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Some minor spoilers for cult-finding mechanics in AC: Odyssey and for a plot point and the epilogue of Red Dead Redemption 2


Between Mrs. McP, sick Nugget and late trumpet lesson, I suppose you can tell that I got nothing.

I got nothing.

We were doing so well. We had stuff yesterday! Good stuff! Some of the best bloggage we’ve had in some time!


Hopefully it’ll rain and I won’t be able to do yard work and I’ll play. I’ll go do a rain dance.


If only it were still yesterday. Plenty of rain! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Come on, terrible weather!


No luck. But at least Mrs. McP can’t bug me to whack the weeds for a while. Weeds are whacked.

I also made a sacrifice of a cup of iced coffee to the god of “Maybe the laundry will fold itself” and the gods did not hear.

I’m starting to think Kassandra is correct in her skepticism.


Faced with this utter lack of response to earnest, sincere sacrifices and petitions…yeah, I’m with you. Major crisis of faith incoming!


I also lost a cup of iced coffee to the gods of “Maybe I can convince Mrs. McP it’s not THAT dusty in here.”

I better make more coffee.


More coffee! More prayers and sacrifices!

You probably need to throw one of your kids off a cliff to really get their attention.


Don’t tempt me.

Though I owe that last god an apology. The bedroom was pretty disgustingly dusty. Eww.

If it’s been that long, better dust the PS4. Can’t take chances.


Ah, see, they do know better than we do! Truly, the deities are looking over us from above.



Except…they’re not.

I know this because I have angered them.

Cuz see, I played! And they obviously thought this was a slight to them.

I’ll get to why.

First I did a thing where I had to kill four Spartan deserters. Ok. Fine. Though I’m starting to think this “Yup! Sure! Sparta forever!” stuff I keep getting is going to come back to haunt me.

That was fine.

But then….then…

There is, apparently, a cultist on the way to the main quest.

This cultist is on a boat.

And I….haven’t quite gotten the hang of naval combat. I….I’m ashamed….had to set it to easy. I wouldn’t have gotten past it if I hadn’t!

I’m starting to worry. See, in Black Flag, I also sucked at naval combat. One thing saved me: mortars. I could unleash devastating attacks from far, far away. I did this all the damn time, and it saved my ass each time. Of course, Kassandra does not have gunpowder, so Kassandra does not have mortars.

What Kassandra DOES have is a bunch of mandatory naval fights, as I’m getting the terrible, terrible feeling that that whole line of cultists are ship captains. And I have no mortars. And I suck at naval combat.

Anyway, died a whole lot. Set it to easy. Still died a couple times. Finally won. Yay me.

Got to the island. I’m by the door.

Sigh. Sorry, gods. What more do you want from me? I whacked weeds! I dusted! Cut a guy a break, here!


I went after that cultist! Yeah, the naval combat is not my best skill either. Even Mr. O’ complained that he liked it and was good at it in Black Flag, but can’t get the hang of it in this one.

I somehow managed to handle this particular cultist with only one desynchronization, but it wasn’t pretty. I have no further information on whether there’s a whole line of ship’s captain cultists we’ll have to take on, since I haven’t found the clues to follow up on them yet, but it wouldn’t be surprising. Sigh.

We’ll get through this somehow! On Easy if need be. I don’t know, though, it’s also possible that we don’t actually need to kill ALL the cultists. Maybe we just need to kill enough of them to get enough of their little triangle talismans to do…something we need to do…and then the rest are optional. Maybe we can wind up ignoring the shipbound cultists the same way we ignore the conquest battles.

We shall see.


Dear god I hope so. But that ring of “sages” in there seems pretty much like dudes we’re gonna have to face. And you have to get all the other cultists to get enough “clues” to unmask them. I think.

And, upon sinking this particular cultist, the “clue” I got for the sage in the inner ring there is “Is a ship’s captain.”

So…..yeah. There’s that.

And the second in the line says “Sail around the islands of some fucking place to draw him into a fight.”

So…..yeah. There’s that.

I certainly hope we can skip some of this.


You may be right. We might have to uncover all the outer nodes of the cult web before we can get to the center. Who will probably turn out to be Herodotus, just for a twist.

Well, if we must, we must. Have at you, ship’s captains!


Ooo! That would be a thing! I think you may have called it. It’s your turn to call after I called the tuberculosis thing in red dead.

I hope we can skip some of it though.


Ooh, that’s my second prediction: I bet Kassandra has malaria from that time she interacted with plague victims, and all her versions are actually malarial fever dreams.

You read it here first!

And only.


Don’t push it, Femmy. You were doing so well.

I mean, after I nailed the TB thing, I could’ve said some shit that was completely ridiculous, like, “I predict this game will end with an eight hour epilogue where we have to build fences and shovel shit,” but that would’ve undermined my original genius.


No one would have taken THAT nonsense seriously! HA! Good thing you quit while you were ahead.


See? I’m all about protecting my credibility.