s true. I got there overland, just by chasing question marks. Climbing up and down giant cliffs. As one does. I specifically went to the Salty location because I wanted to sync that viewpoint so I’d have a way to get back there later to check out all the question marks I didn’t get that time around.

Viewpoints are far between! I wanted the fast travel!

I went to talk to Herodotus also, but saved and went to bed right before speaking to him. So I’ll get there next. I was going to get to him sooner, but there was that semi-retired old friend of Kassandra’s who needed his sapphires back, and I’d already cleared out that fort, so I headed back to help him out.

Turned out the fort was fully restocked with soldiers and war supplies and loot and everything, but it wasn’t an ‘objective’ to do anything about it, so I just left them alone. Crept in, got the loot, ran out again.

And that’s why it can be useful to have been to a place before a quest sends you there. Anyway, I’ll totally talk to Herodotus soon. Definitely.

Haven’t met any nice doctors, though. But if you go down to the village by the salt mines, there’s the quest with the blacksmith I mentioned.


You are truly Femmy the Magpie bearer. I am so proud to be your friend.

Viewpoints are pretty worth it.

I remember that retired guy! Liked him. Did the same “get in, get out” deal to get the jewels.

I always feel bad when I do that cuz there’s always like, one Kevin that gets killed. Poor guy. I’m sure he’s always all “You couldn’t have just avoided me, too?”

So how’d you get to Herodotus (which I can now spell cuz you did and kinda fuck you you show off)? Cuz I found this cave that appeared to go through the mountain there, and Kassandra was all “I feel like a traitor, too, using this,” so it had dialog, which means I was supposed to be there. I died quickly. Often. Often died quickly. Quickly died often. Got to the point where I said “Man, fuck this. I’m just going to take forever to climb over this shit,” so I did. So I never went through the cave. Did you? Did I miss something?

Dude, he’s right there, right? Talk to him! There’s plot. And you get to sail towards so very many more question marks!

Ah, the blacksmith: that’s what that quest is. I was going to do that next.

The doctor is now rather far away from you. He’s back near that shore village, to the west of you. You can get to him if you fast travel back towards the main city there, Valley of Apollo. Kinda worth it. Themey quest. Should be on your map.


I know how to spell Herodotus because in my head I always secretly pronounce it ‘hero-dote-us’ the same as I did when I first encountered the name at 15 or whatever.

Well, it was a secret until now, anyway. Keep it to yourself and the entire internet, all right?

Although actually the GAME spells it Herodotos, which is maybe a closer transliteration of the ancient Greek, or maybe they just wanted to mess with us. But Herodotus is more traditional, so I’m going with that because I don’t need to retrain myself with a different spelling and then misspell it in every other context for the rest of my life.

Anything else in this game that I spell correctly is solely because I type my best guess into Google and wait for it to auto-suggest the right word. Thanks, Google! Saving me from my inability to remember how to spell anything.

Including Odyssey, although I’ve typed that enough times now that I actually do remember it.

Anyway, I encountered good old Hero-dote-us by returning to Delphi where we first met. He was just standing around there. I don’t know anything about a spooky cave where I could have quickly died often–I must have bypassed that entirely. Too busy looking at different question marks, I guess.

Do the salt village quest, it’s kind of interesting. Odd, but interesting. I’ll try to get back to the doctor, but first I’ve got to talk to Herodotus at the monument to the fallen Leonidas at Thermopylae. Where I’ve already been when I murdered some bandits there earlier, so I’m sure it’ll be great.


Oh ok. We’re one hero dote us talk off. The cave deal is to get to Thermopylae.

Spoiler: between where you are and hero dote us, there is a big fucking cave with a whole mess of Kevin.

Actually, if you take the long way, you’re pretty close to the doctor! Look west.


Oh, I misunderstood: I was actually, literally standing in front of Herodotus when I saved and went to bed. RDR2 got me all paranoid about talking to people when I didn’t have time to do their quests.

So I have already taken probably the same long(-ish) way you did to get to him, which in my case was climbing right over an entire mountain and down a series of cliffs.

I must have missed the cave full of Kevin. I’ll go back someday. Maybe there will be a quest about it.


Oh so you’re at Thermopylae?


Yes indeed! Just leaped off a cliff into a pool and wandered over towards Herodotus, muttering to myself “it’s said that whoever walks this ground still gets blood on their feet” or some thoughtful reference to the horrific battle that took place there back during the prologue.

Then stopped. Because I didn’t want to talk to him and get sucked directly into a mission that would have me riding a horse across the entire map for 30 minutes and getting into a bar fight with no save points while trying to haul a bounty to the sherrif.

Even though this game is MUCH friendlier with its saves. I like how you can even murder some people, run outside the ‘active area’ to hide and save, and then run back into battle. Good times.


Oh that trick has saved my ass, literally and figuratively, countless times.

No quest. But a pretty lengthy cutscene. Might want to turn on the subtitles before you chat with him.


Noted. It was getting late, so a long cutscene is also a good reason to have quit first. I’ll go back to it when I’m refreshed and ready to tackle the story. It’s gonna be great.


When you watch the cutscene, pay special attention to why Herodotus wants Kassandra to find the….thing they want to find…and, more importantly, why Kassandra agreed, cuz I missed it and I want to ask you.


OK, I will attempt to take note of the reasons for…the finding of the thing.