Travel bloggin’ with Butch!


I’m gonna start this off with the relevant observation that I still love this bag that has the wheels that go in all directions. This bag is so cool. I love this bag.

While I have yet to see Will Smith, this place is gorgeous. They brought us cake. And free booze.

Beach aside, y’all can get behind that.


I could. That part I could dig.

Ooh, roll-y bag!

Part of their ad campaign: Even packing is part of the fun, when you have a great bag!


Oh you’d dig.

And, well, I had to think of something positive something to distract me from the fact that I had to leave the house at 445. AM. With the kids.  


Shudder. Better you than me.

Although you did have South Beach to look forward to at the end of it!

Shudder. Better you than me.



So very early…..

And I still haven’t seen Will Smith.

But found a drink with gin and syrup and blueberry and rosemary and all I can say is thank god for autocorrect so our followers don’t think I got stupid.

Just went to the supermarket where everything is WAAAAAY cheaper than the resort, so, cuz I’d rather drink here on the deck anyway, bought SO MUCH BOOZE.

And chips.

Anyhoo, Cuban food tonight. Exotic!

Why when I typed exotic did my autocorrect suggest either ecological or exorcism?


I couldn’t begin to speculate.

You’re clearly having too much fun. I need booze, or game time.