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Very minimal spoilers for a quest in AC: Odyssey


I got nothing, so I hope you caught up. My kids couldn’t do the same thing for more than 32 seconds last night (even watching battlebots! They LOVE battlebots! Battlebots is pretty cool….) so I had to chase and herd and get annoyed.

I hope you caught up.

And tomorrow I have a friend coming for a couple nights, a friends I’ve known (gasp) longer than I’ve known you. It’s gonna be kinda weird. I met him at the camp to which Junior and Nugget now go. Dropping Junior off, with my friend, who I met there, when I was about Junior’s age….Just odd. It would be kinda like if Blasto and Meatball both end up living in the same hall we all lived in in college. My brain doesn’t need that.

He’s also a blogger! But he does movies. Pfft. Movies. Who would want to blog on a subject that SO MANY other blogs write about? What a waste of time.


Blogging about MOVIES? Meh. It’s so done. Plus, we’d have to watch a lot of movies, and that wouldn’t leave time for video games. Not worth it.

As for catching up…funny thing about that…I went back to Lokris to catch my ship from the dock there, IGNORED A LEADER HOUSE that needed looting, just for you, and started sailing off towards Andros, and guess what happened?


Yes indeed. Three ships worth of pirates. The very thing I was trying to avoid by all that roundabout overland travel. Good times! But whatever. Dealt with the pirates.

Saw an icon for a sunken temple! Obviously had to stop to loot the sunken temple. Once again, was not struck down by an angry god. They either don’t care as much about worship and sacred places as I’ve been led to believe, or…maybe they just don’t exist?

Saw an icon for someone with a quest! Pulled over to talk to the dude about “death and taxes.” Have to recover some records from a warehouse. Which I will do next time I play.

So yeah. Didn’t quite catch up. Working on it. I blame pirates.



Well, did you get a “WHAA DA WHAA!” quest completed deal when you dealt with the pirates? Cuz after the whole Herodotus vision cutscene, I’m on the boat, and Barabas is all “We must upgrade our hull! We need resources! About three ships should do it!” and, by chance, I already had done that (so I could recruit more people. Snicker), so as SOON as he said that, it goes “New quest” “Quest Completed” “WHAA DA WHAA” and Barabas is all “She hits like a fist now!”

So maybe that was it.

But dude! We’re in the same damn place now! That temple was the one I found the quest item for the quest I don’t have yet (see yesterday’s post) and the last quest I did was Death and Taxes!

I also opened up some viewpoints on this island. There’s question marks. You’ll love it.

But we’re so close together now! Death and Taxes is a nice, happy, kill Kevin take his shit quest. But it has an interesting ending/segue into the next quest, which is what I’m doing next cuz it looks interesting.

You’ll like it.


I got nothing when I defeated the pirates. Just some random, cheap-ass loot because they were all level 12 for some reason. WHY ARE YOU EVEN ATTACKING ME, FOOLS? I am clearly way overpowered for you! Look at the number above my head, dude!

I suppose they thought all three of them might be a match for me. They were wrong.

But no, either I already upgraded the hull to Barnabas’ satisfaction, or he hasn’t decided to tell me about it yet and I’ll have to deal with three more ships worth of pirates next time I sail.

After the death and taxes and what-not on this island. It’s going to be great.


I get the sense that this island may take some time. There seems to be a quest line, or what passes for it in this game.

Plus….so many question marks…..

We should be docked long enough for that sculptor to make three or four figureheads for you to choose from.

But it does promise at least a little bloggage. Unless it’s a real letdown. Have you explored the island/city much?

I should play, but with company tomorrow I have a) chores and b) a few days here where there’ll be no FITNESS and lots of eating so I should likely go clean and do FITNESS before it gets too hot.



FITNESS! So you can feel good about eating and drinking booze!

I have not explored the island. I literally landed, walked up to the guy, heard his story, saved, and quit.

Oh! Oh! And speaking of saving, guess what else I did last night?

That’s right: I accidentally saved Mr. O’s game on top of mine.

It was justice. Terrible, vicious justice.

Or it would have been if I didn’t have a second save from 30 seconds before the one I saved over. Plus a third from half an hour before that.






