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Minor spoilers for plot points in AC: Odyssey


Did a lot….and yet little bloggage.

Was trucking towards Argos and Hippocrates and saw a cultist. So, you know. He’s got two guys trailing him, so I do the long distance chain thing. This takes out his guards, hurts him….

And he runs. Like, RUNS. And I’m chasing him and he’s climbing and he’s climbing down and he’s running…. I chase this asshole all over the damn place. Took forever. He finally died when I BUMPED INTO HIM and he fell off a cliff. Then, took me forever to find him as he kept rolling down, down, down.

Silly, really.

But then, I noticed he was the last dude I had to kill before I unmasked a sage! A SAGE! So I found the sage and, what do you know, my level! And she was in Athens!

Well, I HAD to do that.

This also took forever cuz those sages are TOUGH, man. Didn’t die, but there was a lot of “Oh shit! Run! Hide! Heal!” going on. But I did it! One sage down! One clue to the identity of the big dude at the center!

And….well….we’ll talk. Later. When you kill her.

And then back to Argos….but got distracted. Did a stele thing. Killed a guy for a guy I just met (as one does), who said he was related to the Oracle we helped out way back when.

That’s about it.

Again, lots of stuff….not much to say. Unless you’ve killed the sage there.


I finished up with Keos (turns out I did get those quests you mentioned, including the one with the entirely predictable twist–I just didn’t care about them until now).

Was right next to the location of a conquest battle so decided what the hell, I’d give it a shot, and it turned out to be a naval battle and you have to defeat four ships, which fine whatever, except I did a couple and then died and then when I came back the island had refortified to the point that the conquest battle was no longer available. FINE, Athenians, I’ll just go somewhere else!

Was going to head to Argos, but sidetracked by some dudes stranded on an island. Did you encounter those dudes? Mildly interesting.

I haven’t killed the sage, but I think I know which one you mean, because I have also unmasked one of them. Nyx? The spymaster, or whatever she is? I need to go kill her, but…you know…so many people to murder, so little time.


Nyx! Yes. Nyx. That’s the one. Which means you’ve been to Argos, as the running dude who fell off the mountain was in downtown Argos. No way you unmask Nyx but for that guy. That means you likely have a fast travel point, like, ten feet from Hippocrates, as no way you were there and ran by a veiwpoint.

Nyx is tough, man. Be ready.

I did not see island dudes, and, man, if I said “fuck that” to conquest battles on land, then that times ten to naval ones.

As for the one with the totally predictable twist…..

I didn’t like it. Not the twist per se, but that it was there. Here I am, working for Xenia, queen of the honorable pirates, someone who befriended my noble mother, and the first person I meet is sneering, lying “What do you expect, I’m a pirate?” baddie? It jarred. I have no problem with twists (you finish up with Heitor yet?) but the twists have to make some sort of sense in the larger context. That’s aside from the fact that twists shouldn’t be so damn predictable.

I will try my very hardest to get to Hippocrates soon, but pretty soon it’s TRAVEL BLOGGIN’ WITH BUTCH so there’s that. I really must get to him before that.


Yeah, I must have killed that dude, although I don’t remember chasing anyone down a mountain. Was he the one in that big palace kind of place in Athens? I just backstabbed, ran off, then crept back to backstab again, I think…there was a lot of sneaking. And a lot of running. And a lot of fighting guards in public places and being chased around. But the cultist himself…oh yeah, I remember, I basically killed all the guards one by one and then crept back and he settled down to take a freaking nap in the courtyard, because obviously you want to be well-rested in an unguarded location if an assassin is steadily picking off all the people around you, and I just murdered him in his sleep.

Much less complicated than your mad chase through the streets.

The nice thing about naval battles is Spartan-kicking people overboard when you get on their ships.

Well, the thing about the dudes stranded on the island…enh, I’ll say no more, you might do it later. It has a gold exclamation point on it and everything.

I actually feel like the predictable twist was maybe intended as a deliberate counter to the whole notion you describe: honorable pirates, my noble mother, etc., that’s all well and good, but it’s sort of saying “on the other hand, don’t romanticize this too much, these ARE people who rob and murder for a living.” Because you’re right, the juxtaposition is jarring–but I think maybe it’s supposed to be.

