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Extremely minor spoilers for The Taxman Cometh in AC: Odyssey


While it is nice to have company, it is not conducive to games. Not one little bit.

At least I don’t have Tough Quest Anxiety. That’s good.


I went to the fort! I did! I rescued the dude! You weren’t kidding about it having many levels and angles and approaches. I made a bit of a hash of it, had to run off several times to hide and heal, died a couple of times, fought some bounty hunters who came along to interfere, got the braziers lit for reinforcements TWICE (at least if you just lay low, the reinforcements will eventually kind of wander off), but I did it. Good times.


Yeah, that was a pretty damn good level. Lots going on, and lots of ways to approach it. Sneak in? Go for the brazier first (which is what I did)? Stick to the parapets? Free the lion? Zoop between the towers on the ropes?

What was cool was I ended up doing a mix of all of it. I’d kill some dudes, lure some others away, be all “Ok….now how am I gonna get these guys?” and plan. Cuz each approach had pros and cons! Very good shit.

Not a lot of levels do that kind of thing any more. There’s usually one, MAYBE two ways to approach a level, and the trick is figuring it out. We praise games for mixing up the TYPES of levels, or the approaches to levels, but very rarely do you have one bigassed place with this many ways to approach it AND the chance to change up your approach mid level. Great stuff. And unexpected in a game where most of it has been pretty straightforward in terms of “Find the bush, hide in the bush, whistle from the bush, repeat.”

Pretty great stuff. Even if I played it like shit the first several times.

Did you finish the quest? Go to the cave?


The…cave. No. I did not go to a cave, other than the one you could sneak into the fort through, but there wasn’t anything quest-related there that I saw. I will keep my eye open for caves next time I play in that general area of the map.

Did you talk to the farmer about the Dagger? And their dreaded leader the Kingfisher? That’s what I did. Interesting if the quest went different ways depending on what we did before it…

I feel like several of the large forts/houses in this game have offered some decent work in terms of being able to come from different directions, try different things, etc. Lots of buildings to creep through, roofs to hop over, fences to jump over or hide behind, etc. I like the “small hole near the ground” feature that several of the walls, tents, etc. offer, that you can sneak through but the guards don’t seem to use.


Nah, after the fort. You meet the farmer, he tells you about the Kingfisher (did that), and then he’s all “Well, I have a secret stash of drachmae in the cave (by the viewpoint). Help yourself, but leave us something.” And then I had to do that to complete the Taxman Cometh quest.

You didn’t get that?


Ah, damn it–my noisy fan must have prevented me hearing part of the conversation. I missed the mention of drachmae entirely. (Which I’ll just point to as evidence that my Kassandra isn’t really in it for the money after all! She wants to do good in the world and have adventures and stuff!)

I’ll double-check whether the quest is marked as completed. I thought it was done, but I might have been distracted by the nearest question mark.


Dude, it was, like, an immediate quest marker. It’s….I have questions.

You need a new PS4.


Noooo, we need to wait for PS5!

I did not notice an immediate quest marker. I did not. But maybe I activated another quest right away while I was checking out the new loot in my inventory and missed it, or something.

I’ll check, I’ll check! Until then, I can answer no questions.


Dude, there’s mad loot! Which….is kinda my question.

Very nice boots.


I want loot! I’ll look into it as soon as I sign in.

Because of the loot.


Epic boots.

And questions….

So unlike you to miss loot.


It is. It really is. I am hanging my head in shame right now.

The only thing that can lure me away from loot is question marks. So there you have it.


Go find the loot!

Cuz I’m curious about something.

We’ll talk. Later.


I’ll find it. We’ll talk.