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Minor spoilers for minor plots in AC: Odyssey


Had company, so got nothing. Very strange visit. Had my parents over and basically thought of people I haven’t thought about since before I met you, which is a very long time.

It was odd. I met this dude at camp, and there I was with him, at camp, and another friend I had back then who is running the camp, and my wife, and my mother, watching my SON perform at camp.

Still processing.

But I’m tired and it’s hot and I don’t have much motivation to do much of anything and when that’s the case cultists tend to die so I’ll have something later.


That does sound disorienting. The past merges into the present, you become your parents as your children take on the role you once held in an old, very specific and no doubt vividly remembered context…time for reflection.

But as for me, with no such reflective event, I just played. I checked the quest list, but “The Taxman Cometh” is over. Nothing about getting loot in a cave. Maybe I had already stumbled into the cave and taken the loot before he told me?

“Oh, thanks!…I’ll…uh…definitely go get that loot I totally didn’t already steal.”

I don’t know. I do have some level 19 Epic Boots, but I don’t remember exactly where I got them, and I’ve never worn them because when I picked them up I was already wearing regular boots with a better AC. I might upgrade them at some point, though. Epic gear is epic gear, after all, and it’s not as if I’m accumulating a lot of it through conquest battles.

So, yeah. I don’t know anything about quest-related loot, and apparently I never will because that quest is long gone. Go ahead and spoil whatever it was.


Well, it was searching a cave for loot is what it was. It was a cave I had actually discovered before but not looted as I was busy, which means you absolutely found it and looted it before.

But what was weird was that he told me “Take what you want, but leave something for us.” I thought “Ok. I have mad loot. I’ll go, take a few things, leave, get the quest completed deal.” But it wouldn’t do the quest completed deal until I took every last damn thing in the cave. He expressly asked me not to do that, and I was going to be nice, but I couldn’t find any way to be nice and still complete the quest. I was gonna ask if I missed something, but who am I kidding? You’d’ve taken all his stuff anyway.


You were…busy. Too busy to loot a cave. Who are you?

Now I’m kind of glad I looted it first. I would have felt bad if he asked me to leave something, and I couldn’t. And of course I would have taken it all…have to complete the quest!

That’s a weird thing to make you do, too. “Dude specifically asks you not to take everything, but you actually have to. Yup, you’re a jerk.”

I mean, whenever it’s a choice to give money to homeless children or whatever, I do it. I try to be nice to people when the game allows! Odd that in this instance it specifically disallows that.

I mean…maybe we’re reading this too literally. Maybe we’re not meant to take “just leave me a few things” as a serious request. Maybe it’s just idle chit-chat, like “take whatever you want from the house, just leave the walls standing!”

After all, we DIDN’T actually take everything…there were baskets and boxes there and who knows what kind of stuff could have been in them that we ignored? We never actually carry away the basket itself!

I’m going to go with “we DID actually leave him plenty of nice things, and only took a couple of items and some drachmae.”

Of course, I proposed the Witcher Tax, so we understand how determined my rationalizations can be.


Yeah, dude, you can rationalize loot eight ways ’till Thursday. But still, usually, in a game, when a character who is having trouble paying his bills, says “I’ll let you choose how much to take or leave me….please don’t take it all as I am having trouble paying my bills,” you get to, you know, choose. Or at least the main character says, after you loot, “HA! Did that bastard think I’d leave him anything? What a doof.”

Here? Nada.


I know. It was certainly framed as if I was being given a Weighty Choice, or, at the very least, a Choice you will Ponder After Kassandra Scolds You. But nothing. It was just like looting everywhere else. No chance to leave stuff, no banter from Kassandra, nothing.

I dunno. Maybe I missed something. But it sure seemed like there should’ve been something else to do, or Kassandra should have had a throwaway line or SOMETHING and there wasn’t.


It is odd. I’m going to rationalize it so that my Kassandra isn’t a total jerk, but obviously, the game in this instance doesn’t actually care that you’re a total jerk.

Thanks for interfering with my quest to make everyone loooooooove meeeeeeee, game!


Well, before you get too down, just remember not everyone will ever love you. Not as long as there is Kevin.

You know, for your sake, I hope someday we play a game where there’s a romanceable character named Kevin. When you can play a game and can say, truthfully, “I got Kevin to love me,” then that would fill a gaping void in your quest.


Ah, that’s going to be the dream.

Closely followed by the game where you can romance a member of a gang of predatory Ayn Rand devotees. “Even the Randits love me, man!”


Don’t dream too big.