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Minor spoilers for quests in AC: Odyssey


Still standing on the golden statue. That sound you may have heard was my soul, which I did manage to rebuild for a while there, getting crushed again. The kids smell the end of camp. They know. They’re practicing to make each other miserable when they’re home.

But the good news is that Mrs. McP avoided the kids by doing all the chores, so after some FITNESS this morning, I’m gonna play. I just chug through that main story and

HA! Gonna magpie.


Magpie! Do it!

I played, but didn’t progress in the main story, just magpied. It’s the thing to do. Went back and picked up some ainigmata ostraka treasures in Phokis and Megaris, killed the cultist hiding in the bear cave, explored question marks. It turns out I left a lot of question marks in Megaris and Korinth. Someone’s got to check those out.

Play! Play now!


Ah, yes. Bear lady. Remember way back when when I said “Dude, don’t worry about tracking down all those question marks on the very outer edges of the map? I told you that you’d have every reason to go there later?

It was cuz of bear lady, way the fuck up there in the middle of nowhere. Would’ve been silly to find that, then have to go all the way back. See?

I’ll go play once I recover from FITNESS! I had been walking just a four mile loop around the town for a while cuz hot and didn’t have much time, but I’ve been trying to get back to the track and the running and man that sucks. Plus haven’t done enough FITNESS this summer cuz of the heat. Need more FITNESS. Lacking FITNESS.

Beverage. Then I’ll play.


Yeah, but is there a bear lady at every single one of those question marks? I doubt it. Sometimes you have to magpie! If you only go to a question mark when you get a quest for it, you’ll never get to some of them.

And this outcome cannot be countenanced.

Beverage good. Hydration is important. Beverage, then magpie.


Ok, that was a good beverage. And some magpie.

Ok, so, I have not been to Athens in real life. I’ve always wanted to go. Looked like it had history, culture, great food. My kind of place.

Turns out, all it has is places where you can kill captains and loot treasure. Granted, it seems to have a lot of such places. Indeed, it has more places than I’ve ever seen with those particular activities. But I must say, I was expecting something a tad more….interesting.

I guess if I’m ever in the mood to do nothing but kill captains and loot treasure, I’ll know exactly where to go.

Even the quest I was given was, basically, LEAVE Athens, find a bunch of Spartan forts you’ve likely already found, and, you know, kill captains.

I’m slightly disappointed here.

I gotta ask, though. I know you are both a) a person of great moral character and b) someone obsessed with loot. Thus, the question of whether to STEAL from the Parthenon must have given you at least an ounce of pause. What did you do?

I’ll play a little later. Talk to Herodotus. Did you do that yet? Maybe he’ll give me a quest. Like killing captains.



Yeah, Athens is very full of the kind of things we’ve already been doing. I spoke to Herodotus and took a few quests for Pericles (or Perikles, as the game spells it), but haven’t gotten around to finishing them and checking in with him again. That way lies the main quest, I think, but there’s so much to magpie!

Plus I’ve left the big city and gone back to the woods to treasure hunt anyway.


You didn’t do ALL these locations, did you?

But you so looted the Parthenon.

So we’re pretty much back in the same place, but for a bunch of question marks? And banging a doctor?


Dude, I got to the doctor. Never fear about that. And no, I haven’t done all the question marks in Athens. Probably fewer than half. Because I went back to previous locations to do THOSE question marks!

So. Many. Question marks.

I’m not sure I even got to the Parthenon. I don’t think I looted it. Although if it had an objective that involved stealing a treasure, I definitely did (or will do) that, because…objective. I can’t say no to that. It’s like an order from the gods.

The REAL gods, not these aliens who hang around pretending to be gods to the Greeks. The gods who programmed this simulation!


Nah, man. You just wander in, there’s gold, there’s chests, there’s stealing. Etc. And dude, it’s right behind the golden statue we climbed. Right there! It’s the big fucking thing that looks just like the Parthenon.

Ok, met Pericles and Kleon. On one hand, good on the game for making it rather murky as to whether helping the father of democracy is a good idea. On the other hand, whether it’s a good idea or not, the game is making us help him, isn’t it? We kinda have to help him. Even though he’s a leader, killing him (and, thus, fucking up the whole main story) doesn’t seem to be an option. Yet.

Did the snake bit. Didn’t kill the fishermen. Will likely regret it.