On the other hand, I can’t really think of another instance where this game deliberately plays against one of its own statements like that (I mean, it SORT of toys with the idea of the PC as noble hero being maybe not that heroic, but not in great depth), so maybe it was an accident. Nevertheless, I actually kind of liked it.

Because…yeah, noble pirates, but they DO just rob and kill people for money. Just like hey, noble Kassandra, but I also rob and kill people for money.



Man, he took a NAP? My dude ran around like Forrest Fucking Gump for AGES.

I dunno, man. I think we’re overthinking the pirate thing. I think it was just lazy. After all, they did a crappy job of setting up the “twist.” I think we’re just grasping for themes. ANY themes.

Hey, speaking of quests, you interested in doing any of those “Tales of Greece” or any of that shit? That long list of side quests that are blue? Are those DLC? Do we have those? Cuz some of them look kinda interesting in terms of character development.

On the whole assassinating thing, I noticed last night that, all of a sudden, the cultists and captains track seems to be marked now. There’s like a little glowing path thingy, kinda like you’d get in Horizon if you tagged a ROBOT DINOSAUR. I didn’t get a new skill or anything, it just kinda showed up. You have that?


The tracks are marked? I did not notice that! Maybe a rolling update that didn’t get to us yet or something? Or maybe I just spent most of last night on a ship where there really aren’t any tracks to notice. I’ll watch for it tonight.

Maybe your guy was able to run so far because he’d had his nap. I was just fortunate enough to interrupt him before he could recharge.

I am kind of interested in the Tales of Ancient Greece, although I haven’t checked any of them out yet. They sound like potentially interesting story. Especially the one that loaded last night, where “an old flame who’s now a struggling single mother needs your help” or something.

I want to help my old flames! And maybe romance them again just for old times’ sake!

They definitely have a DLC feel, but since they keep popping up on our quest list, I assume we have them in our games. Thanks, automatic updates!


Yeah, man! It’s this weird glowing line. Took me a while to figure out what it was, and then I noticed the cultist was dutifully following it.

Until he ran. Then all bets were off.

Maybe I got Ikaros’ perception high enough? Or something?

I guess always schedule your assassinations around naptime.


Yeah, some of those Tales do sound pretty neat. And short. And they seem to be all over the place, so its only a matter of time before we just stumble onto one. Kinda surprised we haven’t, really.


That’s an excellent T shirt, and excellent advice for life! I mean, for assassinations.

We are bound to stumble on one of those add-ons eventually. I think I came close to one once, actually, but it was a recommended level much higher than mine so I didn’t attempt it.

I could definitely see Ikaros’ perception being involved in visible tracks. That eagle has all kinds of vision-related magic. Life seeing right through the sides of mountains to treasure lurking in hidden caverns far below!

Not that I’m complaining.


That eagle can see through all kinds of shit, but ALWAYS seems to miss one Kevin that winds up behind me when I thought I’d been so careful. Bird’s all “Hey, whoops, my bad, but hey! There’s some level 14 gloves over there! That’s cool, right?”


Yeah, I’ll often be trying to scout out all the guards in a camp or something and the bird’s looking waaaaaaay over there at some random treasure on the other side of a hill or something.

“Thanks, bird! Glad your perception is so extremely perceptive! But maybe focus on the task at hand so I don’t have some random dude sneaking up on me?”


He’s just showing off. Cuz now he’s all “Hey, man, not only do I see the dude, I know where he’s going next. I mean, that dude. There might be other dudes that’ll kill you before you get there, but fuck if I know. But THAT dude’s going there. And look! Gloves!”


Silly bird. Probably peeved that we don’t appreciate it more when he tries to “harass” people for us.

I appreciate it! I do! I just don’t usually remember to ask.


I did that by accident once, and I was so confused. Like, why is that Kevin freaking out?

Poor Junior. We had a two second power outage when his AC4 game was saving and it got corrupted. And, like Mr. O, he does not know the value of backups.

Live and learn.


Live and learn! This is a valuable lesson that I trust he will take to heart. It will spare him much pain in the future.