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Minor spoilers for AC: Odyssey


Well, the shows were really good and everyone was very happy. But we got home very late and everyone is very tired. I also hadn’t eaten, so, when dinner ain’t over until ten, there ain’t no games.


One of the many reasons I am grateful for this blog is that, when Mrs. McP asks what I did during my day, I can say “Played video games….but it was for the blog!” and she vaguely accepts that.


Yeah! That’s the value of the blog! It transforms playing games, which we’d do anyway, from something that is purely for entertainment purposes and therefore vaguely frivolous and easily skipped, to an intellectual activity that contributes to personal fulfillment and stuff. Work that angle.

I played. Man, I’d left a bunch of stuff undone in Korinth. Wandered around checking out question marks and trying to complete the location objectives they turned out to be. It was not a great night for me, strategy and stealth-wise, so I’d try to sneak in to rob someplace, instantly get spotted, wind up thrashing around in a messy melee, run off into the the city to escape the gathering guards, circle back to try to finish robbing the place while they were looking for me somewhere else, etc. I mean, I got stuff done, but there was no ELEGANCE to it.

Ah well. I haven’t followed up on the main story, so we’re still in about the same place other than the number of question marks on the map. Also, I’m in Korinth.


Oh I work that angle. I also find it funny that Mrs. McP, the love of my life, the woman who stood in front of all of those we love and made wedding vows, the woman that bore me three children, seems far more interested in your enjoyment of your hobby than my enjoyment of my hobby. It’s often:

Her: “What did you do today?”
Me: “Couple chores. Played some games.”
Her: ****glare****
Me: “C’mon, I haven’t played in a while, I don’t have much to write about and Femmy’s getting edgy.”
Her: “Oh, right! Femmy! Go ahead then.”

And she means it! I can tell when she’s being snarky! My soul is crushed, yeah, whatever, why didn’t you get the dry cleaning. But god forbid YOUR soul gets crushed!

But whatever. I’ll work any angle I can. It’s how one stays happily married.

I hear ya on the nights where sometimes you just don’t have it. This game seems prone to those nights. It’s funny, because I kinda feel that stealth heavy games often are more prone to “I just didn’t have it” nights. Maybe it’s because of that mechanic where if you just make the one simple mistake of getting seen early it all goes to shit, which increases the impact of being prone to mistakes on a given night.

Or maybe I’m just remembering wrong. After my quest dementia yesterday, anything’s possible.


She probably just doesn’t want you to look bad in front of the internet, represented by the blog/me. She’s afraid you’ll be mocked endlessly for not keeping up if you don’t play once in a while. All our legions of fans will start howling and complaining and before you know it it’s front page news that half of PFTL is falling down on the job.

No one wants that. Just keep working that angle.


Oh I am WORKING it. I can’t bring dishonor to the family pen name!


Dear God I’m tired.

I’m going to play some games. FOR HONOR!

After I shower.


Do it! For honor and family and the future!



So, what. Did an “impact” quest that, gotta say, not seeing the impact. I brought a flower from some doom and gloom dude to a doctor. That’s it. You do that? Wonder what the impact was. There wasn’t a choice or anything except not to do it.

Then met Socrates, which I’m gonna spell this way, mostly cuz I can’t see it without hearing Keanu Reeves in Bill and Ted call him So Crates. Did I mess that up? Cuz I got seen, and the dude was all “There is evidence of tampering….” It wouldn’t have changed it, right? No way. Socrates is gonna be in this either way.

The I went and found the sculptor and lied my way in saying I was his lover. He’s at a dock. I’m standing on a temple now in the port place.

I think I see what happened, here, as it is about to happen to me. You did this, figured “Well, as I am now outside the city…..MAGPIE!” Right? And off you went, letting Perikles marinate a while.



You lied your way in to see the sculptor! That’s awesome! I didn’t even realize you could do that!

I just climbed the wall around the corner, inched around, and dropped in behind the guard, then knocked him out. I refrained from assassinating someone, man. It was an Impact decision, even if I’m not sure what the impact was.

And delivering a flower to a doctor. Hm. Doesn’t ring a bell. I might not have found that yet.

But yes: I got the sculptor out of Athens, thought “hey, I’m out of Athens!” and went…elsewhere. You know me well.

As for Socrates, yeah. I also was spotted while attempting to stealthily switch the votes. But he MUST have been going to do whatever he was going to do in the game anyway, right? Only thing is maybe his friend got exiled instead of being able to stay in the city. My bad, friend.

Although, also, my bad tampering with the will of the voters, so perhaps I just didn’t want to subvert democracy!

Anyway, hey, there are lots of nice places to go in Greece that aren’t Athens. Like Korinth! Very handsome statue of naked Poseidon there.

All other issues aside, I think this game has given me more MALE NUDITY, albeit in statue form, than anything I’ve ever played. I have to salute it for that.


You know you’re getting desperate when a naked statue does it for you.

T SHIRT!!!!!

Yeah, man! I was all “It’s been so long since we’ve……SEEN each other….” and the guard was all “Well….he’s going to die anyway….better make it count.” and in I went.

Poor guy. Poor, gullible guy.

It showed up after the snake guy. Weird dude all “I have seen the end of Athens….it is a flower, withering in the sun…a sickness shall befall it….” and Kassandra is all “Yeah, that only happens in stories. Like this story I heard about in this parallel universe where some bleeding heart named Femmy spared those kids in Kellpholonia….” Ok, I made that past part up. But he mentioned a sickness, and told me to take this wilted flower to a doctor who would understand. So I did. End of quest. Weird.

Sure, sure. You’ll subvert anything if there’s a question mark.


Hey, these statues are more than any other game sees fit to provide. I must give credit where it’s due.

And no, I definitely didn’t get an apocalyptic prophecy about a wilting flower. Although if I do, I’ll certainly deliver it, because unlike Supideo, I know better than to try to avert prophecies.


Ah, but you did try to avert it! I figure, as an impact quest with no choice, the only choice is not to do it.

And you didn’t.

Even not doing something is a choice.

Deep. Very deep.


Well…I…yes…I mean, I never even saw it, so it wasn’t a CHOICE so much as a failure to notice something…but in a deeper sense, then yes, that’s a choice I made in a metaphysical way…

Very deep.


You made your choice when you embraced the life of the magpie.


I embraced that life long ago in many other games, and that decision is still following me.

Karma, man.


Athens shall perish because of your magpie.

Or not. I still can’t tell what that was all about.

I’ll tell you what IS bad karma: Fitness. I kinda let things slip there, for a while, cuz hot, busy, etc. Went to the track yesterday, and now muscles I didn’t even know I had hurt.


That’s definitely the thing about fitness. You can’t just get fit and be done with it! No, you have to MAINTAIN fitness, with constant effort. And if you stop for a while, you have to start practically all over again with the pain and suffering! It’s not fair!