Oh, and Mr. O wasn’t kidding about some of those timed quests being easy money/XP. Decided to do one, or see what it was, at least, and it was “Could you take this to my friend who’s 100 meters away?” and I was all “Uh…ok..” and I did, and boom. 585 drachmae and 2700 XP. And two soft leather. Took two seconds, didn’t even have to fight.

But the doctor!

Ok, handsome doctor aside….did you expect to meet the very oracle who made the prophecy about Kassandra’s family? Especially this early? What did you do there and what do you make of it?


Hm. I honestly don’t remember looting. But I probably did. And since I can’t remember it, I can safely say I didn’t debate with myself about it for even a moment, but went right ahead and looted the Parthenon without a second thought. Because whatever, I need the drachmae to improve my ship! What, I’m supposed to just chill and let all my barbarian/Spartan/Persian-attired crew just die in battle because I didn’t have a beefed up boat?

I think not.

As for the doctor and the oracle, I swear we talked about this before, but it was certainly an interesting development. Kassandra’s brother was condemned to death not even based on the sincere interpretation of the gods’ will, but merely because someone bribed/threatened the oracle to say something.

Enough to make you doubt the whole system.

Oh, and yeah, sometimes those timed quests are total gimmes. I’ve had a couple that were just someone saying “I could use some money because of reasons” and you can give them 50 drachmae and you get 2500 XP or something. So…yeah, fair.


Total gimme. I wanted to say “Dude….he’s over there…but hey, it’s your drachmae. Or it was.”

We did talk on the rather manipulative nature of the oracle when we met the current oracle, but in the doctor quest, here we are, face to face with the woman who was the OLD oracle who did the actual prophecy! The doctor was all guilty about the fact that she had lied/manipulated for so long. Indeed, old oracle (was it his mom? Grandmother?) was sitting there all apologetic herself. So yes, we talked on the whole system, but here is the very woman herself who damned Kassandra’s family apologizing. Also lets us know that oracles are rather disposable to the powers that be.

So yes, we talked about the big picture of the system being a sham, but here we have a much more personal connection to it, and the remorse of all involved. Well, one of the people involved and her son/grandson/don’t remember.

Did you kill her? Let the doctor kill her? I spared her.

Wait, SHIT we DID talk about it!

What the fuck would I do without past me?

I wonder if past me knows where I put my keys.

This also proves that my level of soul is linked to my level of memory.

I am ashamed. But not really. Cuz my soul.


No reason for shame. Without soul, how can anyone be expected to remember the details of anything?

I blame your children. For basically everything except the things I blame my own children for.

No word from past-you on the location of the keys. But when you find them, post it and future-you will one day be grateful!


Really, it would be better advice from past me if he gave me some heads up about which weekends would totally suck. Like, a Friday post that ends with “Hey….just a hunch, I REALLY SHOULD JUST GO FOR A LONG ASSED DRIVE THIS WEEKEND. ALONE.”

I’d read it all “Thank you, past me. Thank you.”

And then Mrs. McP would ask me to do all sorts of shit and the prophecy would come true.


Because, as past-us covered, that’s what prophecies do.

We are helpless to resist.

You’re better off just typing “hunker down, self, it’s going to get soul-crushing” and stocking up on the booze.


Dude, I already do that every Friday.

And a lot of other days as well.

Take this week: Last week of camp. That means it’s performance week! Which means supporting my tired assed children. At night. Off to see Nugget in Winnie the Pooh (He’s playing Pooh’s stomach) and Junior play trumpet. This will tire them further.

Then trumpet lessons tomorrow, two more shows Thursday and Friday, end of camp extravaganza on Saturday.

Hunker down. Bring booze.

Lordy knows when I’ll have time to game. All the more reason we should repeat ourselves.


Ugh. Dude. Sorry.

Meanwhile, I’ll be at work. Working quietly. With no children.

Definitely the easy way out.


Eh. I don’t mind the shows. This camp really does put on good stuff. It isn’t one of those deals where the art produced is cringy. I’m constantly amazed at the quality of the stuff they do. Junior has even been really inspired (hard not to be) by a kid in the band he’s playing in who is talented as hell, amazing piano player, perfect pitch, great singer….and totally blind. He’s an amazing talent.

So yeah, these shows are a hell of a lot better than the off key end of the year nursery school song fests. I rather enjoy these shows, even without the powerful, disturbing nostalgia.

It’s the aftermath. The tired, exhausted kid aftermath.

There is nothing like the aftermath.