I have taught you nothing.

Praise the auto save. All three of them. And the quick save you should use often.


Those weren’t auto saves, those were my three hard saves. Neither auto save nor quick save (which I do use often) would have helped me in this instance, because they were all from Mr. O’s game.

It was the transitional period as we traded off on the console, and I was going to load up mine, but saved his instead because I was in the wrong screen. EXACTLY what happened with RDR2, but with less tragic results.



At least you have three hard saves.

Does he? No. I bet you he does not.


No, he does not. But at least now he has two!


He’ll thank you in the end. Or not.

What is his DEAL???? I have, what, 15? Which is low for me! I’m working on my issues! I AM!


I don’t know, man. I don’t know. I’m not like you, but I usually have 3 or 4 saves going. I rotate through them to keep them current but give me a safe backlog. He’s just not into it. Even when tragedy strikes! He still hasn’t finished RDR2! Because of me!

But surely it’ll all be fine, I wouldn’t do that again. Probably.

I mean, I wouldn’t bank on that probability myself, but I’m not him.


It’s just such the opposite of everything I’ve learned…all my neuroses…..

They should have a feature where save and load screens don’t look so damn similar. Like, save is bright green and load is bright red or some shit. RDR they were similar, and this game even more so.

Work on that, devs.


Yeah! Work on that. Because as tragic experience has shown, the current setup is a recipe for disaster.

Probably more so because we have two people both active in the same game. I mean, writing your OWN game over the top of your saved game, even if it might not be exactly what you meant to do, is likely not that big a deal. You either have other saves or you don’t care about other saves, and in any case you have quick saves and auto saves to return to if need be.

But with multiple people running multiple versions of the game, minor accidents can become horrible, tragic catastrophes.

I remember earlier versions of AC made it a lot easier–you’d see a link to the active games on the load screen, and then any saves within the game you chose to load, stayed in that game. There really was no way to save one game into another game’s save slots.

Perhaps the real answer is that they don’t actually care that much about making it easy for multiple people to play the game at the same time. First of all, that’s probably a small percentage of their total audience, and second of all, screw those people! They should each buy their own damn disc!

Or so I can imagine someone thinking. Probably while cackling villainously at the sky.


Well, can’t you just make another user account? I have user accounts set up for each kid on the PS4 downstairs (which is still kicking and is LOUD), and I think that solves the problem. I think. We don’t play the same games, though, so maybe not.

You’d have to fork over the extra PS+ subscription, though.

Mine just renewed and I almost killed Junior. Got up, had the email all “Funds have been added to your wallet” and “Purchase receipt” and was THIS close to exploding all “JUNIOR WHAT DID YOU DO?” and then realized “Oh, that’s me. Heh. Moving on.”

Parenting, man.



“I withdraw all those threats against your life. For now.”

That’s an interesting thought…maybe we could use different accounts to load the same game, and confine the saves that way. We each have an account set up already, from when we were playing Divinity: Original Sin. Hm.

I’ll have to look into that. I don’t think it will help in the current situation, since we’re both already 20 levels in, but next time we’re playing the same thing, I’ll totally check it out.


Yeah, too late for this. But it may well be worth it the next time. Think of the PS+ subscription fee as marriage insurance. A bargain when you think of it that way.

Just remember saves don’t upload without PS+. If you made an account as insurance then didn’t do that and overwrote and it didn’t upload….

Can’t even.

“I withdraw all those threats against your life. For now.” is a pretty great T SHIRT!!!!!


Mention of PS+ reminds me I must grab the July free game. Sweet Naked Zeus would I hate to miss the latest from that guy!


Shit, I gotta do that, too!

Look at me. Not myself. I blame the heat. And the kids. And the chores.


Especially the chores.

But ESPECIALLY the kids.


Speaking of whom….I must get them.

The upside of summer heat is that their bedrooms are air conditioned, so I can be all “Hey guys, SO much more comfy in there. Go there. No, really, go there.” And there’s half a chance they might.

Of course, they could all go into the same one and fight in there, in a smaller space, which would not be optimal.

But one can dream.